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A new source of analysis and information on WW-III related issues!

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posted on Sep, 15 2013 @ 10:02 AM
Mods, move as needed. This seemed the best fit for the value, reference and importance of what the resource contains, relevant to the subjects this forum is dedicated to.

I've been holding this for a awhile as a source I was trying to figure out a way to best make use of some data from. It isn't really fair to hold back something with so much to offer though, so I'm throwing it out there now.

Institute for the Study of War

As near as I've been able to determine by reading a great deal of what they have published now? They do as much of their own analysis as they cover the work of others. Those others, being carefully selected and sourced, for another reason I feel comfortable sharing this with everyone. Not everything is 100% spot-on, but then is it from the billion dollar agencies either? (See CIA reference before the first Korean war for the example of all time).

Our current crisis is Syria and this is the link I've been reading and looking at neighborhood level detail of control across Damascus and other areas of Syria at (That link and resources linked off from it). They also show regular updates to strike areas from both ground and air force attacks from Assad or ground from the FSA, as fits.

It's a wealth of info for perspective the Media see themselves, but don't have the room or think we have the interest to actually see as well. Maybe others don't...and that's fine. This is one of those places where quick reads across headlines aren't near as valuable as reading the full material behind them, and fair warming, that's an investment of time....concise being a relative term as used below.

** A Personal Note

I have no affiliation with that site and hadn't even heard of them until recently. What had drawn my interest for value and worth is a good number of their PDF publications covering in very concise language, what I've read in deeply buried and loooooong...bored to tears type BORING....government analysis papers or congressional reports. (The kind of reports you feel like you mentally gave birth after finding something worthwhile in.)

I hope this is as helpful for getting an overall picture of events in a few different areas for it has been for me. They have areas dealing with hot spots all over.

Enjoy and if you have time today, there are worse places to spend it for News/Info junkies. It's not Stratfor...but then, nothing really will be what they once were. This one is also free. lol...

posted on Sep, 15 2013 @ 04:18 PM
reply to post by wrabbit2000

Bump, star and flag Mr. Wrabbit.

I took a look at the bios for some of the staff and they seem to be pretty well connected with the intelligence community.

I'm always looking for alternative perspectives and this site seems to be aimed at a very informed audience.
However the staff and contributors all seem to be from the same, or similar stock.
Nonetheless, these are obviously some very knowledgeable sources. The connections to the intelligence community that they all share is interesting. Seems they have been vetted and hand picked to achieve a consistent angle.
Sorry if I sound suspicious, I'm a little jaded perhaps, but reporting and opinion from the intelligence community raises flags for me.
Thanks for the link, good stuff from you as usual.
I'm off to read a few articles now.

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