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Neural Recoding - Mind Hacks

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posted on Sep, 16 2013 @ 01:18 AM
A form of neurostimulation, neural recoding involves attaching electrodes or chemical triggers to stimulate individual cells in the brain. There certainly is possible beneficial applications on some levels, but when combined with sophisticated neural recording/mapping, it would enable mind reading and control.

Provided are an apparatus and a method for recoding neuronal signals. The apparatus may include a substrate with an electrode region, a plurality of stimulation electrodes arranged on the electrode region to have a specific arrangement, and at least one recording electrode provided between adjacent ones of the stimulation electrodes and attached with an axon of the neuronal cell. Each of the stimulation electrodes may be attached with a body of a neuronal cell.

Apparatus and method for recoding neural signals US 20130154609 A1

The mapping mechanisms record synapse firing patterns in relation to words, pictures, emotions, and actions, then the recoding allows these patterns to be recreated artificially.

The synapses fire before the thought or action appears, an interesting thing in itself in relation to time and free will.

Researchers have begun to show that it is possible to use brain recordings to reconstruct aspects of an image or movie clip someone is viewing, a sound someone is hearing or even the text someone is reading. A new study by University of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson University scientists brings this work one step closer to actual mind reading by using brain recordings to infer the way people organize associations between words in their memories.

Neural fingerprints of memory associations allow mind reading

Although still in its infancy, technology is already in place to implement this process via nanotech implants. Military spec would be more advanced again...toddlers maybe??

This review focuses on the application of nanomaterials for neural interfacing.
The junction between nanotechnology and neural tissues can be particularly
worthy of scientific attention for several reasons: (i) Neural cells are electroactive,
and the electronic properties of nanostructures can be tailored to match
the charge transport requirements of electrical cellular interfacing. (ii) The
unique mechanical and chemical properties of nanomaterials are critical for
integration with neural tissue as long-term implants. (iii) Solutions to many
critical problems in neural biology/medicine are limited by the availability of
specialized materials. (iv) Neuronal stimulation is needed for a variety of
common and severe health problems. This confluence of need, accumulated
expertise, and potential impact on the well-being of people suggests the
potential of nanomaterials to revolutionize the field of neural interfacing. In this
review, we begin with foundational topics, such as the current status of neural
electrode (NE) technology, the key challenges facing the practical utilization of
NEs, and the potential advantages of nanostructures as components of chronic
implants. After that the detailed account of toxicology and biocompatibility of
nanomaterials in respect to neural tissues is given. Next, we cover a variety of
specific applications of nanoengineered devices, including drug delivery, imaging,
topographic patterning, electrode design, nanoscale transistors for
high-resolution neural interfacing, and photoactivated interfaces. We also
critically evaluate the specific properties of particular nanomaterials—including
nanoparticles, nanowires, and carbon nanotubes—that can be taken advantage
of in neuroprosthetic devices. The most promising future areas of research and
practical device engineering are discussed as a conclusion to the review.

Nanomaterials for Neural Interfaces

Add AI into the mix and you might have a completely robot controlled human, right down to the thought level, a prison for the soul.

Seems illegal transhuman mind hacks are now on the menu, and certain sorts love that stuff.

Freaks me out even thinking about it.

posted on Sep, 16 2013 @ 02:52 AM
Because the uploader isn't working for me and I like pictures with stories... borrowed these ones...thanks.

reply to post by Kantzveldt

Ah not a Goblin Queen...wait....A Borg Queen.

Or one of her better known adjuncts

Why do I smell honey and hear the drones, Resistance is Futile!

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