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Tonopah Test Range Oct 2013

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posted on Oct, 26 2013 @ 10:25 PM
Sorry. I posted the largest quality picture. That removes the photographers comments. That is where I got the date of that image. Also remember that Northrop Grumman bought westinghouse.

"Opb Northrop Grumman;
TRY THIS to see comments.

I couldn't find any date listed for that photo.

N165W is based out of BWI.
Maybe this is the plane. Coordinates N39 11 3.89 W76 41 3.93 on Google Earth. The ES building is adjacent to the west. You can see the Northop Grumman sign for "entrance 2" using street view around
N39 11 5.34 W76 41 22.93 .

If you look at the wiki, you can see the division was owned by Westinghouse, hence that is why Westinghouse at one time owned the plane. The wiki has a number of projects listed for ES, not that this is particularly useful in helping us figure out what the plane is doing there.
NG ES wiki

Unfortunately, I don't think there are any mil-air monitors near the TTR, so it is unlikely anyone is going to catch a comm from the plane. [Note I presume the plane is still at the TTR. They didn't bother to block internet tracking, and it has no other flights logged.] There are people in Vegas that monitor Dreamland and Blackjack, so in the event the plane needs to use those frequencies, some post may show up on the Nevada or mil-air forum. Typically non-military aircraft enter the range via Dreamland (the Mercury tower) and once in a while directly with Nellis over Blackjack. But since this plane is at the TTR, I would guess if they need range time in a location other than the TTR, they would just fly south from KTNX.

You can search N165W on radioreference dot com. It has a few hits from a monitor in Maryland, but no real useful iinformation. I don't want to poach their website, but you can get a list of aircraft based as NG ES from this thread:
NG ES on

I'm going to look for NG press releases specific to Tonopah. It is possible they have done tests there in the past. That is, there may not be specific data related to N165W at Tonopah, but rather NG tests there.

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posted on Oct, 27 2013 @ 02:24 PM
I have converted the medium and small panoramas to jpg. The large one still crashes the software when I try to go from png to jpg. The jpgs are done at 95% quality, which is still overkill given the quality of the source material. I will remove the corresponding png files in a few days. If you really want lossless compression, get the png files while they are still there.

Remember to do a "save as" and then view them in something other than the browser if you really want to zoom in. Ifranview for windows users is fine. Use the GIMP for linux. Mac...hey, your own your own.

october 2013 tonopah test range small panorama jpg

october 2013 tonopah test range medium panorama jpg

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