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Congressional default is about to make us proud peers to the Nazis

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posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 01:23 PM

Let me get this straight, you think that if the House doesn't back down and agree to go into more debt the welfare system will collapse and people will die. But adding more debt to 17 trillion will fix the problem?

You want the Congress dissolved but are angry they are not doing the Status Quo. You think they are Nazis for not wanting to fund a fascist law that FORCES citizens to buy a product from a private company or be taxed or jailed.

I'm sorry but I think you are a little confused about what you want and that is the problem. Too many people are confused, not paying attention and listening to propaganda. And the Nation finds itself right here.
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They could always use other means besides blackmail. Why is the ACA so important to some Republicans in congress that they want to destroy the US in order to get rid of it? Should we legislate everything this way? Say Repubs want to abandon the socialist highway system, but Dems want to keep the highways- should Republicans refuse to authorize any spending on defending the nation from invasion? If they do, at least the Chinese will have crumbling roads to deal with as their tanks roll in to crush our children.

Yeah, lets permanently destroy the economy so that we're not forced to carry overpriced, useless health insurance. That's right, I hate the ACA about the same as the current health insurance scam - but unlike Repubs in congress, I don't hate it enough to starve millions of Americans, destroy most American businesses, and render the nation powerless against the coming world war they're so anxious to cause. Why dont they just stop being crybabies and anti-American terrorists, and legislate the ACA out. The "Conservative" Supreme Court reviewed it already. I guess War against the US is worth it to these idiots.

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 04:56 PM
So they default - let me ask your opinion -

Whats the worst that could happen?

After you answer this then tell me - whats the best that could come of the default?

Think long and hard before you answer. I believe the default could;d be The catalyst the American People have been waiting for to turn around this country.

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 05:08 PM

They can make us the first western nation to do that since Hitler's Nazi Germany did it in the early 1930's. And they apparently only did it by accident, crushed by the burden of the treaty of Versailles. Congress, on the other hand, is doing it by choice. That makes us the first people to contemplate economic suicide by default since the 1700s.

You blame the treaty of Versailles for Germany's economic downfall and indeed they financially took a huge hit but it didn't ruin the German economy at all. The bankers who were Zionist (an extremist Jewish faction akin to the extremist muslims who use suicide bombers and other terrorist acts) that caused the economic downfall of Germany.

In fact this was the catalyst for the 2nd world war.

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 05:10 PM
It has to implode sooner or later. It will be worse later.

And I say this as somebody who depends on food stamps and SSD for bills and food.

It has been widely stated that the uS has never defaulted before. That is not true. It has defaulted on its debts several times in the past.

Most notably in 1790, 1814, 1933, 1979.

China says that the US in fact has defaulted by weakening the dollar so much.

And actually, Hitler flipped off the banks and tied his nations currency directly to the labor worked. So I guess that's one aspect that is often overlooked about the nazis.

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 05:53 PM


And actually, Hitler flipped off the banks and tied his nations currency directly to the labor worked. So I guess that's one aspect that is often overlooked about the nazis.

Exactly. And this method Hitler used not only brought back the German economy but made it stronger than it was before the bankers screwed the Germans up. He did this. he brought a country from the brink of bankrupsy to full prominence in just a few short years. This is something no one has been able to do since - why - to many hands in the cookie jar. Hitler could do it because they gave him control over these issues. A single mind working without fighting among all other politicians.

He had to create a new way to grow and strengthen the economy that did not involve the worlds banking system at all. This was a great feat. I'd love to bring Hitler back and get him to do this for the USA.

Hitler is my Hero. Hitler was the greatest economist the world has ever known - don't believe me.. fine folks .. prove me wrong.. just show me another leader that did what Hitler did for his economy - you cant.

Of course after that he became a tyrant not worth the crap on the bottom of my shoe but before that, Hitler was awesome for his unyielding patriotism for Germany.

I still ask. Whats the best and worst that could happen if we default?
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posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 07:26 PM
reply to post by joeraynor

Both parties have to realize that you have to give bones out to both sides or else things REALLY don't work in Washington. Both sides have become the Master of "It's my way or nothing".

Try to spin it either way is not really helping anyone out. Calling each other names and such only pours gasoline on a you really think that is wise??? I have to say for the most part, the verbal name calling is coming from the Democratic side. Stop with it, it's not helping matters at all. As President, Mr Obama has to lead by example. So far the example he is setting is that it's OK to name call the other side, that's not very Presidential IMO. The tone of the Debate needs to be set by him, everyone will "riff" off of what the President says and does.

Both sides have to give a little on something so both sides can claim a victory. True politicians make everyone win or at least FEEL like they won. Right now both sides are making the other the Loser, that won't work.

Give each side a bone so they can declare victory in their day. Then Get everyone together and hash out meaningful Budget cuts that make Fiscal Sense. We can't just keep upping the debt each time we spend more than we take it, it's not sustainable. We need to stop.

Don't let Congress take a day off till they pass Budgets that the President can sign and then make sure we stick to the Budget. No weekends off, NO Thanksgiving off and most certainly no Christmas Break till both IDIOT parties work out compromises. I really could care less if Congress has to work themselves to death.

Both sides will have to leave being satisfied and unsatisfied at the same time. A Grand Compromise means that both sides get important things that they want and have to deal with some things they don't.

posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 06:49 AM
reply to post by JohnPhoenix

This is something no one has been able to do since - why - to many hands in the cookie jar.

I think it is because the international banking families (Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellers)have tightened their grip on their monopoly to create and destroy wealth in every country around the world. There are a few exceptions (mostly in the BRICS nations) of countries pegging their nations currency to gold or something tangible and its no coincidence many of these countries are also middle eastern countries where "usury" (charging money for the use of money) is totally against Islamic law and is strictly forbidden.

Take Lybia for example.

Remember in Spring of 2011 when the rebels took time off from fighting their rebellion against Ghadaffi to institute a central bank? Kinda funny considering they had not won yet. Libya was one of those governments that wanted to get away from the dollar and actually sell its energy for something of actual value. Think of how powerful a thing that is for them to do really.

I remember reading a letter from an Syrian woman on here a while back about how the country was so much better when the Syrian government was secular. She talked of how each young couple got 50,000 to start off when they first got married. How water, electricity and basic infrastructure services were always available and affordable. How Lybia built a 20 billion dollar aquifer channel so all of their citizens could have access to fresh water. Now it is a country that lives under total Sharia law.

Yeah, good thing we brought democracy over to them there Arabs. They should be gratreful.

I'd love to bring Hitler back and get him to do this for the USA.

I don't think I would want Hitler back, but maybe somebody that mimics his economic policies.

I still ask. Whats the best and worst that could happen if we default?

i guess that depends on who you ask.

Some people say armageddon, some people say not that bad.

Regardless, it is coming one way or another. Did you know that the first word for freedom actually meant freedom (from debt)? In fact debt jubilees were pretty common in ancient times. Interesting useless information for ya.

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