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Elvis... REALLY?

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posted on Oct, 5 2013 @ 12:27 AM
Apparently some members have their guts all a flutter because we put the kaibash on the recent, and excessively inane, "Is so and so Elvis"" threads. Some of these same members have gone so far as to accuse us of having all sorts of nefarious intentions and have literally assaulted our honor because of this.

The following is my personal message to those who are so offended...

If you are so wrapped up in whether a private citizen is or is not Elvis that you can throw away the 15+ years we have spent trying our level best at promoting your thoughts, your ideas, and providing a civil and wickedly excellent place for you to express them and accuse us of the things I read in that thread simply because we are human, got frustrated, and expressed it, then maybe you're right, ATS is not for you any longer.

We've taken LOTS of crap over these long years but this is just beyond the reasonable.

Really it is.

I mean it, ELVIS?




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