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What is this REALLY all about?

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posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 05:12 PM
Everyday it seems there are a couple new Syrian related threads, at least. Within these threads, are linked pretty much the same sources - CNN and RT (the Russian version of CNN). What does that tell us?

It tells us that, we get our updates on the unfolding situation in the middle east, from the MAIN STREAM MEDIA. What is the MSM created for again?

Propaganda. Its one and only goal is to shovel bullsh*t in the viewers faces, as the government leaders of the world continue ORCHESTRATING this entire war. This is a conspiracy website - how can sourcing MSM (the root of propaganda) be anything relevant to a conspiracy site?

This site is becoming less about research and analyzes of conspiracy theories - and more of a mainstream news outlet. "CNN v. 2.0".
The most common threads on the front page, are usually something to do with the middle east, or the political bs of the US. The source for the information? Usually a mainstream media outlet..

With that now understood, is it not clear how this entire thing is playing out like a bad tv series? The only grain of reality we have over the situation (and I'm referring to people who are not in the ME) is our computers or television, mainstream MEDIA.

They have everyone hypnotized behind screens, meanwhile they are out there REALLY killing people and starting a potential World War! The fact that CNN and RT are always "on top of things", is enough for me to realize everything is scripted by what we sheepishly term 'the elites'.

The world leaders do not oppose each other. Have any of you played chess with someone you didn't like at all? No, because you don't do it. You play with friends or someone you have a relation with.

Like for instance; Bush and the Bin Laden family before 9/11 took place. Or the recent picture of Kerry with Assad, having a nice little date? Does that seem like opposition? Or does it seem like controllers, brainstorming a gameplan for the NWO?

Why is no one worried about North Korea shooting off missiles anymore? Or thats right, the media isnt covering that now, they are on to different bullsh*t to hypnotize ya'. Dont you see what is REALLY going on here? NK was never going to attack US. It was all fluff via mainstream media (once again).

So now it becomes evident (to me at least), that what is going on is a bunch of actors playing the role of nation leaders, set out to follow the scripture from the REAL ruling elite. You think people make president of nations by votes still? Get real. The bloodlines, the interconnected bloodlines, who have controlled everything before your little box called society was even built - would NEVER let someone who was not part of the script, rule an elite nation.

JFK spoke to much right? Bam! Get the point? Behind every government, is a ruling elite, with a NWO agenda. They are all PLAYERS! They fund and cause wars, to get richer and take those next NEEDED steps to complete-world-domination!

Its so obvious! But if you focus on what CNN and RT tell ya', you will never see the real game plan here. Its behind the propaganda, its behind the talking heads, its behind the faces of nations, its behind the curtain. The real powers, do not show their faces, at least, not often.

This entire War is a complete orchestration. Everyone is being played. The real TARGET is not Assad, its not Kim Jong- Un, its not Iran or Iraq!

ITS YOU AND ME. The PEOPLE of the world are the target! They have been targeted since before the first World War. Before their was an America. Before there was a 'terrorist' threat. The real reason for ALL of this, is to take over every aspect of the Earth, and control the people. Bring them to such a numb state that they cant tell what their reality really is.

How many of you feel like what the media is portraying is REAL? Are you there? Have you been to the middle east? Were at the restaurant with Kerry and Assad? Did you witness the conversations Bush had with the Bin Laden family, before certain events took place?
Have you sat in with the leaders of the United Nations and talked about 'world matters'?

WE, are being played to the ultimate. Your government is no more then a Hollywood script, your president is no more then a GOOD actor. That goes for Obama, Putin and them all.

If you want to believe that this 'war' is happening because the Syrian government chemically attacked its own people..because the middle east leaders have "Weapons of mass destruction" .. you are LOST in the illusion they have created for you. How could a tiny, barely developed country have WMD, but America does not?

More people die a year in America just off fast food and tobacco, then these so called 'terrorists' kill. When's the last time a 'terrorist' has attacked the States? 9/11?
Your reality is becoming a complete illusion, if you take the talking heads and internet as your faucet for reality, then you just 'aint' living life my friends. Your existing in the illusion created for you.

Assad is NOT the enemy of the United States. All this will be over when the America military get what they want, and the ruling elite are one step closer. Then you will be faced with a new terrorist..

When is enough, enough?

I think this entire thing has become too complex over the decades for anyone to really be following who is who and what is what. That is why people stick with the MSM, then come here to a conspiracy site and source them
You will NOT find the truth of what is going on in the middle east and America via Msm. You just wont.

Stay away from the propaganda, get away from the media outlets, and stop giving energy to a war that DOESN'T HAVE TO EXIST. The ruling elites are good at what they do, they have been doing it since they founded the New World aka America. Starting wars, killing, and pushing the agenda of world domination.

That is ALL this is about. Controlling the World via interconnected relationships behind world governments. Controlling the people, bringing them into a state where they fear speaking out, and look down at one another for attempting to do so.

The REAL war started centuries ago. And when they control the world completely, it will be too late to beg for freedom. Free is dumb on this planet, and the controllers know that

I'm getting tired of this s**t...

posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 05:18 PM
reply to post by covertpanther

Yeah agree.
Russia and the US are meant to be having a little hissy fit with each other, but still russia allows their country to be used as a supply route for the US war in Afghanistan

posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 06:12 PM
reply to post by covertpanther

I was thinking about this earlier today, too. I think part of the reason why most of the people are citing CNN or RT is because those are the polarized sources of information and/or propaganda. It got me thinking what a sad, sad little world we're living in where we can't tell what is actually going on in a country half the world over because there is so much garbage out there to muddle it all up. We're supposed to be at the height of the information age and what the product of that progress actually seems to be the majority of the time is the equivalent in both clarity and context of mud.

It makes me sick and it ticks me off to no end that we don't have a single major media source that isn't bending this way or that. Instead, we have a this or that scenario where, if you take it in from all the varied sources out there, it would seem that we really don't know a whole lot absolutely for sure right now. Whatever happened to a press agency actually thoughtfully and without bias weighing the issues, citing all the differing sources? Guess that ideal of journalistic integrity is very much officially dead and rotting to the penalty of not just the Syrian people but to us all. That's not just sad. It's pathetic.

We have a situation and decisions on the brink of being made that may result in a complete change of another country's government and an unknown possibility of the loss of life. And what do we have to help us comprehend the issue clearly?

Crap tons of propaganda.

posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 06:29 PM
reply to post by covertpanther

Good message . Now if we could only get it out there so more people can hear it. You know, the ones that receive their information from the main stream only?

posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 06:45 PM
reply to post by WhiteAlice

When you understand that major media outlets are owned by the ones with the $'s. . The purpose of media becomes much more clear.

There isnt much information on the ruling bloodlines out there; because they control EVERYTHING, they dont make themselves known, or that would blow the entire purpose of 'secret socities' who push agendas. You have to follow the crumbs to find the cheese.

Like, most Americans dont even know that George Washington and Co. Were masonic brothers of the highest degree. Makes you wonder what their purpose and 'order' (from the Royal authority) was to travel to the West in the first place?

It makes the 'Albert Pike' letter about three world wars, seem more controversial. People need to see the DEPTH, not the surface that the meia outlets portray. Stop listening to the garbage, the bigger picture is easy to see when you focus on it.

FFS, they make their mark on the one thing that runs our lives every day, the dollar bill. People use it everyday, and dont question it. Money is the creation of the bloodlines, they have used it for hundreds and hundreds of years to control the people.

If all nations were different, why does every nation use a currency? Who taught all nations to use currencies, to strike coins with faces and numbers? Who created borders and flags, and brought the practise of currnecy exchange to the masses?

People need to see that the ' NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM' - it a plot that has been driven by secretive groups for hundreds of years (before America was founded). The bloodlines of those carrying out this plot - are the same people who always hold power in the 'seperated nations'. They are the same people funding and starting wars.

They are the same people who have nice dates with other, while planning on the next phase, but then look like enemies in the public view (via propaganda).

Starting to see the bigger picture yet?

posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 06:54 PM
reply to post by intrptr

Lol. The peopel on this site need the message. As I said, this site has become a mainstream media outlet in itself. If people want the latest CNN or RT, just log on to ATS.

I'm not American, nor do I live in America. Or I would rally up my city.

Protesting doesnt get people anywhere. Thousands or millions of people all in one place - all the controllers have to do is hide in buildings or hop on their private jet and gtfo.

People need to get MAD, PISSED OFF about the situation, they need the FACTS, not transparency of the governments and lies of the MSM. Once the people get reaaaally pissed off at their government, they will take matters in their own hands.

Iceland managed it, I understand its a smaler coutnry, but they stil made things happen. Once the American peopels actually do SOMETHING - because they havent done ANYTHING at all since ever - the governments, politicians, bankers.. Will be shaking in their shoes.

Government = Govern + Ment = Govern + Mental = Govern the minds

Dont allow the governments to take control of your minds, through their artificial structure of society and game of striking coins and currency.. Clearly WW3 would be a near-end phase to the overall game plan, America wont be the same after the War.

Meaning, this is the LAST chance to stop Obama and the crazies before things go to far and the WW3 is played out.

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 08:59 AM
reply to post by covertpanther

Excellent post. And while I may not agree with all of it, I definitely do agree with the fact that Syria is being shoved in our faces for some purpose. It's been my experience that the MSM tends to glorify an issue that's shocking and groundbreaking and should make us all feel angry/sad/bemused while something much more important is going on. It's frustrating because even the alternative media is focusing too much on Syria now. Too many claims of conspiracy or fraudulent evidence etc.

FORGET SYRIA! Something else is going on! The more shocking the headline, the more shocking the story they're trying to get by you!

Case in point, the week of Lee Rigby's death was one that saddened and infuriated the UK. A soldier was brutally murdered by 'Islamic Terrorists' (who'd a thunk, eh?) in broad daylight in the middle of a crowded London street. Needless to say, the papers and news reports almost exclusively covered it for weeks.

At the beginning of the week that ended in Rigby's death, a Conservative MP called for a full and thorough investigation of the major oil companies who source the UK, accusing them of price fixing and market manipulation. He said:

The Government needs to say, anyone caught doing this, there should be prison for price fixing and there should be huge multimillion-pound fines on any oil company found guilty and that money should be passed back to the motorist.

Almost a week to the day later, Rigby dies and what would have been a major news story into the hundreds of billions of pounds stolen by these oil moguls was pushed aside to deal with 'terrorism.'

So, while all this Syria nonsense is playing out, keep an eye on the other pieces of news. The ones that are just an afterthought at the end of the show, or a couple of lines in the paper.

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 09:06 AM
Dear covertpanther,
That was a brilliant thread.

Nothing to add.

posted on Sep, 7 2013 @ 06:52 PM
reply to post by covertpanther

I was thinking the same. I didn't join ATS to listen CNN bullsh@t propaganda. I believe a lot of Gov intelligence agents are posting on this site.

posted on Sep, 7 2013 @ 10:34 PM
This is your answer. It is plain and simple. Its about Natural Gas. Period! Look it up. I'm not kidding

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