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Disturbed Gunman Wounds Three At Paris Eiffel Tower

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posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 05:58 PM

A disturbed man was arrested and handcuffed but still managed to get hold of a policegun. He fired six shots wounding three securityguards. None of them were seriously wounded.

From: Reuters: Disturbed gunman wounds three at Paris Eiffel Tower

A disturbed man handcuffed by French police at the Eiffel Tower in Paris to be taken away on Friday grabbed an officer's gun and wounded a policeman and two guards before being overpowered, police said.

The man had been hanging around the tourist attraction for several days, acting oddly, and was ordered out early on Friday after being found wandering in a despondant state on the third floor at the top of the Tower, a spokeswoman said.

When security personnel spotted him in a queue to climb the Tower again in the late afternoon, they called in two policemen who handcuffed the man, she said.

As they did this, he grabbed an officer's gun and fired it six times, she said. Bullets hit a policeman in the arm and a security guard in the shoulder while another security guard was hit by a ricochet. None of the injuries was serious, the spokeswoman said.

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