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Saved By an Angel...first installment...more to follow

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posted on Sep, 16 2013 @ 02:59 AM
Saved By an Angel

by Soul

This is the 3rd anniversary of an experience that I wanted to share it is not complete...rather I will have to do it in bits and pieces, but the title is not misleading, I really was saved by an Angel and soon the method I was saved by will be revealed. I need to lay the foundation for this unbelievable experience first.

I was surviving. Nothing was easy. The simplest task of getting out of bed every day was becoming more and more difficult. Life had been very harsh and the reality that things were only going to get worse was very unsettling…paralyzing.

I had been through every conceivable impossible scenario in a very short time. One thing after another.

The type of life ending suicidal calamities and to put the cherry on the cake…was dying from a diabetic condition I was unaware of.

Normal blood sugar is supposed to be 100 +/-...that is the amount of glucose that is in your blood at any given moment. This varies according to diet and when the reading is taken.

I never was diagnosed with this condition, my father had it, but it was not something I ever even gave a second thought about. Aside from the major back problems and knee operations, I was relatively healthy. I was about 45 lbs. over my normal weight…wasn’t ever a problem before.

I had just gone through a messy divorce and was forced to have shared custody of my son, the most important thing in my life. This hit me hard, fortunately, my parents had a condo they still owned that was empty. There I went and began to try and make sense of it all.

Initially, I was just glad the whole divorce situation was over, but I was in denial and a state of shock at not having my son with me everyday. My financial situation was horrible and my parents were gracious enough to help me while I waited for job opportunities to materialize and what was a pending divorce settlement.
In the mean time I decided I was going to start an exercise program and change my eating habits, the 45 lbs. had to go.

I started drinking more juices and gave up soda…started eating more fruits and vegetables…gave up mayonnaise…stopped eating potato chips…ate more tuna and lean meats…it was necessary, but it did something I was not prepared for.

In the past, when ever I needed to lose weight, I did similar things to my eating habits with one exception…drinking juices and eating fruits…you would think this would be a good thing…and normally it would be, but I overdid it…my system was taking in more sugar than ever and was overloaded.

My body was not producing insulin fast enough to compensate, but I had no clue. I continued to do what I was doing for 6 weeks, I lost 25 pounds and then it hit me hard one day. For about a week prior, food started to have a strange taste to me and on a Thursday I went to dinner with my parents and ordered fried chicken and French fries, a meal that I always enjoyed…it tasted awful and I had to send it back…boy was I embarrassed when the same thing happened after they cooked another meal for me and I still couldn’t eat it. I just pretended I wasn’t hungry anymore and asked them to wrap it to go.

The next morning I drove my kid back home and was driving back to my place and my eye sight got really blurry…I had been noticing a change but just chose to ignore it.

When I got home I laid down in the bed and tried to sleep, but I kept having to go to the bathroom, the breakfast I ate wouldn’t stay down and I kept smelling this horrible smell, like ammonia and sulfur emanating from somewhere, turned out it was me…it was coming from my pores…my body had become toxic and was fighting to stay alive at this point.

I called my mom and told her I really wasn’t feeling well and she suggested I call our family doctor…I had only seen the guy 2 times in 10 years, but I called him…after hearing about 2 minutes worth of symptoms from me…he told me to get to the hospital immediately and that he would meet me there as soon as he could.

I have no idea how I did it, but I managed to drive myself to the emergency room which luckily for me was only 2 miles away.
When the receptionist asked me to fill out the paperwork I told her I can’t see, that my eyes had started to go blind.

They took me back immediately and the first thing they tried to do was give me a glucose reading, I was thirsty and all they would give me were ice chips, but they did the test and the machine wouldn’t read it…a malfunction…the nurse went to get another machine…same result…inconclusive…I was in the Intensive Care Unit before they could blink…seems 2 machines not getting a reading was indicative.

They put me on a saline drip and gave me insulin and let me suck on ice chips. My family was finally allowed to come see me, I felt I was saying goodbye to all of them and cried inconsolably when I saw my son for what I thought was going to be the last time…I did not think I would make it through the night…I almost didn’t.

I kept seeing the nurses hovering in my doorway for what seemed like a good deal of the night…there were 3 of them huddled watching me…why? The next morning I found out why.

My heart monitor they had me hooked up to sent an alarm that I was in cardiac arrest and when they got to the room the alarm stopped and my heart started beating again…this happened several times and they decided to disconnect the alarm and just watch me to see what was happening…I had an irregular beat and my heart would beat for 55 seconds then stop and then start up again.

But the nurse wanted to know how I knew they were there, since I was completely “out of it” as she said. I told her I saw 3 of you standing in the doorway watching me…she went white as a ghost…there was no explanation for me knowing that.

More to come soon....

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