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Japan declares 'nuclear emergency' after quake - PART 2

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posted on Jun, 11 2015 @ 11:14 AM
Let's say they somehow magically are able to stop every bit of leakage from the plant. (insert eyeroll icon here)

There is still the problem of what has already been deposited on all of the river basins in the area:

The future prediction of the discharge estimates that 111 TBq of 137Cs and 44 TBq of 134Cs are released into the Pacific Ocean during 2011–2111. This condition shows that prevention of the radioactive substance leakage from the FDNPP is insufficient since river as the media of radioactive substance transport is also significant source. While the discharge from Abukuma River is equal to 30% of FDNPP direct discharge and also considering the discharge of the radioactive substance from the other major rivers in Fukushima Prefecture (Arakawa, Naka, Agano, Tadami), the sum of the discharge from these rivers could be as large as the leakage from FDNPP. Although this statement needs confirmation, it is sufficient to warrant concern from the authorities of rivers as a major source of radiocesium flux into the Pacific ocean.
emphasis mine

Future projection of radiocesium flux to the ocean from the largest river impacted by Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

Oh, and by the way, take note that this represents discharge to take place over the next century.

Yep, it's the gift that keeps on giving.


For the peole who keep wanting to compare this to all of the nuclear testing we did in the 50's and 60's:

Mean values of the water-column inventories decay-corrected for the Fukushima-derived 134Cs and the bomb-derived 137Cs were estimated to be 1020 ± 80 and 820 ± 120 Bq m−2, respectively, suggesting that in winter 2012 the impact of the FNPP1 accident in the western North Pacific Ocean was nearly the same as that of nuclear weapons testing.

Impact of Fukushima-derived radiocesium in the western North Pacific Ocean about ten months after the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant accident

Let that sink in for a of the winter the following year, the nuclear power plant had contributed an equal amount of radioactive contamination as all weapons testing combined.

And here we are well over 4 years later with no end in sight to the generation and release of the same contamination for who knows how long.
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posted on Jun, 11 2015 @ 02:33 PM

The one-meter wide, six-propeller drone is being developed by Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory Ltd, which manufactures various types of robotic systems, according to the Japan Times.

When it is ready, the unmanned aircraft will start inspecting the buildings in Reactors 1 and 3 at TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

The drone has a camera, dust collector, and various devices used to measure radiation levels. The lasers will enable the hexacopter to spot and avoid walls and other obstacles inside the buildings. The drone will be able to land and replace its batteries without the need for a human operator.

“I think the drone will be useful as it can be sent to measure radiation levels and contribute to giving the highest priority to human safety,” Kenzo Nonami, a professor at Chiba University and CEO of Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory told Jiji Press.

More at the link...

posted on Jun, 11 2015 @ 03:49 PM
a reply to: matadoor

lol them critters will be piling up once the 3 coriums have farted (again)! more rare earth metals, plastics etc to dispose of.
watch out peeps for slightly used slightly melted drones for sale on f-bay.

@jadedandcynical i'm on the fence with the weapons comparison. my understanding is that fuku is a lot more dirtier than the former and seems to be a continuous criticality times 3. I suspect the corium is under the groundwater (and elsewhere) and offering continued energy to its' egress.

it seems there are rumblings amongst scientists on the grapevine (usa westcoast). perhaps this will gain some traction in the not too distant future. one word for those that have covered this up. 'arse.'

fakedirt fukudirt

posted on Jun, 11 2015 @ 04:50 PM
a reply to: jadedANDcynical

The riverine pulse came as a bit of a surprise though it shouldn't have. And to think that those rivers are picking up contaminants from areas that the Japanese govt is forcing people to live in while TEPCO is back in the black. Sad.

posted on Jun, 11 2015 @ 08:00 PM
I am so thrilled All of you are still here to report. This is the ONLY
place I see to get the truth. So I do check every day for updates.
I wish I could contribute but the only way I can is to let you all know
I am still here standing behind you & I do give you credit every day!

I am still shocked that the world does nothing...the best info & possible
solutions (well you know what I mean as there is none) come from here.

Bloody good on all you mates as the world should be reading your possible
solutions & or help with this beast.


I know you said "Q" has been working... miss AC

posted on Jun, 11 2015 @ 11:59 PM
Has anyone found a copy of this plan just approved?

Japan OKs 40-year Fukushima cleanup plan despite unknowns
The Associated Press


Japan's government approved Friday a revised 40-year roadmap to clean up the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant, but many questions remain.

The plan, endorsed by key Cabinet members and officials, delays the start of a key initial step — the removal of spent fuel in storage pools at each of the three melted reactors — by up to three years due to earlier mishaps and safety problems at the plant.

Three of the plant's six reactors melted following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. The fourth, which was offline and had no fuel in the core at the time of the accident, suffered damage to its building, and its fuel storage pool was emptied late last year.

Despite the delay, experts need to locate and study melted fuel inside the reactors and develop robots to start debris removal within six years as planned.

Experts believe melted fuel had breached the reactor cores and mostly fell to the bottom of the containment chambers, some possibly sinking into the concrete foundation.

The plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co., has conducted limited surveys of the reactors using remote-controlled robots.

The roadmap says the initial plan to repair damage in the containment chambers and fill them with water to conduct debris removal underwater is more technically challenging than previously thought, and alternative plans need to be studied.

Radiation levels at the reactors remain high and the plant is still hobbled by the massive amount of contaminated water.


It's good to the see the words AP and Fukushima together again.

Let there be light. And lots of it.

ETA and the second to last paragraph of the story hints at the whopper of an understatement, any acknowledgement is of the situation at Fukushima.

Where are the cores Tepco? Unit 3 had a camera pointed at the core. We are happy to help you look if you would so kindly share the footage. And views from the currently in use cameras on site that can see radiation clouds might provide additional insight. Share the footage of Unit 4 exploding for good measure.

They want solutions developed by a world they are keeping blindfolded.

It's over guys. White flag and all. Share what you know Tepco, Government of Japan and nuclear industry types, so the world has half a chance to develop meaningful solutions. Give it up. We know. The world knows.

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posted on Jun, 12 2015 @ 05:16 AM
Delay in Spent Fuel Removal...

Not good...not good at all...

Fuel removal delayed by up to 3 more years
Nuclear & Energy Jun. 12, 2015 - Updated 02:59 UTC-4

A new roadmap says the removal of fuel rods from the spent fuel pools of the crippled reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant will begin 2 to 3 years later than originally planned.

Officials from the Japanese government and Tokyo Electric Power Company officially endorsed the revised plan at a meeting on Friday.

The decommissioning schedule for the reactors disabled in the 2011 earthquake and tsunami was reviewed for the first time in 2 years.

The roadmap refers to 2 major tasks -- removal of the fuel rods left inside spent fuel pools in the reactor buildings and cleaning up the melted nuclear fuel in the reactors.

The revised plan says the removal of fuel rods from the pools may be postponed until 2017 at the No.3 reactor building -- a delay of 2 years. It says the work at the No.1 and No.2 reactor buildings will start in 2020 -- 3 years later than originally planned.

Officials cite the need for more time to remove radioactive debris from the buildings and decontaminate the facility.

The revised roadmap also calls for studying new ways of removing molten fuel from the reactors, in addition to the current procedures. The new methods will not utilize water to shield workers from the strong radiation.

The initial methods entailed filling the reactor containment vessels with water before removing the melted fuel.

But the officials found this to be more difficult than they originally thought due to the possibility of water leaks from the vessels as well as the need to ensure their earthquake resistance.

The new roadmap keeps the initial target of beginning the removal of melted nuclear fuel within 6 years, but the plan does not state which reactor will be chosen first.

Industry ministry officials say the start of the removal will depend on which method is selected, but they believe it can begin within 6 years.

Howdy Ektar!! Miss AC also!!

- Purple Chive

posted on Jun, 12 2015 @ 09:09 AM
a reply to: fakedirt

@jadedandcynical i'm on the fence with the weapons comparison. my understanding is that fuku is a lot more dirtier than the former and seems to be a continuous criticality times 3. I suspect the corium is under the groundwater (and elsewhere) and offering continued energy to its' egress.

I am in agreeance with you here and my inclusion of the study was meant to shore up that conviction. Many of those who have been trying to downplay the seriousness of the situation have used the atomic bomb testing comparison to say that if nothing has happened due to all of that testing, then FDNPP is nothing to be concerned over.

I say that the study shows that to be a false comparison simply because of the fact that the study indicates that as of 2012 (three years ago now) the plant had released as much contamination as all the testing combined and it is still ongoing to this day and will continue to be for the foreseeable future barring the development (or release from the super-squirrel-secret-level vaults) of new technology to deal with three molten cores plus all of the released and contaminated equipment.

posted on Jun, 12 2015 @ 09:35 AM
New Book out on Fukushima.

This from the article addresses what we were discussing earlier;

This chronicle, another in the continuing tragedy of the human gamble against nature, is mostly peopled by players who could be said to represent knowledge, fear, power and money. In standing, the first of these comes last. Corporate captains, regulators and leaders charged with public safety cover up or sidestep facts that, if acknowledged and addressed, could imperil their coffers or careers. As in the U.S., there’s a symbiotic and dangerous relationship between government and industry in Japan. The route from the public to the private sector is known here as the revolving door; there, the delicate name for that greasy highway is “amakudari,” translated as “descent from heaven.”

posted on Jun, 12 2015 @ 09:36 AM

originally posted by: Ektar
miss AC

Me too.

posted on Jun, 12 2015 @ 12:47 PM
who, in their right mind, would move back there?

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Japan to Allow Thousands to Return Home

TOKYO — Japan will allow tens of thousands forced to flee their homes by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster to return home within two years, the government announced on Friday.

The government will lift evacuation orders for some 56,500 residents of two zones near the crippled plant after March, 2017, according to a statement on the Ministry of Economy and Industry's website. No date was set for the remaining 33,100 who lived in towns adjacent to Fukushima and areas northwest of the facility that were harder hit by radiation leaks.

Officials also promised to accelerate infrastructure reconstruction in affected areas.

The government also approved plans by the plant operator to delay the removal of dangerous spent uranium fuel rods at the power station, the latest setback in Tokyo Electric Power Company's struggle to contain the world's worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl in 1986.

More at the link....

posted on Jun, 12 2015 @ 01:41 PM
a reply to: jadedANDcynical

sadly it is the only comparison one can get their head nearly around. with compelling evidence eurdep and radnet 'cooking' the values from the monitoring stations as well as turning them off at 'convenient times' is a further slap in the face for humanity. this cocktail of transuranics have circled the northern hemisphere from japan to Germany in approx 4 days courtesy of the jet stream.
personally I have been taking readings in the beta/gamma ranges for a number of months now. mid april I saw spikes at 50% (last Saturday 100%) above normal background after tracking wind patterns and I continue to see spikes on a regular basis.
I don't wish to be alarmist but like others out there undertaking monitoring, we are aware what we are surrounded by. these spikes were short lived and I err on the side of caution with this undertaking. if I find sustained values in any given area, rest assured I will supply the info, mark the sample area and if satisfaction from the authorities is lacking, the loudhailer will be pulled from where the sun doesn't currently shine. lol certain walkers have asked me what I am doing to which I firstly suss intelligence level and attitude. then an answer is formulated according to impact factor. go easy with the gentle. I am as popular as a bad fart in a lift.

western media are now required to step up to the plate and tear this secrecy apart. they are currently showing where their best interests lie. shame on them all. no-one is immune from this. everyone is a potential cancer patient due to the power mongers and their lack of accountability. they better move faster on this. 6+ billion compared to a few hundred idiots holding the keys to hell.

fakedirt fukudirt

posted on Jun, 12 2015 @ 02:29 PM
I've read every post of the old thread and now this one and wanted express my appreciation to everyone who is still following this and posting status updates. Occasionally, I waffle and think maybe it's really not all that bad, then my logical mind takes over and says "what the hell are you thinking? This is insane! How can this be downplayed and ignored so heavily?" Well, I think we all know the answer to that question as it's been outlined very well throughout many posts through both threads. Follow the $$$$....

Thanks again to everyone keeping this thread updated.

posted on Jun, 12 2015 @ 02:57 PM
a reply to: Silverlok

appreciate the input from you. my mind wanders daily to this ongoing potential extinction level event. sacrificial anodic/cathodic process to reduce energy in contaminated media is my current chew.

regards fakedirt

posted on Jun, 12 2015 @ 08:44 PM
Many on here share the belief that evacuees and residents may be but in harms way with inaccurate and incomplete radiation reports. Indeed, authorities appear to want to cut long term liability costs by moving people back into dangerous areas when little to no progress has been made in containing this crisis.

Any feedback from members on this?


The Safecast radiation measurement dataset contains over 27 million measurements as of March 2015.

Since April 2011, Safecast volunteers have been collecting radiation data using bGeigie mobile radiation sensors. As of March 2015, over 600 bGeigies have been built and have collected over 27,000,000 measurements. Almost all Japanese roads have been measured, with many areas repeatedly measured over time to provide clear evidence of radiation level changes. Additionally, data has been collected from every continent around the world and more 65 countries including most of Europe and North America. The Safecast dataset also includes data from far corners including Sudan, Iraq, Antarctica and the Marshall Islands and sites of interest such as Chernobyl.

In March, 2015, realtime.safecast.orglaunched. This new initiative is focused on deploying stationary radiation sensors in Japan and globally. These sensors will be sending real-time updates about radiation levels and publishing this data without interceptions as CC-0 data.

The sensors in Japan will focus on areas around the Fukushima Daiichi plant, including the exclusion (“difficult to return”) zone. We’re working with volunteers who are in contact with evacuees who have expressed the desire to be able to check the radiation levels at their evacuated houses in realtime. For people living outside of the zone, we will work with volunteers to house the sensors. This will be strictly a “pull” model, where we’re dependent on volunteers who are willing to support the initiative.

Much more at link
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posted on Jun, 12 2015 @ 09:29 PM
a reply to: DancedWithWolves

Thanks for posting...I kept wondering & feel so sorry for the people that
were evacuated & now having to return. I wasn't sure if they were given the
"OK" to return or being forced to return due to "it's all good now...levels within limits"

I really hate how we (as in the rest of the world) are taken like we are stupid & have
no clue. Yes there are SO many that wish to keep staying blinded of the situation, but
there are also many of us that want to know the truth & help out.

Sorry but it blows me mind every bloody day how much CONTROL Japan has over the
world & no one has been allowed in to fking help!

Wish I could afford a G- Counter as I would carry all the time taking measurements of
everything especially FOOD from different markets & other places for not just my sake but
to post here for everyone.

Is there anyone in the US on the East Coast posting anything?


posted on Jun, 13 2015 @ 10:37 AM

originally posted by: Ektar
Is there anyone in the US on the East Coast posting anything?


Ektar you can check the latest radnet monitoring here and yes there is some east coast monitoring being done. But as posters have mentioned, often when high levels of rads are detected the site goes offline "for repairs". The exceptions have been in the central valley CA where a couple of sites have shown off the hook readings in the 1000+ cpm range and continue to post.

Back east seems to fair much better, but after the initial explosions Florida posted some of the highest readings found outside of Japan so one never knows what to expect.

There were independent sites that were posting a few years ago but Ive lost track of these and not sure if they still function.

posted on Jun, 13 2015 @ 10:46 AM
a reply to: zworld

Thanks I use to follow some of the sites that were posting rads
but like you said they would go off line or disappear.
I know Fakedirt is monitoring, wish someone here was monitoring
the food supplies & etc.


Thanks for the link...I hadn't been to that one.
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posted on Jun, 13 2015 @ 12:27 PM

posted on Jun, 13 2015 @ 01:37 PM
A Gaian Soldier's Prayer

Father, give me your strength,
Mother, give me your love,
Brothers, help me connect,
Sisters, release some doves,
Children, give me your purity,
Lovers, give me your Heart,
Elders, please speak of Duty,
Kindred, I carry your spark.
Fighters, let me join your ranks,
Let my blood nourish Life's future,
Let my body be food for some plants.
May I help secure Gaia's Being,
May I die in Gaia's defence.

List And Links To 68 Citizen And Government Radiation Monitoring Geiger Counter Networks Around The World | AGreenRoad Project - A Science Of Sustainable Health/Success

This is an excellent map!

Live Jet stream wind map of world radiation Fallout USA Healthy Tips

Live Ustream Radiation Detectors - a place to view, map and share radiation data

Monitoring the spreading radiation from Fukushima, in real time - Quartz

RadNet | US EPA - Environmental Protection Agency

EPA Envirofacts

Radiation Network

Canadian Monitoring System

Canada's Fixed Point Surveillance (FPS) network monitors public doses from radioactive materials in air.

Fukushima Facts :: Real-Time Radiation Readings

Live Radiation Stations Fukushima And Japan | SimplyInfo

NEWNET (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

The Neighborhood Environmental Watch Network, known as NEWNET, is able to give early indications of increases in radiation due to radioactive particulates in the air. The NEWNET System provides public access to radiological and meteorological data.

SURFRAD Network[/url] (National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA)
The SURFRAD Network monitors surface radiation at eight locations in the continental United States.

Idaho Department of Environmental Quality

The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality performs “real-time” radiation measurements to monitor and gauge exposure rates in the environment on and around the Idaho National Laboratory.

Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center

Nevada Program

A legacy of the Nevada Proving Grounds, Nevada’s radiation monitoring program was reinvigorated after Sept. 11. Operated by the Department of Energy and the Desert Research Institute, the Community Environmental Monitoring Program only covers Nevada and Utah, but it should be of interest to states downwind.

International Radiation Monitoring Stations :: Sunshine Coast Computer Club

Global Radiation Monitoring Websites | CollapseNet

Black Cat Systems Online Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector Map

Denphone Tokyo Office Geiger Counter - Denphone


Radiation detectors radioactivity map World Map of ...

Japan Geigermap: At-a-glance

Online Radiation Monitors | Not All Alleged Is Apparent…

Japan Radiation Map

Just had to toss this in to remind us of FALLOUT.

Map shows Fukushima fallout in U.S. — Radiation dose in Northeast and Great Lakes equal to West Coast (GRAPHIC)

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