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Manifestos of Madness – A Symptom of Daily Uncertainty / Prophecy of a Better World to Come?

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posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 01:18 PM
By and large, what we seem to be creating in nations world-wide are manifestos of madness. By that I mean, no straight-forward plan is ever really sought out—everything has seemingly gone around the bend, and it is because of that being the reasons that people feel they way that they do. The flag is not held as high as it had been before. Significant individuals, in each nation, do not feel as worthy as before—I mean it’s critique all the time, day after day—no praise, at all—ever given to one’s fellow man—only I can do better than you attitude, and is that what it really is all about? We, feel this strangeness because perhaps we have come to the realization of a “what’s the point” attitude—this only leads to more frustration and despair—how can one really rally down hard, when you don’t even get an iota of a chance?

W feel suppressed,--people who realize that their life-times are flitting on by. Saying “bye bye” and not being able to catch onto the “real deal” and perhaps we are down in the depths of despair, because we are unable to raise ourselves up-and we don’t get any raises these days—keep on lower level—hush your mouth and skip along the corporate way? Private enterprise-that is only not private anymore, as your business is never really your own—why did it turn out that way? We made it happen, and now we suffer the consequences of actions that ought to be changed? Sadly, we have become deranged, by a system that may be caving in—as it has nowhere really to go—and maybe we are feeling the effects of the current disaster, in progress—as this time…who knows?

We lie with the so called Beast every day—men and women, who have become shattered and torn under—we have the thunder taken away from us—our spirits have become unclean, and dirty—stripped of any spirit of holiness, which never, as we think, comes our way—yet, in the process, perhaps, we find there is too much to say—therefore, we become stressed, because we have too much inside of us—and the more we keep inside of us-damned—welled up—we find ourselves getting more agitated as time flits on by,--suppression of speech?

So, did the apostle John predict, perhaps, that man's spirit be affected? Or is science ever going to
come up with a positive answer on how to stop these current escalating problem that is really infecting people Time will tell...

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