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Alien Hummingbird U.A.V. tech?

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posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 01:52 PM
I Have seen these on several occasions! The first time was as a child in the feild i always played in . It was glowing irredesantly in the sunlight ! These things are real .
My sister has also seen them. They appearantly have in interest in us.
I had another experiance 2 weeks ago at night . This thing was the same thing but at night it was pitch black in appearance!
I believe they are designed to apear similar to a hummingbird or bug for the purpose of discrediting the experiance to an outside observer.
If you see one you will know that it is not a hummingbird or a hovering bug!
But they are like that and that is the only way i have to descibe them to someone that has never seen them!

Thereby giving these things free reighn to check out anything or anyone they want ! All an eye witness can do is to febly try to discribe there expieriance to others . And the whole story is not going to be believed by anyone because (you just saw a bug or a hummingbird big deal ).

However don't you think this sort of disguise is intentionally imployed .
By an inteligent form of life . Impling that an inteligent life form would be able to use their intelagence to disguise there presance.

This is my opinion . I have seen these "hummingbirds" , and they are very real, they aren't known to science . What ever they are .

If you have any ideas please share ! i know this sounds crazy ! But doesn't the Skeptisism inherant in your mind validate the viability of my theory?

See reaB's post about the "Black Bee" he encounterd!

I also believe that these objects have the capability to scan the mind or to implant infomation in to a person mind . But i have no proof only my own experiance. Any thoughts?
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