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Eternal love

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posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 03:34 PM

It was long time ago,when the sun was innocent.Flowing waters of innocence were surrounding the shores of your beauty.

Every touch was from Heaven,every smile a new beginning,every caress ,wings covering the uncovered beauty of your body.

Angel face showing the beautiful mornings,the never ending days of happiness without any cloud on the sky of your life.

In Your slow kisses was written the lie of unseen future,of slow moves behind the veils of madness...of love.

Each page of love to be read has a black stain of impurity,a feeling which kills the heart making that beautiful love to die.

And when a beautiful loves dies behind remains only the ashes of two souls,which will never rebirth,because love has no Pheonix bird.

And outside you can hear the rain falling,eyes fixing the door ,where first I saw you,and where first you have kissed me.

And the rain keeps on falling ,like we fell in love for the first time.

And then this beautiful bird has flew from our hearts and she will never return,but she will be remembered by time and somewhere in the future,she will be seen on the night skies,by lovers on their first kiss.

Like innocent children,our hearts meet never knowing that somewhere a song will be born from a divine feeling ,the feeling of untouched sin,the sin of a premeditated crime.

The crime of loving an Angel,the Angel of Love on Earth.

And your sin has covered his wings with gold.And with the knife of lie you have stabbed my heart and turned my blood into diamonds.

And from those diamonds touching the ground has grown pure flowers ,divine flowers from Heaven.

And if your eyes have seen happiness my eyes have seen Paradise.Between Paradise and Hapiness stands a tear and my wings,covered in gold.

And in this darkness that surrounds your soul the glittering of diamonds has lighted your path of life because I sacrificed my life for you to be....without me.

But we never shall meet,even if you will try to find me.I'll be gone in the place where no human being or spirit has no access,the Paradise of Love.


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