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Not sure what to do with myself.....

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posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 01:25 PM
reply to post by beezzer

Oh, don't worry, I'm sure she knows. We wives can't let on too much after all.

I love the old timey letters, it really is a neat idea, and romantic too. I read through a stack of letters from around the turn of the century and WWI. It was a great window into the past. People were so much nicer then it seems, at least they possessed more social charms.

Letters may even be something to use even during hectic periods at home. You know those days that there are kids and critters bouncing off the walls. I know we have a few here from time to time.

I am smiling away, and will be even more when I have a freezer full of organic free range moose.
It's nice to know there are so many great people here. I hope you have a great day beezzer!

posted on Sep, 7 2013 @ 04:50 AM
reply to post by woodsmom

Hi WM. You've put your finger on the question of 'What in thee hell is wrong with us humans!?'

We have a kitchen FULL of food and this is when we can't find a damn thing worth eating.
A gazillion channels and we can't find anything to watch on TV.
People all around us and we couldn't feel more alone on a deserted island.
Suddenly have precious time to ourselves and we don't know what to do with it.

If aliens were watching us they'd scratch their heads and call us insane.

posted on Sep, 7 2013 @ 02:47 PM
reply to post by jiggerj

You know, you are right.

I couldn't believe it myself. I lived out of a backpack and wandered the country for several years before I settled down to raise my family. I ( and many others I'm sure) have grown so accustomed to the daily grind that we manage to lose a bit of our spontaneity. I am so unaccustomed to silence that I really didn't know what to do with myself, and my house was actually silent.
I am spoiled to have a peaceful life ( or as peaceful as boys can allow it to be ) and live where I do. I am honestly still readjusting to the yearly shock of coming back inside. My 2 weeks to myself even changed as of yesterday afternoon because of something that came up at his work, but this really did make me realize exactly what you pointed out. I was just a touch bummed to lose my evening research time, but I am glad to have him home.

I will be the first to admit that I am grateful for my own problems. We all have some, but I don't live in Syria either.

And off topic, but I really hope you stick around ATS, I appreciate your take on a lot of things. We may not be on the same wavelength, but your observations have made me reevaluate things more than once. Have a wonderful day, jiggerj!
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posted on Sep, 7 2013 @ 02:55 PM
reply to post by Bassago

Thank you for directing me there!
It is absolutely hilarious!

posted on Sep, 7 2013 @ 04:21 PM
I just wanted to stop by today and tell you I was thinking about you and that I hope you found some ways to make this time go faster.

If you get bored, I am on here for a couple send me a U2U and we can chat. That will kill some time for you!!


posted on Sep, 7 2013 @ 04:50 PM
you should be a crazy cat lady.
stealing neighbours cats can be a hobby, its fun too because you get a new cat.
also, you will be the crazy cat lady.

posted on Sep, 7 2013 @ 08:29 PM
reply to post by k21968

Thank you!
I am actually going to load up munchkins and head out for the evening soon, but feel free to u2u me anytime.

It's amazing actually how much energy two boys and a huge dog consume during the day, lol! I will probably be back on later this evening though. I hope you are feeling alright. I am always here to talk to. I come and go a lot during the day now that the rainy season has set in and school has started.

Have a wonderful evening!

To Rikku, lol, I don't think my giant dog or my neighborhood owls would let cats hang around very long. I could really be the crazy one and try to tame one of the owls, or adopt a baby moose though.

posted on Sep, 8 2013 @ 09:37 AM
reply to post by woodsmom

So, how are you faring, woodsmom? I hope you don't feel as alone as you did in your opening post, now that you can see we are all with you!

Just checkin in on ya!

posted on Sep, 8 2013 @ 11:37 AM
reply to post by new_here

I am doing great, I ended up having him home with me still, his plans changed as the exodus began. He had a work emergency that kept him from going remote. One night wasn't too bad. You guys were great that first evening, I feel bad I fell asleep so fast.

There really are some great people here, I really do appreciate your take on things too. Boys are getting old enough to hold their on a bit more, maybe it is just time to get to be me again, as well as mama & wife. Being wife & mama to these guys is pretty easy to do though.

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