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We want to believe

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posted on Sep, 19 2013 @ 02:35 AM
Before registering to ATS, my search for truth and knowledge was a search I took on my own with no one like minded in my real life to discuss things with.
I joined and I'm overwhelmed by the plethora of like minded individuals and it feels good...though bittersweet.

My girlfriend would always say to me that if its on the internet. I'll believe it, to which I always argued that if I found a new nugget of information, regarding to conspiracy, extraterrestrial or strange ancient mysteries, I would always do my own research and come to my own educated conclusion.
I can not take anything I read as fact straight away, it needs to be researched, you need to gain all information about the subject before belief!
But even I have had to have a laugh with her regarding some of you guys and your eagerness to believe anything.

This leads me to my point I'm making here, a LOT of people on this forum who are also on their own individual quests for truth are failing to do their own research and taking whatever is being told to them as absolute truth in an instant. You may have seen other posts by me recently, none of which will have been me agreeing to anything, simply because I don't have enough information except an OP "source"
Because of this I have even been accused of working for the government....

I think we are all, to a degree, far too eager to believe, we want to believe. We are a type of people who don't understand this society and in our souls we question what we're told is truth, we distrust our government and rightly so, and so we will accept any information that makes them out to be evil.

Now I'm not saying I don't believe in some crazy theories, I do, but the amount of people willing to believe ANYTHING on here is very disheartening.
We blast the "sheep-le" for believing anything the main stream media tells them, but are we not the same? Alternative news tells us of some new story regarding aliens and we lap it up.

Is this the psychology of the truth seekers? The people who want so hard to believe anything that we believe anything?

Predictions of doomsday is our favourite, we don't like the idea of people being hurt or dying, but we like the idea of something like this happening, ESPECIALLY if it was because the government knew but didn't tell anyone. The theory around at the moment is of a meteor strike that the gov are preparing for. I think we lust after this kind of thing to happen, not for death and blood, but for the true aftermath. The paradigm will change, the life you know and and the society you detest will all change and that may be why we have to believe in some certain predictions and theories.

I guess all I'm saying is that we need to all learn not to take anything at face value, we are already the people who question our 'reality', can we not go a step further and question the questions?
Question yourself, why must YOU believe a lot of the things you believe?
Question your psychology, question your thought processes and question everything.

I do hope this has been food for thought and that you can ponder over this...I also apologise for any typos or spelling errors, this has all been typed on my phone!

So please,

posted on Sep, 19 2013 @ 05:46 AM
reply to post by Bragi

This leads me to my point I'm making here, a LOT of people on this forum who are also on their own individual quests for truth are failing to do their own research and taking whatever is being told to them as absolute truth in an instant.

Yes, you see this a lot. A great many people are simply looking for posts that validate their beliefs. The Stars people give allow this type of behavior to proliferate. You can instantly validate something whether it has any legitimacy or not. If you keep an objective eye out then you see this on ATS much of the time.

It's the same thing you see in a crowd of people like a bar or hanging out. One guy says something and everyone nods and agrees, even when its provably false. Like saying "Obama is a muslim", I have heard this said in a group of people at a restaurant, everyone around is nodding and saying "yep." This is obviously complete bs, but what do you say? Do you speak up and say "that is complete horse#" ? I don't even like Obama, but i know he's not a Muslim because i consume information and retain it. Because i do research like you do. I encourage you to keep it up.

I think you will come to see that much of what you hear about conspiracy has some truth, but is surrounded by a lot of horse manure. The people, who point out the manure part, are often not starred, called skeptics and debunkers, and generally disliked by "nodding agreement" types. I hope you have a thick skin if your going to keep on this track.


posted on Sep, 19 2013 @ 05:52 AM
The Majority of people who claim to "seek the truth" have no Idea what exactly it is they are looking for. They run around questioning everything, from the downright absurd to the dangerously stupid. This then leads to a paranoia complex which results in NEVER being able to take anything at face value.
I have no doubt there are genuine conspiracies, but In a "quest for truth" you need to accept that somethings are already true. So leave them Be.

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