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Lucid Dreams! - My Experience

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posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 10:16 AM
So, last night I was dreaming, and I was walking down a street in a large city. (The dream had been going on for a while before this, and in many different places as well) I saw some attractive women over on the corner and was thinking I should go talk to them, and all of a sudden I thought "Who cares anyway, this is only a dream".

BAM. Right then I felt like Neo from the Matrix when he suddenly realized he was "the one". I immediately started looking at some buildings across the street, and simply "thought" about new buildings, and they appeared right there where the old ones had been. I changed the buildings several times, until finally it was an old castle. Then I decided I wanted to fly, and jumped into the air...I just started gliding through the sky at my own will, and I even thought "faster, faster" at which point I started flying really fast. After doing this for a while, just flying in the air on random streets with cars driving by and people staring at me, I saw the attractive females leaving in an SUV, so I decided to give chase. I flew after them through the city, but eventually lost them and ended up in a "French Military Supply Depot" or something like that. All I remember for sure is it was "french" and was for military supplies (haha, I have no idea why I would have been thinking about this). At this point I went inside, where other people were picking up weapons. I was still flying, and my point of view became that of a first person shooter video game, where you pick up guns and then have a target showing you where you will shoot. I flew over some weapons and acquired them in this way, and then I was under I returned fire with a gun that launched some sort of blue bombs, and then I woke up. It was amazing...

Usually when I had realized I was in a dream, I would wake up. And there were times during this dream that I was half awake half dreaming, but I forced myself to stay in the dream and not wake up, for as long as I could. I think this is the hardest part of lucid dreaming, and probably needs to be practiced. This was my first real lucid dream. It amazed me how quickly and thoroughly my brain could work, switching up buildings so quickly with complete detail and absolute realism. I think our normal every-day conscious state is severely limited, and our brains are capable of processing much more, as well as perceiving much more than our every-day consciousness allows us. But this is another discussion in itself.

I had been trying to lucid dream for a while, because I can usually remember my dreams, and there are many times where I realize I am dreaming as well. I didn't use any of the special methods for lucid dreaming, although there are a couple things I did that might have influenced the depth of my dreams, or set the expanded-mind environment needed to experience such dreams...if you want to know more details, u2u me.

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