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Black Agenda Report on The Shutdown Game

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posted on Oct, 3 2013 @ 01:37 PM

According to the Progressive and anti-Obama Black Agenda Report, it’s all a game, a charade of the elite to initiate austerity in the country. They predict that a Grand Bargain will commence soon and a very austere bargain will be enacted.

“What’s at stake in the partial “shutdown” of government? Certainly not Obamacare, which was never in danger. It’s all an exercise in drawing fake lines in the sandbox, so that the bipartisan business of gutting entitlement programs can recommence. Next stop: Grand Bargain junction.”

It may be some truth to this since Bone head Boehner, likely signaling the republican elite, has just announced he won’t allow for a default

Boehner Tells Republicans He Won’t Let the Nation Default

Further from the Black Agenda Report:

“The government shutdown battle is more like a Civil War reenactment than the real thing. A face-saving bargain will soon be struck, returning 825,000 furloughed federal employees to their jobs at wages that have been frozen for the past two years – not by the Republicans, but on President Obama’s orders. The clock has been stuck with both hands on “austerity” since Obama came fully out of the closet as a GOP fellow-traveler following the 2010 midterm elections. From that moment on, Republican-imposed gridlock has been the only barrier to Obama’s long-sought Grand Bargain to eviscerate entitlement programs. When the current theatrics are over, Obamacare will remain intact and the president will be back on his ever-rightward stride. The GOP will take Obama up on his offer, earlier this year, to cut Social Security and will probably be offered other bits and pieces of the social safety net in the interest of “shared sacrifice” and domestic peace.”

Also according to them the National Security apparatus is still in full stride:

“For example, the pause in some government spending will have minimal effect on the National Security Agency’s spying on Americans and the rest of the Earth’s inhabitants. The NSA circulated a memo stating that its “intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance activities required to support national or military requirements necessary for national security” are exempt from the fiscal exercise, as are all programs that are necessary for “protection of life and property.” Presumably, that means President Obama can still spend next Tuesday morning selecting the week’s victims for his Kill List.”

“Protection of property being the prime directive of both wings of the Corporate Party, democracy will remain in shutdown mode in Detroit and all of Michigan’s largely Black cities, whatever happens on Capitol Hill. The markets are hungry to devour the nation’s pension funds, and have chosen Black locales to perfect the model, secure in the knowledge that nobody of consequence will raise a finger to stop them from filching the nest-eggs of the undeserving classes.”

Interesting ideas indeed. I think many of these predictions may come true. Time will tell, but it is clear that from a NWO perspective the elite may be using the Obamacare LEFT/RIGHT paradigm struggle to surreptitiously actually enacting an austere agenda under all this hoopla over shutting down the government.
The left wing will think it got some kind of victory and the right wing can also claim a victory since it turns out many of their cuts have actually occurred.

posted on Oct, 3 2013 @ 01:56 PM
reply to post by Willtell

The federal budget

A typical year of tax receipts will just about cover military, plus medicare, social security and interest on the national debt.

100% of other government discretionary and expenditures currently considered mandatory must be cut to zero. Is that what you call austerity?

Who will bear the brunt of this austerity? Personal income tax sums up to $1.2T and corporate income tax is only $225B.

The point is that the situation is so bad, the math doesn't even work. So war, default or massive inflation are the only real possibilities. Austerity is a ruse.

posted on Oct, 3 2013 @ 02:32 PM
reply to post by InverseLookingGlass

Your point is that we are doomed to some catastrophe?


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