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Franchise owners come to Washington to plead for ObamaCare relief

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posted on Sep, 18 2013 @ 11:57 AM


Franchise owners as a general rule are lazy people looking to make easy money.
I know many franchise owners, if they wanted to help their communities why not start a burger joint and buy the produce from local farmers?

I feel no sympathy for people who not only lack any creativity or originality but are basically greedy, show me a franchise owner who is doing it for his community and not the easy money that the brand brings and Ill bare my backside on Bourke St.

Which ever way you look at it franchises are a problem and not a solution to all the economic issues you guys have

Spoken by someone without a clue.........

Lazy??? Yeah Right. If franchise owning was such a easy way to make money and be lazy then ALL of America would be franchisees. It's not a sure thing, takes lots of money and effort to be successful at a business, franchises included.

I Love when people complain about business owners being so rich. They for the most part, got that rich by sticking their financial necks out on the chopping block and beating the odds against them. You never really hear the stories of the lean times a business owner goes through getting their business successful. Trust me, every business owner I know could write you a book on them.

6 years ago, I employed no one. Now I employ over 120 people and last year gave away almost $100,000 to people, And you want to make me out to be the "Bad Guy". Not going to happen.

That my Friend, is what is wrong with our Society. You want to punish those who are successful. Instead of wanting to celebrate success, you want to bring everyone down to the level where no one is a success. What happens when you run out of taking and spending other people's money? Where are you going to get more money?

posted on Sep, 18 2013 @ 04:41 PM
reply to post by pavil

You have me wrong, Im all for entrepreneurs, in most cases these people add a huge amount to the local community. A franchise (or at least the people who count in that franchise) couldnt care less about you or yours as long as profits are rising and investors are happy.

To set up a franchise all it takes is money, the only reason someone who wanted to open a franchise couldnt is lack of funds.
As stated some people do come through the ranks from counter to owner but that is an exception not a rule.
Most franchise owners are investors not workers.

Dont get me wrong, Im a capitalist in that I think if you work hard or offer something of value then you should be rewarded accordingly.
Im a socialist in that I am against investing/speculation which is what a franchise is.

Franchises, or taking the power and profit away from people who live in the communities is an example of why you have so few jobs and so much wealth in the hands of so few.

So are you a business owner or a franchise renter?
People say they own a franchise but thats BS, if you need approval from someone to make a change or do something different you are not an owner.

If business owner I applaud you, Im a business owner myself.
If your a franchise renter I would say its you who doesnt have a clue, the 100K you put back into your community is a drop in the ocean compared to whatever franchise you work for as a whole has taken out of it.

posted on Sep, 19 2013 @ 12:27 PM
reply to post by IkNOwSTuff

I am a franchisee plus own two other businesses. They are ALL businesses to me. If not properly run, they fail, just like any other business. With the franchise part of my business, it allows me to easily replicate and "clone" myself, which I have done more than a handful of times. There is a limit of profit to be had in a set location, if you want to make even more, you need more locations.

Once your own personal business reaches a certain point, franchising it becomes a viable option. Two of my friends businesses have reached that stage.

They aren't "throw money at it and you make even more" propositions like you seem to think they are. They take as much time, energy, effort and capital as any other business I have, if not more. I don't get why you are slamming them as "not real businesses". Is any business where you don't directly "work" in, not a business? If so, you are slamming the vast majority of larger small business owners. We have worked hard to get where we are and now are enjoying the fruits of those tiny trees we planted long ago.

The Banks don't seem to pile my deposits up into piles of 'Real" and "Franchise" money and it spends all the same to me and the businesses I support locally.

Until you reach a point where you can not even touch your business physically during an 8 week Vacation and have it actually grow, I would suggest that you are just an employee in your business. Personally, I like to make money when I am on vacation, makes it that much more pleasant. There were many years where I couldn't do that, I was determined to make sure I could and I have.

My next goal is to Setup a few more locations where I partner with my top employees, getting them started and making money off of it without ever setting foot in those locations ever.

Must make me one of those Bad Capitalists I guess. I can live with that.

posted on Sep, 19 2013 @ 03:26 PM
reply to post by pavil

My apologies for coming across as militant, you my friend are adding to your community and I applaud you for it.

You are helping people get ahead by providing a proven method of income making, and those people are in turn helping others by providing jobs.

As long as the profits remain with you and your employees I think its fantastic what your doing.
From here the next step will be selling the Franchise entirely for quick and big bucks, this is where problems start.
Once you sell the whole shebang some corporation will need to get its capital back, they will list the company and then be beholden to shareholders. Shareholders want to see returns so the franchise will look to cut costs.
Some of the things they will do will include, manipulating staff working hours so they dont have to pay medical or superannuation (or whatever you guys call it, basically retirement funds).
They will start looking for the cheapest possible raw goods for whatever your franchise needs driving prices down due to their buying power and pushing those who supply the goods further down the economic food chain.

Eventually they will conclude that its easier and cheaper to move everything they can offshore, when this happens everyone except those at the very top suffer. Theres no jobs so people have no money, people have no money so they are unable to buy things, people who own businesses have no money because their customers have no jobs and therefore no money to spend. The people whop previously supplied to businesses now have no money as the businesses have no money.
Then the big corporations move in and because everyone has no money and no way of making money they buy everything at a cut rate and continue on their merry way.

From what you say it seems like you are one of the good guys, when you sell off your blood, sweat and tears (business model)for a quick and easy buck is when you become one of the bad guys.

Much respect for being in a position to help others get ahead

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