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The heavy oppression of the current state of worldy affairs

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posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 12:38 PM

“ Something in the air, that is different and weird, something has gone adrift, something is up, something has taken over the mind, or the body—who can we trust, at the end of the day?”

The challenge is in knowing the Truth that is out there, but where can one find it? Where is one supposed to look? And, why do we get so despondent? Why, when we call out,--whey do we think that no-one at all is listening to the shouts of desperation? Why have we, somehow fallen as a nation/s that has become seemingly trampled underfoot? Why do we constantly fear? Is it for our lives have become changed by a system that does not care? Or, does it care—do the power-mongers, at the end of the day have any reel need for us—or are they constantly walking over us. Perhaps, there is no real revolution—because we are powerless to make the Right moves for freedom, justice and liberty, maybe, perhaps have become mere illusions, in the big scheme of things?

Why do we always feel that someone is always around the corner, are we picking up on other people’s insecurities—many are seemingly bored, or to me, look lost, as sheep that have lost their way—from the pen, and the wolves maybe are constantly devouring them all. This feeling of strangeness is the air, something is clouding up the system, which, maybe is falling down, like the World Trade Center, a grim reminder of the sourest evil, since the Nazi regime. Perhaps, we feel that something is not right because we know that there has to be a change for the better—can it get much worse than this? Yes—the trials, perhaps are already underway, and whatever tribulation must be done, will be played out.

Insomnia, panic, agitation, and yes—fear of a most intolerant nature has taken over our system, because we needed to, somehow feel for ourselves that we have not taken the right direction—and that something or someone will eventually fix it—thing is the Super hero is not in sight, but definitely not out of mind, and it is precisely that which many are losing—perhaps, we need to wake up and smell the roses, but many are still fast asleep, dreaming their own dreams, which, for many are not being fulfilled, as they should be, as they ought to be.

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