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Terrorism in USA

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posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 10:55 PM
I have a question. I am very prophetic and always accurate. Even if someone like me knows when the terrorism in going to start again in the USA what are we going to do about it. Even If you know the date, place and time who is going to listen to you. I guess all we can really do is to get us a plan going for our family. What we will need, where to meet and hope and pray we might have a chance to live through it with our families.

I say January 11, 2004 on Tuesday at 11:00 am eastern time.

0111 @ 11

Well, who is to say for sure. I pray that none of us are right, but with all of these nuclear and biological weapons around on the earth, sooner or later something will happen. Whether it be on purpose or by accident. We have already sealed our doom to life as we know it on earth. Humans trying to have more power than others and when it goes down we all loose.

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