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ROP Alert: Al Qaeda's websites

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posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 11:02 PM

Affiliation: Website of Al-Qa'ida spokesman Sheikh Suleiman Abu Gheith, originally from Kuwait. He was reportedly jailed by Iranian authorities in May 2003.

Excerpt from the website: (audio recording of Friday sermon, undated): "… [Allah,] the Almighty and Great! When he wanted to help our religion [to win] and in order to render His word supreme and to humiliate his enemies, he brought out these heroes, these men, the Jihad fighters ( mujahidun ) who seek death as others seek life and seek Allah's promise in the Koran and sacrifice their property, their blood, and their lives as a sign of the sincerity of their faith. When Allah wanted [to bring the downfall of] the country of heresy [i.e. the U.S.] and humiliate it and grind its nose into the ground, he brought out Osama [bin Laden]."

Affiliation: Website of Palestinian Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi, a pseudonym for ' Asem Al-Burqawi, who was expelled from Kuwait to Jordan after the first Gulf War, and in November 2001 was arrested by the Jordanian authorities.

Excerpt from the website: "I say: Cutting off heads is a part of our religion. Indeed, by God, slaughtering Allah's enemies is part of our religion. It should be done in accordance with the interests of the Islamic nation…

"Cutting off heads and slaughtering Allah's enemies is part of this religion, as is written in the biography of the leader of the Jihad fighters [i.e. the Prophet Muhammad]…

"Slaughtering is the appropriate message and the effective remedy for those who understand only the language of blood and the logic of force, those who pounded the villages in Afghanistan with B-82 planes and with Tomahawk missiles and murdered old people, women and children by the thousands…

"When a Jihad fighter kills some barbaric infidel, the whole world is in turmoil, and they [the infidels] call the Jihad fighters terrorists and murderers.

"The defeatists, in acquiescence to them [i.e. the infidels], announce that cutting off heads is not in accordance with Islam and that these Jihad fighters have no mercy in their hearts. No, by God, this is mercy … because those [infidels] can only understand the language of slaughtering, murder and blood.

"May your right hand be blessed, my brother Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi!

"May your right hand be blessed, my brother Abu Hajar, 'Abd Al-'Aziz Al-Muqrin…!

"Acting in accordance with the Prophet Mohammad's mercy, we slaughter the criminals and aggressors and hold sacred the lives of Muslims and help the oppressed."

Affiliation: Website of Saudi Sheikh Nasser bin Hamed Al-Fahd, a prominent Salafi scholar. He was arrested by Saudi authorities in November 2003.

Excerpt from the website: "You already know that the Crusading infidel attack – led by the enemies of Allah, the Americans and their allies from among the other infidels and hypocrites – is directed against Islam and the Muslims. Therefore, [you should] know that any aid to them in their war – whether in body, in weapons, in tongue, in heart, by [means of the] pen, money, or in opinion, or anything else – is heresy and apostasy."

Affiliation: Website of the conservative Saudi Sheikh Safar Al-Hawali, who was imprisoned in 1994 due to his opposition to the Gulf War and was released in 1999. He professes to have had a drastic change of heart in recent years.

Excerpt from the website ( fatwa concerning current Jihad regulations, taken from lecture titled "The Duty of Muslims for the Grace of Allah"): "Once we realize [all that is required by] the faith of Islam and monotheism, once we propagate the message of Allah and overcome our evil inclinations, then we shall vanquish our enemies, Allah willing. It is our duty to carry out these two kinds of Jihad in every Muslim country…

"We should begin by propagating the message of Allah and end by fighting the infidels and conquering countries. All of this is called Jihad of Da'wa [the propagation of Islam]. As for defensive Jihad [which is a personal obligation for every Muslim] – most Islamic lands are now under occupation [by infidels], be they Russian, Shi'ite, Baathist, socialist, or democratic ­– all of which are doctrines of unbelief."

Affiliation: Umbrella website that provides links to numerous Islamist clerics.

Excerpt from the website:

"The explosions that occur and which cause hundreds and dozens of Muslims to lose their lives are forbidden according to Allah's law… We ask them [those who kill Muslims]: Who are you? Do you consider yourselves Jihad fighters ( mujahidun )? Against whom are you waging Jihad? Are you waging Jihad against the Jews on the blessed land, against whom every Muslim knows there is an obligation to wage Jihad?

Affiliation: Website of the late Saudi salafi Sheikh Hamud bin 'Uqala' al-Shu'eibi [d.2001].

Excerpt from the website ( fatwa issued on April 26, 2001, concerning the nature of martyrdom operations):

"These operations of seeking martyrdom are in accordance with the shari'a [Islamic law] and they fall under the definition of Jihad, if they are carried out with sincere intention. This is one of the most successful and effective means of Jihad against the enemies of this religion because it causes much damage and many casualties, both dead and wounded, and because it spreads terror and fear and dread among them, and because it emboldens the Muslims against them and strengthens the hearts of the Muslims and breaks the hearts of the enemies and brings much slaughtering upon them…

Affiliation: Website of Dr. Muhsin Al-'Awwaji, a Saudi Islamist and a former professor of political science who was jailed in the 1990s for his opposition to the state.

Excerpt from the website: "Where is the spirit of sacrifice and the seeking of glory and martyrdom ( shahada )? Do we fear death so much, [death] from Jihad or from lesser things?…

"O Allah! Grant us victory over the Christian Crusaders in Afghanistan, over the usurping Jews in Palestine. O Allah, show us the wonders of your strength and the suddenness of your vengeance on the belligerent U.S."

Know your enemy.

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