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Dimensions of the Cosmos Collapsing Soon [ Luna and Moon -final ]

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posted on Sep, 18 2013 @ 10:22 AM
im a bit nervous starting this thread - because i do not have the Conclusion, yet, to work to - but also because im not sure i phrase well...okay... so it may seem to you a bit Haphazard, but i try keep the red line

- do keep in mind, it is an Attempt to string things in a possible, Valid Context...allright ?

please enjoy !

goal: that our 'reality' has been Divided into 12 dimensions [where befóre, they were Combined, Nested] , and that it was the Precession untill now, like a Pin, what kept this Unjustified situation alive : but that all spheres will Collapse into eachother

The above is what we are being told - the earth in some 26000 year 'wobble', taken as 'scientific fact' ;
but what, if this Precession was but of a recent time..?

lets see if there are óther descriptions, who may tell us about a time, when the precession may have not existed; as from the Enuma Elish :

" Then advanced Tiamat and Marduk, the counselor of the gods;
To the fight they came on, to the battle they drew nigh.
The lord spread out his net and caught her,
And the evil wind that was behind him he let loose in her face.
As Tiamat opened her mouth to its full extent,
He drove in the evil wind, while as yet she had not shut her lips.
The terrible winds filled her belly,
And her courage was taken from her, and her mouth she opened wide.
He seized the spear and burst her belly,
He severed her inward parts, he pierced her heart.
He overcame her and cut off her life;
He cast down her body and stood upon it.", "marduk" represents satan, and "Tiamat" represents "Earth, as represent of the whole cosmos"
[ the entire by God created gyroscopic universe - to those who havent followed "Luna and real Moon" threads, i consider the cosmos to exist of 3 Rings, earth/solarsystem/stars, and óutside these three rings is Heaven]

- so it writes " Tiamat opened her mouth"
.. Now, imagine in the above pic, that once, the earth had nó precession: but simply turned around her celestial North's axis.
But then 'something' , a connection, came Down to her [ from a point in the Outer Ring, the Milky Way ring] and like "started to open", forming the Triangle [by rotation] , you are seeing now.

..with some fantasy, that *indeed* could depict the "..he seized the spear" [ that is: established the connection from the outer Ring to earth] , then "burst her belly" [that connection into the Heart of earth] , and "blew an evil wind into her"[ the construct of the precession, itsélf]

if you roll up a piece of paper, and put it as a trumpet to your mouth, you get the idea ;
you are earth, the trumpet is the precession's Triangle - and you indeed "breathe through the trumpet".

so -
it appears, the whole precession phenomenon was caused, and *violently* caused - and was nót the Original Order of Things.
... - do we have móre proof it was a Violent action ?

..what does this depict ? Surely not what it is sáid it is depicting -
this looks eerie like "spheres [ the Rings of milky way and solarsystem] have been Breached - untill Earths sphere, inside..
..besides - the Vatican is básed on they should know these things, right ?

[continued below]

posted on Sep, 18 2013 @ 10:45 AM

next ;
the egyptian pantheon [ of which the babylonian, sumerian and Hindu concepts are but Offshoots] is infested with references to 'chisels, mouths, breath'

Sokar, a main deity, who re-created the Original Creation, after Eden, is said ".... that Sokar shall break open the egg with a harpoon of his own fashioning, releasing the king to fly up to the sky." [Pyramid Texts Spell 669]
the "egg" refers not only to éarth, but to the several concentric Dimensions; and the "harpoon" is the same as Marduks 'spear' isnt it.

[sidenote: this must be the infamous 'spear of destiny'; not a literal spear, but "the key to the precession", the key to power over the cosmos - since the egypt pantheon is called "the lords of destiny", and i wonder if thát is the reason, that they used on Him a spear, by the crucifixion..]

This same spear is more accurate described as "Sokar and that bronze Chisel of his'", and indeed it was the violence of a Chisel, that was needed to Break Open the rings, to create the precession.

..this awful Distortion of the cosmos was then Imprisoned into Human - since human reflects the entire cosmos - in a Ritual called "the opening of the mouth" ; performed upon a deceaseds mummy, whereby a Chisel was used symbolically to "open the mouth of the deceased", as if to "give him life in the hereafter" [ but ofcourse mént to keep continuing the situation of precéssion ] ;
In CT spell 816, the iron instrument used in the ‘Opening of the Mouth’ ceremony is said to be “the iron … which Sokar spiritualized in Ôn … the iron which Sokar raised on high in the name of the Great One in Ôn.”
..this simply tells the Connection between the causing the Precession, and the human sacrifices of the Ritual.

..okay ;
- back to what happened with earth [ and the 12 dimensions] after Marduk thrusted the spear ;

"He severed her inward parts, he pierced her heart."
- note the "severed"

"And the lord stood upon Tiamat's hinder parts,
And with his merciless club he smashed her skull.
He cut through the channels of her blood,
And he made the North wind bear it away into secret places."

"smashed her skull"- look at the vatican pic again
...and the "north wind [celestial north] distributed her blood [ life, dimensions] into *secret places* "

..that tells us,
that once, all dimensions were One, were Nested into eachother - but after the precession, they got Seperated from oneanother !

Do we have examples of this Seperation ?
yes - the chakras, as well as the solarsystem planets. They *must* have been One, once, if we continue the symbolism.
Likewise, the 12 Dimensions themsélves got Seperated ; with the Precession as Pinnacle, to kéep them seperated , and as Fractal therefore also the planets, and the chakras.

why 12 dimensions ?
...the Woman in Revelation has "a crown of 12 stars", and crown means "rule". [more about that below]

next proof that it was "12" dimensions beeing seperated, is from the Book of Gates [ named "the 12 divisions of the Tuat"] ,
where Ra sails through 12 gates, and everytime the Gate closes behind him.
exerpt -
"THE boat of Ra, having passed between the two halves of the horizon of the West, now approaches a gateway, the door of which is closed before him; the door of the second division of the Tuat is different from the doors of the other divisions, for it consists of a single leaf which turns upon a pivot working in holes in the top and bottom of the framework of the door. This door is guarded by a serpent called SAA-SET, which stands upon its tail. The text referring to this serpent reads:--

"He who is over (i.e., has the mastery over) this door openeth to Ra.

SA saith unto SAT-SET, 'Open thy door to Ra, throw wide open thy door to KHUTI. The hidden abode is in darkness, so that the transformations of this god may take place.' This portal is closed after this god hath entered in through it, and there is lamentation on the part of those who are in their mountain when they hear this door shut"

[continued below]

posted on Sep, 18 2013 @ 11:02 AM

...and on it goes like this - untill all 12 Dimensions, Consciousnesses, have been Seperated.

---- 5 dimensions of earth now, and 7 in the cosmos - --

Imagine, that the core of earth is the Red Sun : if you remember, the Judah thread was about "india Nagas and egyptian deities, carrying the Red Sun upon their heads [implying 'being ruled by inner earth', the Root ; hence the "root of the lion of judah/sekhmet];
... and like concentric circles are four more dimensions, whereby the crust - the dimension wé live in - is the fourth, or Heart plane.
[when we look at the Nagas, they also show 'several planes, dimensions, inside earth' ]

[ just to get the idea - i dont want to go into 'hollow earth theory' now]

..our earths Crust is the heart plane : since the Heart represents 'integration'; and since humans are the represent of the whole cosmos : wé are either representing Gods Original Model [of Creation] , ór are being used to keep Evils precession model alive.

so - 5 of earth, and 7 Dimensions untill the precession, divided by 3 Rings.

Why 3 major Rings ?
...the Woman of Revelation is divided into three ;
her head, her torso, and the feet ; and each of these three represents a Ring - her feet Earths ring; her torso the solarsystem Ring, and her head the Milky Way ring.

and why "7 dimensions, outside earth "?
- the dragon is standing in front of the woman ; he has "7 heads with 7 crowns", meaning the Dragon rules áll of the 7 dimensions"

why "5 planes, dimensions, within earth " ?
..the 4 sons of Horus, sitting within the lotus flower - lotus meaning ' overlaying dimensions' , and held by Osiris, the 5th - the ruler.

---12 dimensions having been seperated ---

- its the closest pic i could find ;
please imagine the inner earth red sun as the core, and the 12 dimensions, like Mirrors, extending untill the outer Milky Way Ring ; and this whole model is "kept in check by the kingpin of the precession".
Remember, how "Marduk pushed [Gods] heaven báckwards, outwards, as to not let Heaven once more come upon Earth...?

each of the solarsystem planets represents a next dimensional sphere, and each one keeps a sphere In Check - and therefore keeps the chakras In Check.

THIS is the reason, we [think we] see "more universes through Hubble".
and why we think there was a Big Bang.
.. - because of these Mirror planes.

But what happens, when the whole cardhouse COLLAPSES...?
or: when all these spheres Collapse Back into their core ?
- if Heaven dóes come back upon Earth, then they néed to collapse, right ?
collapse back into earths Red Sun [ where they originated from]

so...why does Revelation mention "the sky receding up like a scroll"?
Isnt that these Mirror planes [ as in the pic] collapsing ?
And why it writes "and the stars fell down to earth"? - the Romans calledthe planets "the wandering stars".... and the phrase ' fell down to earth" makes ónly sense, when the Mirror planes - each ruled by a planet - collapse Back into earth..

Could it be, as Velikovsky assumed, "planets were born from other planets "..? like "mercury was once the Core of Mars" - hence the Scar on Mars, the opening Mercury went out of ;
and that Event caused another Period in common History..?
...and perhaps this happened several times befóre : atlantis [neptune] , eden [ saturn] , post eden [ venus] , post Flood [ mars] , exodus [ Mercury]...?

Perhaps Mars was indeed the deity of the Pelasgians, "the people who lived when there was no moon", but during the Exodus, 1500 BC, when Mercury escaped out of Mars, the same time was the battle of Troy : where the Greeks [ the new race] conquered the pelasgians [ Troy] ;
and Babylonia came up, with its deity "Nebu" [ mercurius/Thoth ]

[continued below]

posted on Sep, 18 2013 @ 11:15 AM
Some interesting thoughts. I will be sure to keep up as you continue. Thanks for posting.

posted on Sep, 18 2013 @ 11:28 AM

...i agree, its massive
- i just wanted to Correlate the Spheres with their planets - who are real [Evil] deities - who are different Awarenesses - causing different Cultures -
so, what, if that all Collapses into the red sun ?

... also Evil has created a countersign of the Woman : in the form of the "dismemberment of Osiris" by Set [ adam] .
Set cut Osiris up into 14 parts, and "locked him up inside a tree". The tree is the Axis Mundi - the line from Earth till the precession. But Isis collected them parts, and put Osiris, like some Frankenstein [ which Evils reality IS, now ! ] back together again.
But one part 'missed' : his phallus [ meaning: Evils rule] , so she made a golden one, intercoursed, and Horus was born [ Horus means "Evils rule from the Deluge untill right now"] . ..if you count the amount of celestial bodies, by the Woman, you will have....14.

The analogy tells, that "osiris' phallus went MISSING", right. Meaning: Evil HID Its rule. That is "the Real Moon !" - but Isis "replaced" it : yes, replaced the Real Moon with this fake Luna moon.
[ it will take too long in this OP to go into the Pyramid Spells to show how "a baboon with a large phallus is this Luna, and the Key to the next Ring"] ,
but if you remember the Enuma Elish, where Kinga - the Real Moon - represented Adam/ Gods Rule ; and nów you see how "the phallus represents Evils rule", then it makes Absolute Sense that "the woman giving birth to a manchild": Gods rule again.

.. i hope you re still with me ?

outer milky way gyroscopic Ring, left: north, right: south
...does she have to go stand Upright...? like a cross ?
but is Prevented now from the precession ?

..there s 1 more thing., i m unable to find out, yet.

my impression is.... that the Milky way Ring perhaps was once Turning around its axis another way - but got Off Track , forming the precession;
and started to make a retrograde movement - ending in the circular precession

Provided that the conclusion of the studies in the French Lasceaux caves are right, the celestial North was pointing to Cygnus, 15,300 BC.
Which is Impossible : since cygnus is OUTSIDE the precession !

you see , from the centre to SW, first Vega [ the bright dot next to the square] and then Draco [ with the cats eye nebula , the centre of precession, beneath its 'head'] may be, therefore, that the Ring of the milky way was following anóther Trajectory as she does at present.
Yes i know its Insane, to start messing with the cosmos... perhaps ignorant, or even conceited... but i really do notmean it that way ; all i know is that Sómething Major happened, when the Precession was installed - so major, that Revelations tell us that "the concentric spheres will collapse back into earth again" [ my understanding]

here s the link -

[closing below]

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posted on Sep, 18 2013 @ 11:35 AM
[last] it that hard to imagine, that the stars revolve around Earth, in 24 hours ?
and that the Milky Way ring is turning [around us]..?

because , if the cosmos is a Fractal - shouldnt the atom be like the gyroscopic cosmos ?

[ inserted]
As addition, let me quote some lines from the stanzas of Dzyan - which i conceive as a correct disclosure, by Evil, of Its re-creation, though i understand that to some of you, they should be discarded -
"the two triangles - the greater and the lesser - merge into one flame, which burneth up the whole."
[the larger triangle is the triangle from earth to the precession, the lesser triangle the Red Sun ] ;
" Stanza III
The great Wheel turned upon itself. The seven lesser wheels rushed into being. They revolve like their Mother, around, within and forward."
[ the greater wheel meaning the Milky Way Ring]
"The aeon closed, the work was done. The stars stood still. "
"The buddhas of creation from out the past have [27] come. The buddhas of love are gathering now. The buddhas of will at the final turn of the third major wheel will flash into being. The end will then be consummated. [28]"
[end insertion]

not by coincidence, this doodle from today s about the centering of the precession
and making a countdown even
that is why im nervous - time pressure - because tomorrow is Trumpets ;
and the sidereal Virgo, the Woman, started
...and i m not sure, we fóund the answer now - or something s left still
- then the OP will be updated

as Always
thank you for reading

[for You - forgive me - 18 sept 2013]

[added to OP - the milky way ring may be Off 24 degrees of Standing Upright..... - there are "24 Elders standing around Gods Throne... would they represent each one degree ?
- we know that Thoth used [copied] similar notion: since this fake Luna moon is 15 days behind the réal Moon, he used for every 15 days for this fake Luna to become Full moon, 15 "gods in their shrines"....]

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posted on Sep, 18 2013 @ 01:34 PM
I really like the theory you present here. It really does give you something to think about.

There is just one thing... Please forgive me, I'm not trying to troll here, but I'll have to ask.

Did you also include all the data, and evidence available, about our current understanding of the universe ?
If so... How does that interact, or creates a conflicting situation, with your theory ?


posted on Sep, 18 2013 @ 03:12 PM

Some interesting thoughts. I will be sure to keep up as you continue. Thanks for posting.

- thanks for stopping by Xiz

you know... - from my heart i tell you, WE are doing this - together
and no thats no sentimental statement
- just as Rez [ with his 10 plagues thread] pushed mé to pen down the above,
so i know that if we are only Chewing the topic, we will win from Them

another thing -

..Henoch, when he crossed Earth,
speaks about "a Tower as a mountain in the [polar] North , the throne of God "
[which is the Real axis Mundi]

and then, going Eastward,
around the area of present iran [?] ,
he "enters a lovely Garden...with a river [ lit: "winding Watercourse"] going NorthWest"

- this river, winding watercourse,
can *only* be the Analogy of the Milky Way - which [seen from centre] is "NorthWest" pointing
[compare thumbnail in OP, in North hemisphere]

..also the PTexts are full of the 'winding Watercourse'

so...whats the deal here ?

The ancient Vedic tell similar [ though Distorted] :
a mt. Meru, high mountain, the Axis Mundi, but then located in the Himalayas ;
and around her, the concentric spheres [ the 7 dimensions from the OP ]
and 5 beneath her

point is here,
that "mt.Meru" is a FALSE axis mundi
..because mt.meru is the same as " Osiris' place of soul rest", "his mountain in the East", or "the place where the 4 sons of Horus hold up their Staffs - so that the king can ascend" : these all denote the same thing.

it appears to me,
that there is a Battle going on,
in the Dimensions above us,
about "which angle Earth will Tilt"

so - hów Weird it is, that suddenly the Gupta dynasy came up,
completely undoing [their own] Vedic history of mt.Meru,
by "introducing the Heliocentric vieuw"
[which made obsolete any higher dimensions of towers, mountains, and winding watercourses.....]

or better : was MENT to let people Forget them dimensions
and introduce the Fake "endless universe model"

kind regards,

posted on Sep, 18 2013 @ 03:52 PM

Sinter Klaas
I really like the theory you present here. It really does give you something to think about.

There is just one thing... Please forgive me, I'm not trying to troll here, but I'll have to ask.

Did you also include all the data, and evidence available, about our current understanding of the universe ?
If so... How does that interact, or creates a conflicting situation, with your theory ?


oh - you perfectly Nailed it, Sint.

[ had to ponder how to respond...]

[ apart from the Fact that, soon, other polyhedrons will emerge - causing untill now unknown metals with unknown characteristics , and that all simply cause the Osiris Dimension will appear] know the discussions about "the west VS iran".. or the unresolvable solution between "palestinians and israelis"... And everyone takes a stance, pro or contra, and starts arguing, using Myriad reasons, about who is right and who Not
- while they Forgét, that there s another Truth ABOVE that situation.
[namely, that the entire situátion is a fabricated hoax]

likewise, ino, it is about this topic ;
there IS a higher "order of things" as that what we can see.

with this "scientific data and evidence about this universe"
- i really do not Contest that "evidence" ,
and will not contest [fight] that "evidence" on science's own territory -
since it is the kind of "evidence which our mortal eyes can see"

but question is :
if only exists what we [think we] sée, then we are Slaves of "that what we can see" - we do nót RULE it.

..since all we can see, is laws of "cause and effect",
not only in the cosmos, but also within our own body

and THAT is the point where i start to disbelieve ' science'.

- because Adam was "made in Gods Image"
meaning: he *ruled* [ the material] Creation.
By thought.
by word.
he sustained creation.
was the reason, it was lovely. any rate : he was not sláve of it - like wé are.

whatever theories our 'science' may develop - whatever mindboggling 'truths' :
they are but the truths of an imprisoned Slave.

Thats why Revelations tells to the Thyatiran church [ a type of human consciousness]
"....who have nót learned satans so-called deep secrets"

and though i m not stupid [ i think ] ,
i refuse to be a Slave of Evils universe

i *have* to Trust, that God made Man in *His* Image :
that is, overruling Creation [ to sustain it] ,

...not as a Slave, being imprisoned in a poor fleshy, handicapped physical frame.

you are right -
its a fundamental question of belief.

Thanks for your sweet response
and for reading
best wishes,

posted on Sep, 18 2013 @ 04:27 PM
- i m sorry for my poor text,
sorry for the poor Visuals - i cannot find what i m looking for -

[by Jóska Soos, hungarian]

but that was the combined Dimensions, Adam had
...just simply imagine this being Within a stunning human form

- ofcóurse the "...grigorii weeped of fear", as the sumerian tablets write

and they searched a way, to Divide [adam]
- by , first, removing his Inside : Eve

i want it Back
cant help it
i want it Back

and get Done with this pathetic joke of 'reality'

sorry for the rant
i know you understand


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posted on Sep, 18 2013 @ 05:42 PM
- i need to tell You
something that is related -
tell, since its right before the 19th now - Trumpets -

..there is the verse about "the Tribe of Dan"

Gen. 49 : Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward.

..many [false] sites talk about Dan being 'denmark'etc; but there s something else going on here. Dan was the territory adjecent to mt.Hermon - Lebanon - where the fallen ones touched Earth. This tribe is NOT part of the 144.000 ; though she hás a place in the [coming] 1000 y kingdom.

who is Dan - if it was the Egyptian lion, mimicking as the lion of judah, who blocked the Southern kingdom - then should Dan block something else..?

- i know the Egyptian Spells...the sumerian and Vedic stories...and never really took the Greek stories [ mythologies] so serious ; i considered they were a poetic mixup of older myths.

yet - the Fact that the "7 churches" are in nowadays anatolia - fix facing the greek peninsula, cannot be Coincidence. Sóme War must be going on here - between the 7 churches, and Its "7 communities".

What actually dóes the Greek myths try to say ?
Its a mixture of Myths and realtime Events. But, since it writes, that "the goat [Greece] will runover the Ram [ this matrix] , especially by its '8th horn', i suppose Greece must be important...?

..the tribe of Dan dissapeared during the Exodus
[since Joseph replaced Dan with his two sons]
- and there is not only a "myth" in Greece's history about Dan, but also the Literal event.

The context here is,
that you please need to keep in mind the ongoing War between God and evil; its not about souls only, but also about Places and Time.

- Evil was preparing Europes territory [with Greece as Legal head] ahéad of the 10 tribes, who still needed to "wander from Assyria to "a" place in W-europe" , named Asareth, "Pine Trees", [ perhaps the German Harz mountains ] according to the book of Jasher , so, sometime after 600 or 500 BC

1450 BC, the time when Mars caused Upheaval, and Troy was besieged, an Inspired myth came later to Homer - about a virgin, named Io, who was born in Greece, but went to Prometheus, who was chained in the Caucasus; then went to Egypt and gave birth to a son, Ephesos [ "touch"]

[ now...Ephesos - the church - means "the desired place"... How much is the chance, that both names deal with the same topic: "first love'..? ]

[her offspring] Danaos - Dan - , a realtime man, went back from Egypt to Greece.

this Danaos went back from Egypt to Greece - to argios - and from there to Macedonia [ Thracia] . And from thát bloodline - the Greek named them "ants"- was coming Alexander the Great.

From that sáme bloodline, Achilles came - who destroyed Troy, and got as booty the princess Briseis - blond, pretty, and grieving over all of her lost family and husband -

please let me breakdown for You this chunk :

..the Greek considered themself coming from 7 families [types] of humans ;
the mycaeans, dorians, hellenes, thracians, [and 3 i cant recall now, sorry]
isnt that the 7 churches counterpart...?

What the Greek [metaphysical] kingdom DID, was "to integrate al;l the known races of humans" ; the mycenean [cham] , the dorian [ german] , the pelasgian [ thracia] , the Nagas [ in the form of the Ant peoples/mayans/Native americans/4th race , who brought forth Alexander] and so forth.

the Myth of Io , is not a Myth -
but tells *exactly* what Evil prepared :
he sent a virgin [the attribute of Dan] to egypt, to let her return to Greece, stung by a gadfly ;, the gadfly is a typical Horse fly, sucking blood ; do you see the connection with "Dan, biting the horses heels "?

And if you know, that it is JOSEPH, who is named "...the unicorn " , would you be surprised that "Dan" is devised to bite Josephs heels...?

Io is depicted as "sitting next to Isis ", two horns are on her head [ as it writes : "..the horned Viper will bite the horses heel"] ofcourse the message is here, she IS isis.

more proof ?
- Homer described the Bellaron : a hero, who wanted to climb on his HORSE Pegasus mt Olympus - but the horse got Bitten, on order of Zeus, and Bellaron fell backwards - and lived out his life in shame, being blind and alone.

bellaron = adam.... zeus = enki ... the horse... 'fell backward'.... got 'blind'.... mt Olympus = mt zion... cannot make that stuff up ?
at least - not if it aint [evil] Inspired..?

we go to "achilles
"the movie with Brad Pitt
the desire of female...

- why, you think, They m';ade that movie, in the first place ?
Achilles [ the depiction of the New Type human race] destroyed Troy [ the post-deluge peoples] , and got Briseis as his bride - Achilles means "nation that Mourns", and Briseis mourned over her lost husband:
briseis is Nephytys, the egyptian mimick of Eve, grieving and weeping - while Achilles represents evils new race

..only in LATER versions, achilles was "hit by an Arrow in his heel"... not the Original one.
Meaning - that Achilles is Dan.

no ?
yes. Achilles shield is described extensively by Homer : it has 3 rings [ ! see OP, AND compare todays google doodle ! ] , containing biblical apocalyptic themes. Meaning, that Evils Legal Cosmic Rights were with achilles - and he got his human female Prize [ Earth; in the form of Briseis] .

Myths, only..?
- i dont think so. was No coincidence...that Paul went exactly to Phillipi - the Thracian territiory - Corinth - the Dorian territory - .... to Thessaloníki - the Macedonian territory - ...etc

basically, to all 7 counterfeit churches/types of root races.

look please,
i dont pretend understanding this
- but i feel, sense, it has a massive Magnitude

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posted on Sep, 18 2013 @ 06:25 PM
- most Appropriate :

"playing with the big boys, now "

[ Prince of Egypt Cartoon ]

posted on Sep, 18 2013 @ 06:55 PM
- i know ;
the cartoon i put to loosen things up a bit

yet its profoundly True.

- you saw the "nwo" words in the cloud caused by the priest, im sure.
But that is So Irrelevant.

..we re not ' battling any nwo here '...?

they are but pawns
Pathetic Pawns
- scripture names those Pathetic Pawns "edom, moab and ammon"

destroying [ western / civilized] Society : from Inside.
like Traitors.


we dont fight thém ?
or their pathetic schemes ?

but the Entities ruling Them

...and if you re not sure what that means : watch that clip again

"big boys"

= the entities

..kiss for you who reads this.

posted on Sep, 18 2013 @ 07:30 PM

- the stage of Beyonce s superbowl act -
couldnt find the pic with Stars floating above these both heads -

egyptian Nut

- you decide.
inclusive the chalice, the two faces form.

posted on Sep, 18 2013 @ 07:37 PM
Boston bombing -

enki - azazel

[beneath his feet is the unicurn - his symbol]

... - you decide.

posted on Sep, 18 2013 @ 08:04 PM
...dont tell us we missed something
its Your 19th
promise You wont let us down
we did what we could

posted on Sep, 18 2013 @ 08:17 PM
cant help it

it s gorgious

posted on Sep, 19 2013 @ 11:46 AM
reply to post by Lone12

Could the seven churches not be a metaphor for the seven major chakras. The warring we have inside our bodies is unbelievable.

posted on Sep, 19 2013 @ 12:55 PM
..the "soma" of the hindu and vedic 'gods'
and the "ambrosius" of the greek 'gods' :

yes THAT is how those 'gods' look like
and yes Female is their 'nectar'

...God's incredible, mindblowing pretty Female

the heart, engine, pillar and inside of Male

for the record,
i have now the "two beautiful ladies" as per Pyramid Texts
both Attributes

- and i will NOT give it back to "It".

posted on Sep, 19 2013 @ 03:26 PM
from the movie "Prometheus",

the "room with the Map of the Universe"

and yes; the Centre is Earth.
...they just shów it as "sciencefiction" to us.

Prometheus was the one chained in the Caucasus [ see posts above] ,
where Io went to , and he told her the future.
Prometheus was said to "have brought Fire to mankind", [ and was now chained for that] ,
but fire means ofcourse "the Crystalline Dimension"

...and he s about to try Do It Again.

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