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FBI reports Unidentified Fibrous Objects in samples from Morgellons patients

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posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 05:08 PM
Hi-I've just uploaded another little "morgellons movie".
Check it out!

posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 07:42 AM

Hi-I've just uploaded another little "morgellons movie".
Check it out!

Thanks again Hay,

Can you explain what we're looking at in this one please?
What tissue is it? From where? etc


posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 08:04 AM
reply to post by primalfractal

Am thinking out loud again here..

What if....
The bio-engineered parasites, (developed by our agro-company friend which begins with Mons, and ends with anto), survived and spread, and started to infect humans?

What if hundreds, thousands of people started to report symptoms of a debilitating parasitic infestation, and our friends knew what the problem was, and that they were the ones responsible?

What if they had developed a nano-tech based solution to the problem? (Tiny self-replicating predators encased in cellulose fibres which could be spread by spraying from aircraft)...

What if they sprayed these fibres over the affected populated areas, and they were breathed in and/or ingested by the general population (as well as all of the animals/birds).

What if the solution proved to be as bad, or worse than, the cure?

What if the animals, birds and fish started to inexplicably die off in large numbers?

What if the peoples bodies started to reject the fibres and nanotech?

What would we see?

We'd see mass die offs of fish, animals and birds.
We'd see symptoms in people, like parasitic infections, bites, lesions, sores, fibres in skin tissue, blood and tissue problems, brain fog, aches and pains, loss of energy....... sound familiar?


posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 01:48 PM
reply to post by Gordi The Drummer

Well, G,
IF I knew what was starring in my "movies",AND I told you,
you know that "THEY" would have to kill us both using something
even more lethal. LOL-although the humor escapes us at times.

Some of my videos have descriptions. Most do not, because the specimens
shown are the same ,regardless of where they were obtained.
They are showing a life cycle very much like that of a slime mold.

On youtube I have posted "LIKES". Those are some of the more controlled
scientific videos that led me to this slime mold theory.

Thanks for watching-keep your thinking cap on.
Where can I get one? I've misplaced mine..........

By the way-everything in your last post sure sounds familiar.

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posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 04:08 PM
HI Everyone,
I'm back with an apology for the lack of explanations with my
youtube videos. I don't have any explanations-I have excuses-
this suffering has made me lazy-everything requires effort and
energy I don't have anymore-blah,blah, blather, blather, blah.

I so much appreciate this thread so I'll throw out this attempt
to explain the videos.

The specimens are mostly "skin" related.
Looks like but isn't.
Many of the "things" appeared/happened after a specimen had been on
the slide for a bit, meaning that when I would return for another look,
there they be! Including any moisture, and weird tracks.....

I hope this half*#^% explanation helps- - - it is whole-hearted.

Most of this experience is just indescribable. And many of us are so beat down by the medical establishment
that at times we quit trying.

Hang in there everyone.
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posted on Oct, 17 2013 @ 08:11 AM
reply to post by Gordi The Drummer

Hi GTD, sorry to all I've been away and thanks for continuing the research. Same excuse as you absurdlyhaywired
sick etc. Got a bit worn down.

I think your theory may be possible, but also that the fibers don't seem to kill the bugs, but seem to coexist, would be possible to test with the right equipment.

The nano brain is freaky! Good find. That's where it all seems to be headed though.

About the EM device, the Bob Beck EM pulser is reputed to cure cancer, by killing "microbes". He was shut down by the FDA, the treatment is harmless, often a good sign something works. For those with M symtoms or CF, start with a very small dose in order to not cause to much detox reaction.
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posted on Oct, 17 2013 @ 08:50 AM
A bit of a description of some of the CF symtoms I experience. Rashes, red dots and marks, joint pain, cramps and my temp off. Acidic. A “vibration” feeling. At the worst, it felt like it was shaking me out of my body. Weakness, dizziness, palpitations from the body wanting to go into survival mode, poor concentration, brain “fog” etc.

For some reason some of the main things I took to get better, I stopped taking 6 months ago, got worse, then started getting a bit better with other things, and some of the old stuff again, after paying for a bit. I didn’t even realise this till the other day for some reason. So much different medicine. I think the Gene Eden is the best of them,

From that and further study I have a revised possible cure, which is-

Gene Eden- a blend of selenium, camellia senisis, quercetin, cinamomum, licorice. A doctor made it from an algorithm that searched through all the herbal data. The big pharma are trying to close them down. From the US, they have to post it through two other countries to get here, just herbs and a mineral.

Cellfood- dissolved oxygen, ionic colloid minerals, plant enzymes.

Shungite- the most powerfull antioxidant on Earth and rarest mineral. Its cheap to order from the only mine, which is in Russia. Keep the powder from the rocks they sell for putting in drinking water and use in small amounts. It’s also the only natural buckyball, a round molecule with a vacuum inside.

Bi Carb (until body is a bit alkaline)

Ice/cold water dowsing, baths, or covering yourself with ice packs. I can’t believe I missed it after new_here mentioned Iceland, duh, I wrote a thread about it called "Cold thermogenesis, anti-aging, and how to repair your DNA" , was a bit early in claiming it had fixed me but I think it was worthwile and helped me get through the worst part of it. Thanks nh, I’ll start doing it again but brrrrr.

Magnets – bracelet, rare earth magnets, emp devices like bob beck em pulsar. I don’t have the pulsar yet, but want to get it.

Topically- for red marks, rashes etc. extract of thyme, oregano, clove (also steam inhalation), Forces of Nature (there is various types but erm the herpes one), based on oils.

Green tea with salt. There is a good article here about it. Makes natural antibiotics.

Also Colloidal silver, turmeric and glutathione, vit c, charcoal. MMS.

Topically, for lesions, mix of salt boiled with green T, c.silver and a small amount of the oils.

Hope this might help.

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posted on Oct, 17 2013 @ 09:10 AM
reply to post by primalfractal

Interesting article there PF.
It seems that the pulsed magnet can affect microbial (biological) infections??
I thought that it might work against a nano-tech infection, but that's amazing that it might manage to do both?

I was actually chatting in pm with another poster from the thread, and I think I may have come up with another idea for fighting these infections;

One amazing property of honey is that, if stored correctly, it doesn't go off. It stays fresh (and edible) because bacteria can't live in/on it.

from Natural Therapy Pages co uk website

Manuka honey is great for treating wounds, especially those that have become infected. It is applied directly to the wound and covered with a bandage. This dressing is able to reduce pain and inflammation, minimise scarring, fight infection, and stimulate the new growth of skin. Honey absorbs the moisture on the skin through the process of osmosis, which helps to kill bacteria as it dries the wound. It stimulates the growth of new cell tissues and speeds up the healing process, something that traditional antibiotics are incapable of. Manuka honey is the most antibiotic of all the raw honeys and it can be used for ulcerations, burns, cuts, abrasions, rashes, and skin infections. It can be used to treat skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, allergies, and insect bites. Manuka honey can improve digestion as the body absorbs honey easily. It is an effective treatment for stomach ulcers and gastroenteritis. Raw honey can also act as a mild laxative and sedative. Famously, honey is used to relieve sore throats, either in a hot drink or by the spoonful. This is because of its antimicrobial properties. It is also good for softening the skin. Because the glucose and fructose in honey is so easily absorbed, it’s a great high energy food. Honey is also a powerful immune system booster due to its antioxidant and antibacterial properties. A study has shown that people that eat honey regularly have higher levels of antioxidants in their body. In fact, honey contains as many antioxidants as spinach, apples, oranges, or strawberries, giving it a protective effect on the body. Dark honey has higher levels of antioxidants than light honey. Honey is also helpful if you suffer from seasonal allergies. By eating honey that is local to your area, you may actually be able to prevent seasonal allergies. This is because bees use the pollen from local plants and eventually these end up in your honey.

One aspect of Morgellons, seems to be the presence of the fungus-like spirochetes bacteria? and possibly the GM agro-bacterium that was mentioned earlier in the thread?
Honey - especially pure honey, is a strong natural anti-bacterial, which helps to heal wounds and replenish lost energy.
It also helps to boost the immune system.
If honey could be used to control the bacterial side of the infection (both by ingestion and external application to affected areas) and pulsed magnets used to draw off the microbes and destroy the nanotech... we might be a few steps down the road to getting rid of this horrible disease.

Worth thinking about?


PS - Just noticed that PF posted while I was writing this...
re: the Ice cold baths / Iceland etc.
Another poster mentioned earlier in the thread that their doctor cured their mother by FREEZING the wounds??
Seems these little visitors don't like the cold???

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posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 10:36 AM
About the mites, forgot something, again... anyway, I've got no experience dealing with M mites and was thinking possible modified bird mites, from tetras research (which I still could be right), and being a bit stumped, not having ever kept chickens or other birds. But I have been organic gardening and studying things like permaculture, for 20 years. The main pest problem I've had to deal with here over this time are different types of mites. Very hard to finish them all off.. unless you know the secret ingredient.

I know how to eradicate mites from plants. Hoping this will translate to these mites.

This is how I would get rid of mites on a plant, none of it is highly toxic, some are actually beneficial to growth. All these ingredients have been declared safe for human use.

Spinosad- an insecticidal bacteria, it's the best at killing mites in soil. Also the only natural pet flea remedy I've seen work properly, they take it internally, a tablet. Low toxicity, declared safe for internal and external use on animals. Haven’t checked if they sell it for people, but I guess the dosages on the pet flea pills per KG would be a good guide to follow, if not take. Used in human head lice remedies.

For the outside, the leaves, mixed as a spray.

Spinosad again.

Neem oil, neem makes predatory insects infertile, stops the breeding cycle, plant food, good for mammals. It does smell a bit well, funky. Prescribed, amongst many other things, for killing headlice and fleas, a common ingredient in head lice treatments.

Kelp, controls fungus. This is the secret ingredient I mentioned, it’s not really known for this, I worked it out myself, and it kills mites very effectively over a longer period of spraying. Only thing I've tried that eradicates absolutely all of them on the leaves and always use it to make sure they are all gone. Good for people. The concentrated organic kelp powders for agricultural use work best, they stick to the leaves more.

Organic Eco Oil, a miticide and insecticide. Not toxic. No withholding period, which means you can pick vegetables straight after spraying, and it’s not poisonous.

White oil, mineral oil, Low toxicity, is a petrochemical like vasaline, with similar negative long term effects. This burns plants leaves the most out of all of them and you have to be careful not to put too much in.

Hair lice treatment, organic, one not based on the other ingredients. Not sure which one is best.

Dilute with good, not tap, water and test to make sure it doesn’t burn the plants leaves, is to strong. I guess damaged areas would burn easier and might need a more dilute mix than other parts.

Wash off with water at night.

Internally, for the soil, or the pets, spinosad is used monthly.

The spray I would start off with the full mix every day, until they all appear dead, only a few times on plants, maybe more for this, then cut back to just neem and kelp. Check regularly to see if you can see any survivors, spray with full mix. Respray with full mix once a week, for a month (maybe longer in this case) to be sure. Continue with neem and kelp every couple of days for 2 + months. As a deterrent to prevent reinfestation, kelp and neem.

I know for sure it works on various other types of mites and parasitic insects, on plants and animals. The neem, spinosad and the natural head lice remedies, are known killers of human parasites. In my opinion, this would be well worth a try on the M mites.

I hope it works.

The nano part would still have to be dealt with, hopefully with what I mentioned before in the updated version CF/nano cure, and other ideas people posted on the thread.

I was wondering (only if it’s ok, no worries at all if not) if anyone tries this (or just has a good idea), or the updated CF/nano treatment I posted, or others, or combinations thereof, on CF or M or other mysterious “illnesses”, it would be great if you posted results on this thread, I’ll check it regularly later , or please feel free to PM me about it. I’ll update possible cures in a future thread.

posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 11:07 AM
reply to post by Gordi The Drummer

Thinking more about your theory, parts seem right. The nanostructure doesn’t seem to damage the bugs… but the bugs seem to damage the nanostructure. No way would a covert nanostructure want to start extruding it’s own material, fibers and components, in the skin, causing lesions, and alerting the “host”, to the infestation. The skin is far more likely to push out bigger objects. The “parts” that come out, don’t seem to be in the right place, as far as the nanostructures integraty.

The mite is perhaps the escaped experiment, maybe half finished and designed to help take over another nanostructure, by having it produce another “enemy” nanostructure, controlling the dna/nanoengineering reproduction part of the device.

A modified prion disease or nanobot targeted cancer come to mind, maybe the mite could be the carrier. I think there is a rare cancer that causes tumors composed of random bits of the body,part formed, ears, fingers etc.

Whatever the exact vector of the attack, the nanostructure, via it’s bio/nano engineering production capacity, looks like it’s producing random bits of itself, and possibly whatever dna is in the mite, in the skin, against it’s will.

I think it more likely this-

In the chemtrails there is a eugenics/transhuman program based and maybe worse, bioengineered nanotech mind/body control device, geoengineering, cloud seeding, with barium etc. as a medium for Haarp and other frequencies of detrimental effect. This is explained to the pilots as secretly controlling global warming, but that’s a cover story, designed to be slowly spread, for a plot.

The mite, that causes Morgellons, is an escaped weapon from a lab, designed to attack nanostructures, in mammals.

The NWO eugenics program implemented the nanostructures because they want to kill off ¾ of the worlds population. As on the Georgia guide stones, based on the UN “Plan”, written in the UN meditation room, which is, incidentally, used for channelling entity classes, and is said to have a resident entity “synergy” that influences decisions in the building.

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posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 11:23 AM
reply to post by absurdlyhaywired

Hi absudleyhaywired, good video, thanks for posting the link. What you are doing is really worthwhile, this disease needs to be documented. It's an interesting idea about the slime mould. Seems quite possible, might relate to the hydro gels I was talking about before. Look similar. Could be a bio-engineered nano hydrogel, based on a slime mould. Hydrogels have all sorts of uses in nano engineering and I think of them maybe sort of like a “skin” as well, protective and shock absorbing, for internal components. I wonder if there is any correlations in the materials used for hydro gels, and slime moulds.
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posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 09:58 PM
Morgellons and Slime Mold
I made another "movie"for you. (Be careful what you wish for!)
If you watch this don't forget to read the description.
This one started out as a 3 minute video-and then I chose a 15 minute music track
so I threw in some "real" scientific photos from the internet for your viewing pleasure.

Now I don't claim to know what I'm talking about with this-just going by what I see to compare.
Have a look-it might be a little relaxing bedtime movie.

These specimens came out of/off of, my face last night.
With the naked eye the specimens look like clear bits of dried skin.
After about 2 days of not using organic, virgin coconut oil,
the symptons of biting, stinging, itching, and PAIN came back
full force. It had never left-just kicked it up a few notches.
And I still enjoy all the other symptoms- bone pain-eye trouble-
strange-headiness-head pain-ear pain-PAIN PAIN.

Now I need to look into all the information you guys are posting.
That can keep me busy and keep my mind off my troubles, right?

Talk with you later

posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 05:36 PM
HI everyone,
In my last video (Morgellons and Slime Mold) I made a big mistake and put in a picture
of cryptosporidium. It's the big brown egg looking thing with worm looking things climbing
out. Sorry about that. I don't know if I'll be trying to remove that picture-but it might be worth the trouble
to fix it.
Just remember my own DISCLAIMER, which is: I have no idea what I'm showing you or what I'm talking about.

Hope you're all doing ok.

posted on Oct, 24 2013 @ 02:19 AM
Hi everyone,
Here's another video-This one is a short 3 and 1/2 minutes.
It shows more of the stuff from my face.

There will be itching and irritation and pain-when the pain is tolerable it can be peeled off, but it's
like super glue so it's not easy. Once it is removed it feels so much better-but it comes right back!

This is not right.

posted on Oct, 24 2013 @ 02:56 AM

These specimens came out of/off of, my face last night.

Did they, by themselves, without you doing anything, "come off" or did you actively pick and then closely examine whatever you think "came off"?

Even as someone without medical experience the obsessive nature of people who say they have M. "picking" and "examining" is very obvious to me.

A person who is NOT obsessive about scratches/wounds/bites etc. does NOT keep picking and then examining "what's inside" (there will ALWAYS be something inside, it's the nature if someone has wounds because we wear clothes,use bedding etc.). A "normal" (excuse the term but I don't know what other word to use) person would get a scratch, bite, itch, wound etc. but leave it alone and forget about it and the wound would heal and will be gone at some point.

M. sufferers seem to be awfully busy picking and never ever give a wound a chance to heal since their obsession over the "secret of what it's inside" doesn't allow this.

Again, I am not a medical expert or a psychiatrist, but some replies in this thread are just....ENTIRELY OFF THE ROCKER. Those replies alone are a strong indication there is something psychological at work which (to me) extremely looks like an obsessive disorder rather than a condition which would have a "physical" origin. (Other than otherwise normal, trivial things such as, say, bites, scratches etc.)
In other words: The obsession IS what brings on and worsen the condition. And almost ANY video or forum reply or blog etc. where someone talks about M. has this "obsessive" element to it.

posted on Oct, 24 2013 @ 08:58 AM
reply to post by NoRulesAllowed

Just playing devils advocate, but please consider for a second here...

What IF the testimonies of the M sufferers are entirely true, AND they have been infected by itching, biting, burrowing parasites and strange moving fibres, along with bacterial/fungal infections and goodness knows what else, and NOBODY believes them....
How would you expect them to react?


posted on Oct, 24 2013 @ 10:47 AM
The Language of Morgellons

It is important for all those now entering the debate concerning "Morgellons, AKA the Fiber Disease" to understand that one of the more considerable inconveniences that we, as a group, find ourselves up against in the struggle to quantify this affliction is a paucity of appropriately descriptive and accurate linguistics with which to organize, compartmentalize and index it with.

Not unlike the phenomena that occurs when a primitive tribal society confronts and attempts to quantify its sudden and unanticipated encounter with a technologically advanced mechanized society, we now find ourselves cast head first into a foreign dimension where dwells the dragon of descriptive verbal quandary.

Here we cross over the frontier into a twilight world of future-shock. This is a realm where thousands of years of painstakingly assembled linguistic tools are beggared. In the collective Passover into this world of language "antimatter," ... more becomes less ... and antimony reigns supreme.

This is also a land where even the richest of human tongues suffer a collective interface "bankruptcy" and are effectively precluded from their basic reason d' etre. We find our most powerful social tool unable to coherently and effectively communicate the nature of that which our senses perceive. Such is the magnitude of the failure of language in this instance.

We discover, as a result, that we are disagreeably placed at a descriptive loss to correctly conceptualize what it is that we find before us since we have no completely accurate past definitions or terms to draw upon.

This dictum holds true for much of what is now presented before us in the guise of Morgellons.


As a result of this unpleasant situation, (In much the same way as any technologically challenged culture would have to do) we find that we are forced to beg, borrow or steal inadequate terminology and modify it as best we can with conditional modifiers, unsatisfactory adjectives and bandage adverbs.

Hence, it is common to find the frequent use among researchers of the hyphenated word...'-form' When discussing or attempting to communicate, define, or quantify information concerning this affliction.

Any such hyphenated tendencies are immediate and preclusive testimony to linguistic inadequacy. They come to us complete with all attendant nuances and escape clauses.
Yet even these semantic exigencies of last resort are creative desperation's that tend to fall short more often than not.

At best, they lend themselves, (unfortunately) to monumental confusion.

It is time to invent a lexicon made of the same fabric as this condition.

That may mean that it is also time to seriously stretch the rubber band of accepted convention and to begin to think outside the box.

Therefore, lexical poverty's are the best that we will be able to marshal until a better understanding of the exact nature of what we are dealing with is obtained and appropriate terminology is then either coined or adapted to fit.


As the reader may likely surmise at this point ... This Morgellons "organism" exhibits proclivities and behaviors that are...from beyond the pale and certainly outside the medical box.

Several telling and pertinent examples of the current descriptive insolvency we find ourselves afflicted with in relation to this disease can be found in none other than the very name we have assigned to it.

Morgellons, AKA: the Fiber Disease.

In fact, this disease is so alien to the modern tongue and so adumbrates the modern vocabulary that the closest possible moniker that could be found to tag it with was a 300 year old plague of questionable origin that no one now living had ever heard of before.


Even that act of linguistic desperation falls short as no one really knows for sure exactly what it was that was described 300 years ago, nor do we know if it is, in fact, this disease that confronts us now.

We only know that it 'sounds' similar. Hence we are forced to commit a questionable and inadequate linguistic theft in order to communicate the fact that the 'gods must be crazy.'

Let's take a moment and quickly examine just one of those hijacked descriptive phrase: .... 'fibers"

Again, our language is beggared for true accuracy by the oddity of this disease as accumulating research is indicating more and more that the objects we term "fibers" bear no actual physical similarity whatsoever to the classic definition of "fibers" The aforementioned objects only 'look' like fibers, but they are NOT fibers.

Keep in mind that English is one of, if not THE richest descriptive languages on Earth.

Our native tongue has over a quarter million accepted words in its inventory. Yet, this most prolific of communicative art forms is struck down dumb and linguistically bankrupted by the misnomer of...."The Fiber disease that we call Morgellons," ... An anomaly which, due to the nature of this most uncertain of afflictions, is actually, in effect, neither.


Read more:
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posted on Oct, 24 2013 @ 03:31 PM
OK, I was watching TV earlier today and there was an item on Hay Fever, where someone mentioned that our bodies natural defence against a parasitic infection is to produce Histamine, and that hay fever is actually our immune system producing lots of histamine, when it mistakenly identifies pollen as a parasite/infection.
Hence why we treat Hay Fever and other allergies with "anti-histamine".

So, I started looking at histamine production and what effects it could have on our bodies.

Amazingly, many of the typical M symptoms are near identical to the effects of histamine - the itching, crawling, biting sensations, the sores etc.

I also found that many M sufferers commenting on blogs and forums seem to have the M symptoms coming on following dental work, where they've been exposed to chemicals (dental injections, rinses etc)

Could part of the problem be, that when our immune system detects a pathogen or infection, that it goes into overdrive producing histamine, which then causes or magnifies the itching, skin crawling, biting sensations etc?

Have any of the M sufferers here had dental work done just prior to the onset of M?
or have you been exposed to other chemical pathogens?

Would a compromised immune system, (caused perhaps by Chronic Illness, CF, Lyme Disease etc) make it more likely that an infection - whether parasitic or pathogenic - could trigger an exaggerated histamine reaction?


posted on Oct, 27 2013 @ 08:19 AM
reply to post by absurdlyhaywired

It is a lot like when the native peoples at first couldn't see European ships, then a few could and told the rest, then they all could. In this case we run back and tell the rest.... and are not believed. These beliefs, and those that hold them, have been deliberately marginalised. As stated, the very concepts have been removed from our vocabulary, our maths... a squared circle and a box we have to think out of, but so very few that have any idea what's out there. Coincidence?

Same crew running the show the whole time to, terrible record, absolutely shocking, tyrants generally. Same "gods" different faces, "blue blood".

Fibers that are unknown, and that's ok for them somehow. If the fibers, and the other "unidentified" objects of strange technology doing harm, had "made in China" written on them, I believe the response would be quite different. That there is no response is a sign of collaboration.

The sad state where a disease such as this is covered up does not surprise me, but only because I know there is a conspiracy.
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posted on Oct, 27 2013 @ 08:43 AM
reply to post by NoRulesAllowed

Dude, you just keep saying the same thing, we know what your opinion is, why just keep repeating yourself without adding any facts or information, it's rather pointless, rude even. Makes me think of these

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