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Obama Admin Loses Whistleblower Attack - What Ever Happened To Protections?

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posted on Sep, 7 2013 @ 02:19 AM
In 2003, Federal air marshal Robert MacLean received a text message telling all air marshals to cancel overnight hotel stays. The TSA's to save a buck, decided to remove air marshals from all flights that involved an overnight hotel stay. And this was during an extremely turbulent time with terrorism.

So MacLean leaked the non top secret text message to a MSNBC reporter. And ever since this he has been in a constant battle with the government and now faces personal bankruptcy.

In April, a panel of 3 judges decided that MacLean was eligible for protections. But the Obama Admin turned around and appealed those findings! What ever happened to Obama offering more protections for whistle blowers?

Anyways, the good news is that the appeals court refused to hear the case.
Obama, you lost! Perhaps your good days are now over?

But on a sad note, a mans life was ruined. Yeah something like this will discourage whistle blowers. Darn you Obama for being so evil.

The Obama administration, which has publicly argued for enhanced whistleblower protections, this time came down on the side of the TSA. It appealed the court’s decision favoring MacLean, arguing in a July petition that the case deserved a rehearing because individuals such as MacLean who leak “sensitive” information do not qualify for protections.

George Randy Taylor, head of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association’s air marshal unit and a former whistleblower himself, said MacLean had experienced legal harassment for “raising the B.S. flag on mismanagement,” inhibiting other whistleblowing about government wrongdoing. The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association and the Government Accountability Project, a nonprofit advocacy group in Washington, have represented MacLean in this case.

Court rejects Obama administration secrecy plea

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posted on Sep, 7 2013 @ 11:10 AM
You know I consider this a win on the side of Americans. The Obama admin has to learn to lay off our whistle blowers. I really do think the honeymoon is over with the American infatuation with Obama. Not saying he is a dictator yet, but blind faith is how dictators are born. Even of the original intention is not such, it gives one an elevated ego that they can do anything. Finally someone said, NO!

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