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"Stars" moving around over Fort Worth

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posted on Sep, 12 2013 @ 05:36 PM

I loved the night vision video. Is there any fairly inexpensive one that I might look into getting? I have no video camera, but would love to catch the ones that appear every night over my house. I can see them any night I want to go out and just keep looking up for a while.

The only problem with them is most are VERY LOW resolution.

posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 01:03 AM

All of these lights were about the same brightness as the surrounding stars and other than the movement there was nothing that would distinguish them from other stars. I have no way of judging distance or size of these lights. I have been trying to come up with a logical explanation for this but so far I cannot come up with anything.

The three lights are satellites in a formation, there is a known Navy project like that.

The other 'light' is a bird, being reflected from ground lighting.

posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 05:23 AM
I guess now is a better time than never to post this recent experience:

While what I experienced wasn't supposed "stars" moving in the sky, it was UFO activity in Fort Worth none-the-less.

Me and my brother were coming home from work around 11:45p. I believe on the 1st of this month, if not late-late August.

Anyway, me and my brother were driving on the highway, and just getting past Eastchase, when I noticed something above the highway , in the distance glowing and blinking between the colors of red and orange. It was hovering about the altitude of a helicopter. Well, didn't give it a second thought obviously, cause it could've been a helicopter.

Until, it suddenly looked to have ejected some kind of bluish sparkling (possibly electric?) stuff from the rear, and I say rear because it's opposition to the direction this object was floating. We get close enough to where it begins passing right above us, and for the life of me and my brother, the light that was being emitted didn't seem to have a source. It was only a couple hundred feet above us and we saw no object.
Surprisingly enough it dimmed into nothing after it had past the highway right over our heads. I looked and looked, carefully watching the dim moment by moment, but it dimmed literally into nothing.

The speculation and sightings of orange lights isn't new, especially with the fact that it is a common occurance in the south as of last year but I've read no reports on exhaustion of bluish gas and sparkles of what seem to be like glitter or rogue electricity.

Interesting things. If anyone has an idea of what it might be, let me know! Google hasn't been very friendly.

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posted on Sep, 15 2013 @ 04:38 PM
I think this issue of UFOs/ UAOs being mistaken for stars is much more important than many of us realise. In general terms, astronomers both professional and amateur have done a fine job mapping the stars we can see in our skies - but if we imagine for a moment that the technology in operation, these objects 'pretending' to be stars, have been operational for perhaps thousands of years - then we come up against a problem.

These objects can likely sense when they are being watched, if indeed they are thousands of years in advance of our tech. Therefore, they are manifest in areas, and visible to people, who have no capability of detecting whether they are indeed stars. If the gig is up and an astronomer happens to look their way (a professional whose credentials qualify him to be ridiculed if he announces anything, or an amateur whom nobody will really listen to anyway) - then the objects can either continue with the pretence (spooking the crap out of the astronomer when he/she realises there should be no stationary/ weirdly-moving object in their sights at that point in space) or otherwise the object might take on an illusory 'satellite' role, moving as though it were a satellite, to reduce/remove suspicion from the mind of the astronomer.

I personally have had numerous dreams in which these 'fake stars' almost instantly descend from immense distances, to sit a few hundred feet above the planet's surface - all different shapes and classes of vessel, all simply hovering above the surface of Earth, perfectly still, and spooking the crap out of everyone - leading to instantaneous implementation of martial law in every single nation affected. In a sense (and bear in mind I've been having these dreams since way before I heard of it, almost twenty five years now) the dreams seem to reflect a REAL event akin to what the supposed 'Project Bluebeam' would be supposed to achieve - the total lockdown of Humanity under despotic rulers, ushering in a 'NWO' unified world government attempting to 'deal with the threat' - by clamping down on all human activity prior to, in some way, countering the invasion.

In my dreams, these things simply descend and hover - there is always the sense that Humanity is left wondering what the heck is going on; communications are zero, from the ships or from governments, there is simply an ominous sense that the world has changed forever, and we are all waiting to hear from some central command structure (the NWO) about what these UFOs are doing here. Whether the whole thing is a ruse to install a NWO, I haven't yet 'heard' - but I dream often of these sorts of things, and some of my dreams have borne out in reality in quite staggering ways. I'm often praying for guidance from my dreams; I'll head back this way if I get some. The fake star issue has been a 'biggie' for me, and I've been witnessing the zigzagging, the jumping, the insane accelerations, the 'wrong' colour changes (etc) for a number of years in actual reality, not just in dreams. My wife has witnessed a number of these events with me (though not the one I posted about on page 1, which is the most recent experience I've had).

If it does happen? Get yourself under the protection of your nearest militia if you are US-based (or simply do some personal prepping and be ready & willing to wait it out for a few weeks). Hunker down to await instructions - there will be some who are sent to lead us through the chaos and deceptions of the Enemy we face, and they will rise up in defence of Mankind when these things take place. So say my dreams anyway!

God bless,


posted on Feb, 25 2016 @ 08:50 AM
I see fake stars and fake planes every day. You are not alone.

posted on Feb, 25 2016 @ 09:17 AM
a little late to the party here, but let me get this straight. the OP saw a triangular set of lights, a whitish/blue in color, with a fourth independent light zipping around the "triangle"

gee, doesn't that sound familiar.

as for the "fourth light" it's a ECM.

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