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Art Bell Returns To Radio - Reveals Old Allegations of Child Molestation and Lawsuit

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posted on Sep, 18 2013 @ 06:42 AM
As of September 16, 2013, Art Bell has returned to radio on SiriusXM. His new show is called "Dark Matter" and he has his old website back online as well:

A few days before his show, he made the following Facebook post:

I want to thank all of you for the many messages that never in a zillion Years I could answer. There is not much I can say now. However some Months ago I asked PREMIERE to stop my SATURDAY replay, I thought they had run their course and I wanted them gone for reasons I will not state here. They refused and continue to this day for reasons I still don't understand, so thank PREMIERE for my new show. I also want to thank GEORGE (NOORY) for signing his new LONG term contract. Without those two things I would not be going back on air. I would only add that if PREMIERE is going to continue my SATURDAY show, please tag it at the end with..'for new shows, please tune to SIRIUS/XM 104.'

"With regard to GEORGE talking about my new show last night, whatever his motives were, he took the high ground and can now pick up open lines without undue fear, good move and thanks for the plug. GEORGE has a good trait, he is a nice guy. I would like to dispel the notion however that I picked him for the show, I did not. The bone I have to pick is with PREMIERE and it goes well beyond SATURDAY replays, I have been called a serial Retiree on the Web and it annoys me because the rest of the story has yet to be told. I may well tell it soon and I think you will all be quite shocked.

Well, he did in fact reveal what the real reason was behind why he first left Coast to Coast AM back in 2000.
Back in the late 1990s, his son was sexually assaulted by his high school teacher. Shortly after this time, Ted Gunderson went out of his way to suggest that Art Bell was involved in this as well and generally in child molestation. This was apparently kept secret. Gunderson said this on international radio and it royally pissed off Art Bell and inspired a lawsuit for slander/libel. Art apparently asked Premiere Radio, the company running Coast to Coast AM, to back him up on the suit. They were not interested because it was "worthless" and the allegations did not "defame Premiere Radio". So they left Art Bell high and dry with this horrible situation. It was eating away at Art for a long time and is why he left. He did return after they begged him to come back. Many years later he had to leave again after his wife died unexpectedly. His non-compete contract from Premiere Radio has apparently now expired, and he is now back in radio with his show "Dark Matter". Now that he has a new wife and child and things are stable, he feels like it's right to come back. His first guest for the show was Dr. Michio Kaku.

Oddly, Art Bell did not mention Ted Gunderson's name on Dark Matter, but you can see Ted giving an entire hour-long lecture on the entire scandal here:

posted on Sep, 18 2013 @ 07:15 AM
reply to post by corsair00

I listened to the episode, and after hearing his story I could feel his anger. I'm not going to listen to George anymore, but John B and George Knapp can still have my ears as long as they are on. I don't dislike Noory for whatever happened with Art Bell. I dislike how he is so incredibly lazy in his questions. Then when they answer he just says I know that's true, no mater what they say. I could slap him through the radio.

Art Bell kept trying to get Michiu Kaku to answer easy questions and he kept dodging but Art didn't let them go. He actually knew what Kaku was talking about and didn't let him get off easy with that "I am a physics wizard" vibe he often has with all his sound bites he repeats. He made Michiu Kaku admit a couple times that he didn't know either.

Art is the best. It's good hearing his voice again, even though I missed most of his old shows.

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