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Spiritual Reality Power Of Meditation

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posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 09:24 AM

Some points listed in the Video ....

Cosmic energy

Cosmic energy is used in our day to day daily activities of the body and mind , think hear,talk and all physical actions etc.. etc ...

We receive cosmic energy during deep sleep and meditation .. During deep sleep we receive limited cosmic energy, During meditation we receive abundant cosmic energy

Meditation provides cosmic energy which flows through the energy body which is also called etheric body.
Energy body forms with more than 72000 Nari's or energy tubes . which runs all across the body . All energy tubes starts from the top of the head region. This region is called Brahmarandra . These Nari's are spread through out the body like roots and shoots of a plant.

Energy body is the main source of all our actions and even our existence , Inflow of cosmic energy is based on our thoughts. When we have thoughts the inflow of cosmic energy is obstructed. . when inflow of cosmic energy is less..the energy in energy tubes depletes . This causes etheric patches to appear in the energy body .this gradually leads to diseases in the body .Meditation cleanses all etheric patches ,all the illnesses are cured.

While receiving energy you will feel heaviness in the head or in the body , when energy is cleansing a particular area you might feel pain or itch in that region , You might even experience pain in multiple [arts of the body .....


The best place to meditate is in a pyramid which receives the highest cosmic energy in this planet. Pyramid forms at an angle of 52 degrees and 51 minutes . Pyramid can by built with any materials .. Pyramid has to be aligned to perfect cardinal directions, north south east west.....

Cosmic energy gets accumulated at 1/3rd height of the base of the pyramid . This place is known as "kings chamber" ... Cosmic energy is maximum t kings chamber and spreads through out the chamber... Crystal fixed at the top of the pyramid multiplies the cosmic energy at the kings chamber. You get to no thought state or "nirmal state" three times faster than normal.. Meditating at the kings chamber is also useful in communicating with higher frequencies ....

Life after life

We come to the Earth plane as a spec of cosmic consciousness . We come here to have many unique experiences we select the womb, we select the parents,environment and situation. whole design of life is known. after selecting the mother , the spec of consciousness enters the mothers womb and the fetus gets life ... Physical body takes shape according to cosmic energy/etheric body ...

from day 1 - age of 7 we have awareness of the source ...
from age of 7 the mind starts taking shapes and forms till age 14
the intellect starts its activation from 14 and fully developed till age of 21
from age of 21 till age of 28 one experiences the combination of body mind and intellect...
from age of 28 life depends on self knowledge ... if one does not have awareness of self , the consciousness lies between body and mind , bcoz of this misery starts and he cannot understand the situation, thinks become more critical and moves into rigidness...rigidness locks cosmic flow which ends up causing illness and diseases

that is what i found interesting, there may be more like astral travel but am too lazy.... watch the entire video , its really interesting ...

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 09:34 AM
As a believer in Bovis energy (cosmic-telluric: (Earth)) ,The best place to meditate would be under a tree. Being so still, they are perfect conductors of space and planet based energies. The roots draw up telluric energy. The branches stretch into the heaven catching cosmic enegy. Your bio-field will entangle with the energy field of any tree. There energy pattern is strictly based on healing imbalances. Meditating under specific trees could yield different results. The Redwoods have the most healing energy signature of any trees on Earth.

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