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Syrian Rebel Admits Using Chemical Weapons

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posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 04:47 AM

As a crucial vote on U.S. military intervention in Syria nears the House of Representatives, a video has emerged of an opposition rebel militant , Nadeem Baloosh , apparently confessing to the use of chemical weapons against women and children in Syria

Baloosh speaks of “chemicals which produce lethal and deadly gases that I possess,” before going on to state, “We decided to harm them through their women and kids.”

Baloosh ponders if it is acceptable to harm women and children before quoting the Koran, “Fight them as they fight you. ” He goes on to quote Osama Bin Laden (whom other rebel groups have openly praised).

“We’ll kill their women and children like Sheikh Osama Bin Laden said – “until they cease killing our women and kids,” he states.

Baloosh goes on to talk about the Syrian Army approaching the area where his rebel group was located, before stating, “So we had the idea that this weapon was very powerful and effective to repel them, we announced if they approached one meter, everything is permitted.”

“We will strike them in their homes, we will turn their day into night and their night into day,” adds Baloosh.

So what do you think ATS ? Should US continue arming these terrorists and allow them to kill more innocent civilians ?

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 04:56 AM

So what do you think ATS ? Should US continue arming these terrorists and allow them to kill more innocent civilians ?

I think there ought to be a criminal investigation into ALL of those politicians and individuals involved in the supply of weapons and materials to the terrorists in Syria.

The charge would be treason in wartime, aiding and abetting the enemy, punishable by life imprisonment or death.

And possibly accessory to genocide charges, to those who supplied the materials to the terrorist that were made into these crude chemical weapons.

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 05:29 AM
These are the "freedom fighters" that the corrupt politicians want to back? Makes me sick to my stomach

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 05:35 AM
Obama won't stop because he's hell bent on helping the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow the secular regime of Assad. The entire rebel force could come out and admit that they are there to implement Sharia in Syria and it wouldn't matter. The petrodollar AND Obama's luv affair with the Muslim Brotherhood would trump all ... .

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 06:01 AM
reply to post by CosmicQuest

Sorry, but quoting sources that are in direct conflict to the Obama Monarchy is grounds for being tried as a domestic terrorist.

Please remain calm as the men in the black SUV pull up to your home.

The war is going to happen. Fiscally, Obama has to do this or else his domestic economic agenda will collapse like a house of cards.

posted on Sep, 7 2013 @ 02:55 PM
reply to post by CosmicQuest

I just want to add some articles to this, that I just came across. I'm surprised this thread hasn't gotten more attention, but that could be because of the forum it's in.

FOX NEWS: Pro-strike lawmakers mum as startling videos surface of Syrian rebels

I don't normally watch or read Fox, but I am all about reading as many sources as possible.

Lawmakers who were early champions of a U.S. strike on Assad regime targets in Syria have stayed mum as video clips emerge appearing to show opposition soldiers both killing unarmed men and indicating they have possession of chemical weapons.

The latest, a video on, purported to show a rebel militant in Syria claiming to have chemical weapons, and saying he's willing to target women and children.

The Infowars Article and Video are here. And I don't normally read IW either...

If authentic, the videos could cause problems for the administration as it argues the Assad regime -- and the Assad regime alone -- must be punished for violating "international norms" with the use of chemical weapons.

On Thursday, The New York Times published a front-page story as well as an online video smuggled out of Syria showing rebel fighters executing seven unarmed government soldiers.

The New York Times article is here.

From the Times:

the rebels’ commander recited a bitter revolutionary verse.

“For fifty years, they are companions to corruption,” he said. “We swear to the Lord of the Throne, that this is our oath: We will take revenge.”

The moment the poem ended, the commander, known as “the Uncle,” fired a bullet into the back of the first prisoner’s head. His gunmen followed suit, promptly killing all the men at their feet.

This info needs to get out.

Let's throw a monkey wrench in these war efforts.

posted on Sep, 8 2013 @ 06:19 AM
reply to post by CosmicQuest

Back in May, United Nations human rights investigator Carla de Ponte publicly indicated use of sarin gas by Syrian rebels. This declaration was completely ignored by both the Obama White House and most within the Mainstream Media. President Obama instead, repeated his concerns that it was the Assad regime that might use chemical weapons, even as Carla de Ponte was indicating the evidence pointed instead to the Syrian rebels already having done so – the same “rebels” the Obama administration is pushing to more fully fund and support via money, weapons, and American-led military strikes against the Assad regime

UN accuses Syrian rebels of chemical weapons use

"According to the testimonies we have gathered, the rebels have used chemical weapons, making use of sarin gas," del Ponte, a former war crimes prosecutor, said in an interview with Swiss radio late on Sunday.
"We still have to deepen our investigation, verify and confirm (the findings) through new witness testimony, but according to what we have established so far, it is at the moment opponents of the regime who are using sarin gas," she added.

posted on Sep, 8 2013 @ 06:52 AM
reply to post by CosmicQuest

Israeli Intelligence News : Syria Rebels Possess Chemical Weapons

The following report by the Israeli Intelligence news outlet Debka (quoting Turkish police sources) acknowledges that al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate , Al Nusrah front possess chemical weapons :

Turkish police round up Al Qaeda-linked Syrian Al Nusra terrorists in raids in Istanbul and southern cities near the Syrian border, Turkey police Friday arrested 12 members of al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate, Al Nusra Front. Found in their possession were four and a half pounds of sarin nerve gas, hand guns, grenades, bullets and documents for what the Turkish daily Zaman reported was a bomb attack on the Turkish town of Adana. (Debka, June 15, 2013, emphasis)

Chemicals, which were used in a chemical weapons attack against Syrian civilians in the Khan al-Asal district of Aleppo in March 2013, have been delivered to the insurgents by two Qatari military officers. The Qatari officers transported the chemicals through Turkey. Turkish authorities had foreknowledge and approved of the operation. The chemical weapons attack in Khan al-Asal killed at least 25 and injured more than 100 Syrian civilians.

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