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Did you know that....

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posted on Sep, 27 2013 @ 08:38 AM
the current owner of the Nairobi mall that got attacked is the same owner of the now deceased twin towers..... If i have to believe the internet that is ofcourse.

To understand what happened in the Westgate shopping center in Nairobi is as always, essential to follow some lines.

In this case, we go back to an article that was written a few weeks ago and where Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein said the following:

"The objective of Israel is that a great war is coming. One that has long since been planned and that is going to ensure that there will be in the Middle East. A kind big Super State of Israel is that eventually the world control will take over and one of the reasons is that the U.S. economy interfitting must pay.

To get the status of a world power, it is extremely important that you also control the oil gets because that you have the entire world by the throat. "

In 2011, America and Japan suddenly very interested in Sudan (bordering Kenya):

"Why send U.S. troops to Uganda to clean an obscure rebel army? Why Japan will send military advisers to South Sudan? While the world dealing with the financial crisis, the real business is done in South Sudan and Kenya. No wonder . South Sudan contains many oil and according to rumors it would be all over East Africa can sometimes protrude from the oil ... "not only in this young country, but also in Kenya and Uganda, yes

And that's right, because in early 2012 appeared the following message:

"When drilling in the northwestern region Turkana in Kenya last weekend struck oil. That the Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki announced today. Besides Kenya also plays a very important role because there is an oil pipeline built from Juba in Sudan to the Kenyan port of Lamu . "

Besides oil Kenya has something that is very valuable. Water, the new gold.

This tells the NOS two weeks ago to report:

"In the bottom of northern Kenya have discovered five major reservoirs. The underground lakes called aquifers, contain enough water to the country to provide water for seventy years, the Kenyan Environment Minister announced. Researchers have found the water supply using satellites and radar. The lakes are hundreds of meters below the surface and contain an estimated 250 billion cubic meters of water. "
Even in Libya, where Gaddafi forcibly expelled and slain by the West, there was next to the presence of oil, talk of such gigantic underground reservoirs.

"China is very active in Africa in search of much needed raw materials, also in Kenya. Early 2006 was the Chinese oil giant CNOOC permission in Kenya to look for oil and gas. It searches to the borders with Sudan and Somalia and in coastal areas ".

"A team of IMF putting pressure on government of Kenya for the details of the agreements (with China so) that they have entered into with regard to the exploitation of oil and mining, to disclose. According to the IMF, the government of Kenya denied them access to these documents. "

In light of all of the above will come as no surprise that the event at the Westgate shopping center is different than it seems. Of course, you could almost say, the Westgate shopping center owned by a Jewish owner. This is a common phenomenon in so-called false flag operations.

Sooooo what does ats thinks about this? To me this is not surprising if it is indeed true. There will be much more false flag attacks but they are becoming more transparent.

For more info check the source (it's Dutch). And at the source there are more sources ( most in english! )

Source: 33
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