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Syria, Obama, Putin Carnival

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posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 10:04 AM
So this i think is my first here...
And these are My OPINIONS.

This whole thing in Syria is about to affect ALOT of ppl.
Not only in the middle east... And i think i dare to say
globaly. One way or another.

This is bad... Yes we ALL agree on that, right?

Can these leaders of the so callled DEMOCRATIC world get their respective
fat arses OUT of the sandbox.. ITS NOT FOR GROWNUPS... OKEY!!!
[End Ranting] They are really PATHETIC...

So the latest...
Obama says he has proof, The Brits say they have Proof...
I think even Putin said something about PROOF....??

Sooo...stop bickering like children and man up..
Put it on the table...

Yea i say, we´d better have a BIG global vote of NO CONFIDENCE
on the world leaders of TODAY...They have to go...

I mean look at them, acting like 5y olds....


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