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CNN:Pushing Videos As Evidence for for Syria intervention, After 10 Hours CNN Blocks commenting.

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posted on Sep, 8 2013 @ 12:57 AM
Pushing Videos As Evidence for for Syria intervention, After 10 Hours CNN Blocks commenting.
First on CNN: Videos show glimpse into evidence for Syria intervention

Remember the closed door Senate hearing last week? and when John Kerry mentioned there 100+ sources of proof? well the only Evidence they have is, is from YouTube i am not making it up, CNN Jack Tapper had posted an article after CNN had aired it live today.

"First on CNN: Videos show glimpse into evidence for Syria intervention"

In Truth CNN today admitted the only evidence the whole Senate had was from YouTube and it seems the intercepted phone call BS wasn't even mentioned. From the article.

The Senate Intelligence Committee posted the videos on its website
According to the article it will be like be shown to House members Monday, a congressional aide says yet i highly doubt the house congress members would simply vote yes after watching YouTube videos. And now the usual twist.

They are hard to watch, but do not prove who was behind the attack
So basically House members will be forced hours of YouTube videos as Evidence but yet that doesn't even suggest whom was behind it?

CNN was the first to obtain the 13 different videos seen by members of the Senate Intelligence Committee

All these 13 videos of the supposed attack on Aug 21 have being streamed live and later posted on YouTube in the videos aftermath of the alleged attack, the only thing that the videos dont show you, are where are the parents of the dead children as seen in the videos?

Where are the female victims? thats whats missing in the videos, no crying parents touching there children as they died or grieving, just a fighter touching the children and burying the bodies.

After 8623 comments CNN Blocks the Comment Section.
After just 8623 comments in over 10 hours CNN had decided to block and close the commenting section from further attacks on CNN by users on accusing CNN of Lying and making up the Evidence, the majority of other users had accused of CNN of deleting Anti Rebels Comments and comments agaisnt the possible Syrian intervention.

CNN has become worse than Fox News as a propaganda machine.

CNN is doing political dirty work by pushing the pro-war agenda. We are all tired of CNN deleting quality, thoughtful, anti war comments

Children killed in drone strikes by America like the 16 year old American citizen who was targeted for assassination just because of who his father was????

Wake up America, this isn't abou helping innocent Syrians, this about about pleasing our petro dollar buddies of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Plus Iran holds a pact with Syria, which gives us an excuse to attack Iran if they retaliate. Who benefits? The Sunni monarchies, defense industry, and corporations.

Here's another great comment.

No one should believe anything the media says about Iran! The media is heavily influenced by Israel and they have been caught lying about things Iran said to make them seem unstable so the US people would support taking them out when the time comes. And that time is now! This is all about a israel and Saudi Arabia. Israel bombed Syria in May killing 42 Syrian troops.

They need the US to take out their enemies so the world doesn't get fed up with them. Israel and Saudi Arabia are strategic allies. if Saudi Arabia ever publicly supported Israel they would become an enemy to the Muslim world and have a civil war on their hands! Most of the somewhat powerful countries in the Middle East are dealing with civil wars and the only big threats left to Israel are Syria and Iran. The timing is everything and thats why the US is trying to attack Syria. Iran and Syria do not pose a threat to the US! If you think they do you have been fooled by the Israeli influenced media.

Usual CNN would not close an commenting section unless it fits there agenda, CNN commenting sections could be run for weeks without being closed down.

Its pretty clear why they closed it. CNN is getting nervous. People are waking.

posted on Sep, 8 2013 @ 02:22 AM
Another fine example of The Fourth Branch of the Government aka "the media", trying to control and manipulate rather than to serve and inform the people.

Great post, this stuff is really starting to get out of hand. I'm glad to see such a great number of people are starting to call them on their bs, but at the same time, what happens when that number gets uncomfortably large in their eyes?
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posted on Sep, 8 2013 @ 02:35 AM
Some of the 'gassing' info/video was out on LiveLeak ages ago - same stuff we're seeing now. And CNN is making a big deal about it like they uncovered it? Probably not the point but it's pretty ridiculous for MSM to be so far behind the pack (though nothing new). Oh well, maybe they just hadn't gotten the world from 'on high' to push the agenda - yet.


posted on Sep, 8 2013 @ 02:41 AM
Operation Slipknot COMMENCE ! ! !


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