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How to change the world in 3 Easy steps!

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posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 11:38 AM
Let me start by saying i am unsure which forum this belongs in, Mods please move it if i have put it in the wrong place.

Ok let's get started,

I think we can all agree that life on our little blue planet is precarious at best, The never ending conflicts, Millions worldwide living in poverty, the Blatantly corrupt political systems we adhere to are just a few of the issues that plague our existence and i found myself thinking how can we change what is broken in our world.

Many politicians and leaders over the centuries have tried to change the world for the better and some have had limited success. The problem is too many of these leaders tried to make the changes with rivers of blood and yes wiping out those who would oppose them is one way of enacting the changes they deemed necessary but it doesn't solve the underlying issues that are prominent in every culture in our past....



Our education system is at it's core flawed, i say this because as children we are told to work hard in school so that when we grow up we can have good jobs that pay well...

my issue with this thinking is that it places limits on what our children focus on, I decided from a young age that i wanted to be a soldier and so i put my focus into History, Geography and languages while doing everything i could to boost my physical fitness

I am sure many of you here made similar decisions at a young age and when you had completed your education you may have found that you were on a career path that didn't suit you...

If the system was changed to promote learning and Knowledge not as a stepping stone to a career path but as it's own objective then as a result the focus of our children would be spread over a larger variety of subjects...


Progress Not Profit

Our entire Lives are geared towards Profit... How much money we can earn in order to support our families and live a comfortable life, there is nothing wrong with a man or women who takes care of his family but what if as a collective unit we shifted our focus from profit and made progress for the sake of progress

Scientific discoveries would not be shelved due to a lack of earning potential, Medicines and Cures for diseases available to all who needed them....

Of course i realize the issues with this.. Money doesn't grow on trees and we all need it to survive right?


Money does grow on trees!

Money is just paper so technically it does grow on trees... and those paper notes you carry around in your pocket have absolutely no value at all just as the numbers you see on the screen when you check your bank balance don't have any value... The Real value is in Gold, silver, precious stones and anything else you can trade...

Living as a self sufficient community and trading with our neighbors would create beneficial local economies and promote a reliance on each other as opposed to our so called leaders...

Until we discard our insane need for wealth and riches we will never make any real progress as a species


Lose Control

By Lose Control i don't mean let go of your inhibitions

i Mean stop letting yourself be controlled by others

like it or not we are all under the control of our governments, Banks, Employers etc and yes it's very easy to just accept that it's the way of the world and move on but what if we said...

NO! Enough is enough, these people who hold our lives in their hands are not above reproach and they make mistakes like everybody else and yet we allow them to make decisions for us on a regular basis...


Personally i believe that we have been indoctrinated to be subservient in every aspect of our lives from a very young age and this has been going on for centuries...

We should Govern ourselves in our communities without people in our respective capitals doing it for us.


Now obviously these 3 steps are by no means easy as my title suggests but i honestly believe that if the majority of us took a stand and tried to enact these changes upon the world then collectively we could make it a much safer and harmonious place to be....

So there it is.. i Know many of you will think i am a dreamer with my head in the clouds and that may be true but please let me know your ideas on what i have written or even share with me ideas of your own, maybe if we all work together we can think of even more ways to enact change for the benefit of all

I look forward to hearing from you all

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posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 12:01 PM
How to change the world in 1 step:

Jesus returns.

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 12:06 PM
reply to post by Lazarus Short

No problem let me just conjure up a messiah....

Thanks for contributing

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posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 12:10 PM
reply to post by Ph03n1x

I can't agree that education will change the world. If not it has demanded more from the masses and has brain washed many of the youths of America. Just like the Military, the educational system is not what it used to be. Nor does having an education make one smarter or intellectual than a person(s) with just a GED or High School Diploma.

Furthermore, in my life experiances it has shown me the opposite and most educated individuals are lacking is common sense.

Step 1 should read... Common sense... We should educate ourselves with Common sense because to many times do I see educated individuals creating a world of debt while the non-educated just want to live life and work to provide food and shelter for there family.

Education isn't the fix all that most postulate it to be.

Agree to disagree and I like your post so SnF~

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 12:13 PM

Originally posted by Lazarus Short
How to change the world in 1 step:

Jesus returns.

Yep, he would preach against the sins of our government, they would call him a threat by saying he's using chemical weapons or something, they'd shoot a missile into his face, and we'd have a much better world.

Back to reality...

Education is the biggest problem we face in my opinion. It is flawed in so many ways, I believe we need a new educational system entirely. Unfortunately, this would require immense agreement and cooperation, and let's face it, that is something extremely lacking in today's world.

As far as "progress not profit" goes, this will never happen. Greed cannot be just done away with, especially when those who are in power are the greedy ones. And since in our society 'money is power', the greedy will always be on top.
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posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 12:13 PM
reply to post by sulaw

i totally agree with what you said about education but that is exactly why education had to be Step 1

education is the first thing that must be reformed, i see it as the catalyst for the transformation...

you are right with what you say about common sense but that is also something that must be taught through education..

thanks for your reply

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 12:15 PM
reply to post by Ph03n1x

I wasn't really thinking you had your head in the clouds, more in the sand came to mind. as idyllic as your 3 steps appeal, this is planet earth you are talking about, and the masses you are addressing are the humans.. end of story, you may as well address a bunch of wild hippos with the 3 steps.. sorry but I am only trying to be realistic..

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 12:17 PM
reply to post by scojak


Progress not profit is without doubt the most difficult thing to change, i would go as far to say almost impossible

but i have to believe that at some point we as a species will see past our lust for wealth and concentrate on progress but like you said Greed is a defining factor in our world and overcoming that will be the biggest challenge

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 12:28 PM
reply to post by flipflop

I didn't say enacting any of these changes is even possible, i was just making the point that these are things that could be done to make our world a better place

as for having my head in the sand you are way off... i am fully aware of the world we live, i don't presume to think that making any kind of significant change in the world would be easy..

i am simply sharing my ideas with the community

you claim to be being realistic when really you are being Condescending by implying that somehow i am unaware of the reality of the situation when in fact the opposite is true... i am all too aware of the world we live...

just because i actively try to think of ways to change things doesn't mean i have my head in the sand

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posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 12:36 PM
Problem is current education is that it tests kids memorization not the knowledge of the subject.

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by luciddream

That is indeed part of the problem but more than that our children are being restricted in what they are taught either by themselves or those teaching and this is a major aspect that must change

all knowledge should be given freely and without censor but in the current system this is never going to happen

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