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why we Must strike syria

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posted on Sep, 7 2013 @ 01:59 AM
reply to post by oasisjack

ever seen a 5 year old child being held by it's sobbing mother because it got it's legs blown accidentally off by a you=es air strike?

Now times that carnage by 10,000 or more. All those innocent civilians dying simply so the tptb can stroke their egos, and test out new weapons. So why don't you shut you're trap, this isn't a joke.

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posted on Sep, 7 2013 @ 02:02 AM

Originally posted by bekod
MIDEAST is no more of threat to the US than Canada /Mexico is.

Since Mexican cartels have more influence and striking power in the US than any foreign terrorist groups...and Canada's lax laws on immigration allow people to enter with 'ease' regardless of affiliations.. Maybe we should ignore the MIDEAST and clean up the real threats? I was following till that last statement. But we all understand where you are coming from.

posted on Sep, 7 2013 @ 02:07 AM

Originally posted by oasisjack
Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls lets get ready to rumble.....

I hate to be the fella to say this but we must strike Assad hard and fast. Not to save the people, they should save them selves. Not because the rebels killed people with poison gas, that is not our responsibility. We need to strike because it is in our best interest to slap around the middle east like a step child and show the world were still in charge.


I would love to know your background, I on the other hand, have 28 years in the military and I need to say why? Why should we bomb Syria again?

I truly think you are a troll, and if not, are you willing to give up your life to slap Syria around? Are you willing to give up your life so that America can say we bitched slapped the Middle East?

Your bitch slap will cost 1000s of innocent lives, is that ok with you? Whether McCain or Obama you are just like them to suggest from the safety of your home it is ok to kill... well as long as it is all done where you don't get your hands dirty?

I get the feeling you are like twelve with the simplicity of your school yard justice tactics, but unfortunately in the real world many people die .

Russia whether you know it or not is making a power play to start unraveling our power and influence in the region. If they can gain security and controll in the middle east there is no longer the need for our petroldollar which would ruin our quality of life. Do you like to eat? How about giving your children a somewhat safe future free of cholera and dysentery? For one to live comfortably another must not it is this simple.

We are talking about some #ty country that has no influence with the US. Everyone can die in Syria and your life will go on without a single miss step. Once again how about the quality of life of the 1000s we will kill?

Where is your post about know the country where 4+ MILLION have been killed and if you are a female and still alive you have been rapped many times and if you are a male you most likely don't have a hand or two...

Where is your stand on that? 100,000 people are killed by bullets in Syria and that is OK but 100 are killed by chemicals and we need to shock and awe... lol

By china and russia standing up they are basically saying your time in power is up we will take it from here, that goes to all of us americans and even our allies. We didnt want blood on our hands and the lies the government sold the masses was an insult to any one with half a brain but reality is simple no superpower loses is standing in the world with out its citizens suffering greatly.

Obama said" the World drew the red line" well let the world handle it, but by my account it is like 90% of the world against us bombing and about 90% of the American people against us bombing.

Where do you stand?

Our only option is to do somthing so devistating so unthinkable that russia and china fall back into line. Im talking a real shock and awe, if they think we will use missles we use the very earth they stand on. We drop in a team of highly motivated individuals to kill assad and hang his corpse in the town square let these jokers know even when we are in our death throws we are still stronger than they are on their best day.

Like WWIII? How is that for shock and awe?

Please tell me you are not twelve.

DISCLAIMER: No offence to the twelve year olds out there....

Wait a minute.... are you McCain?

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posted on Sep, 7 2013 @ 10:57 AM
Syria is a proxy just like Libya was ghadaffi was killed because of back door deqls he was making to rid his country of the petrodollar. Syria im guessing is much the same only natural gas instead of crude. Russia and china need us to falter there so the next war can be fought here. I care not for the children of other countries only the children of my country if we allow russia to keep Assad alive and in power it will be the first of many area losses that wil eventually land us the people in a bad spot.

posted on Sep, 9 2013 @ 05:11 PM
reply to post by oasisjack

I agree. The entire situation stinks of proxy war. The best course of action would be to do nothing.

Do you remember the cold war? After the end of World War 2, the Soviet Union was afraid that communism would lose it's foothold. So they began invading and annexing every country around them.

Then, they started the proxy war. Where they incited and funded riots, civil wars, coup d'états and assassinations to spread communism and destabilize the western influence across the second and third world.

Now look at what has happened. The US has invaded two countries and formed democracies. Now the middle east has had this arab spring, resulting in more riots, civil wars and coup d'états.

Who are the puppeteers I wonder. The US and UK tugging strings on one side. The Chinese, Russians and Iranians tugging strings on the other would be my guess.

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