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The Greek neo nazi movement: the Golden dawn

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posted on Sep, 29 2013 @ 12:08 PM
reply to post by JAK

Well,in a parallel universe where we would be in charge of our country,I would have no problem with dealing with them this way. They were involved in criminal activities even before the murder after all. Let's face it,people like them are dangerous.
The problem here though is that it doesn't matter. The way I see it is they were meant to gain some popularity and also were meant to fall. The only reason I can think of so far is to hurt (once again) greek patriotism but this can't be all.

I did some research, because I've been reading a book called "Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition" by Israel Regardie....

they seem to have nothing to do with the 'secret society' of Golden Dawn... other than name.

I haven't seen any connections either. The leadership of the golden dawn (i'm talking about the political party) however has occult,pagan and antichristianic ideals which was promoting (and since they were promoting them,many followers of the party have adopted those ideals. That being said,the way for that was paved via other paths ofcourse).
Oh well.

posted on Oct, 17 2013 @ 09:43 AM
reply to post by yuppa

Hey yuppa,

I've heard of the Golden Dawn movement before and actually been to that very link before but I was put off a bit because it sounded quite racist.

However, not until coming across your OP did I read a bit further on and a lot of it is disturbing and I don't agree with a lot of it there are some words said that I absolutely agree with. Not many but there is a few I'll hand pick and give my opinions on them.

8) I am an enemy of vast exploitative wealth, either locally or internationalist, and a champion of small family ownership like the “kleros” or “temenos” of our ancestors. Money is a mean of necessity, not a governing principle of life or the purpose of it. The ultimate goal of the social state is the elimination of tiered false-value of money and the controlled use of it as a trading mean. The state should have control over private property so that it is not dangerous for the survival of the People or can manipulate them. The economy should be planned so that it serves the national policy and ensures the maximum self-sufficiency without dependence on international markets and control of any multinational companies

Ok, I agree with the first two sentences and not the rest but wasn't going to leave it out either.
I don't agree with exploitative wealth and like the idea of small family owned businesses.
Also I agree that money is a necessity and shouldn't be a life governing principle but it is hard for many of us to say with a straight face that our lives aren't governed by it.

This is where I start to disagree with the rest because claiming that Marxist-Socialist and Racist values and state ownership are a solution to exploitative wealth is BS. It appears to be arguing against Capitalist Democracies and the current parties in Greece other than Golden Dawn as being the sole reason why wealth is exploited and the populace suffering along with the national interests and economy. Wealth exploitation is not specific to any ideology or national government and happens in every corner of the world.

Saying state ownership and socialist values are a solution is seizing an opportunity to capture the common feeling of the people in your society (in this case Greece, EU Crisis has made it worse) and championing your own agenda. Socialist ideas sound fair in paper but it breeds just as a corrupt monster as seen in Capitalist Democracies and an elite "private class" who can still seize anything they wish and distribute how they see fit and most people won't see any benefit and corruption especially among Government officials.

Looking to China and Russia especially shows that state ownership doesn't mean complete insulation against wealth exploitation. Yes their economies are doing extremely well but I will not accept that wealth exploitation doesn't occur there because it does and the wealth gap is increasing.

At least in a Capitalist Democracy you can be rewarded for your hard work and have a legal footing if your business is in trouble or simply if you want it to grow and reap the benefits and maybe pass down your legacy to your family, contribute to the local community by providing jobs etc.

The chance of losing all you have built from your own efforts and for the state to be able to seize on a whim is just wrong. They say it should be spent/seized in the national interest? A burden of proof should fall upon them to say how you are exploiting wealth and manipulating your private ownership to exploit and rob others which is the very reason they say state ownership is essential. Let's just be suspicious of everyone and all businesses!

Amazingly paranoid or a crafty swindle I don't know. Of course they say get stuffed if you ask why your property is being seized because you have limited rights in these societies in general anyway. Legalized government endorsed theft if you ask me.

I think what Golden Dawn has used here in point 8 of their manifesto is very sneaky because its a 1/3 truth 2/3 lies agenda. Perfect propaganda.

6) The politicians on both the right and the left are deliberately lying, democracy means rule of the people, and therefore the society that is comprised of people of common origin (definition of Citizen in Classical Athens). The social state of nationalism is the only direct democracy. The state were the people are the only reality and do not need authority but leadership. The People are the real sovereign and rule themselves through their leader. So the social state can fulfill the only possible equay lity (derived from thought and that is not of natural, but human cultural – political creation), equal opportunities. In contrast to the transient and fleeting majority of parliamentary governing, the will of the people is the supreme law, and obedience to it results in true justice from the whole to every unit. ……

This I only agree with up to the first comma
And I don't think I need to go into a full explanation why.
The rest reeks of as you rightly allude to, Nationalist Socialism and its very racist indeed.

In summary, they remind me of Nazi's for sure and we all know how that went. Scary thing is that Golden Dawn is getting more popular among younger Greeks and you can almost bet that GD have some form of youth movement and are probably a majority of younger Greeks anyway. Reminds me of the Hitler Youth and radicalization of the youth. It may well be that the GD Movement in Greece is closer to German 20th century Nazism than is the current Neo-Nazi movement in Germany itself which seem to be mainly concerned with killing immigrants and committing hate crimes. Golden Dawn seem to have a much more intelligent group of people at the helm seizing an opportunity of the disgruntled populace.

This is precisely what those Brown Shirts did before they ruined Europe and changed the world as we know it. The EU Crisis doesn't help I hope most Greeks see the Golden Dawn for what they are and what you alluded they were in your OP. Just like Nazi's.

posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 05:16 AM
man the situation in greece is getting to hot right now

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