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So is Turkey supplying the Intel?

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posted on Aug, 31 2013 @ 02:43 PM
I don't know if people know that Turkey owns a business in Nevada that is doing surveillance for the USDOD with no contract bids. It was news to me to. But every once in while you get a statement in a article that sends you down a rabbit whole that pops up in the middle of current events half way around the world from where the original story started you at.

Now I have been posting about Turkey and it's ties to Colombia in South America helping some of the nasty Cartel guys who hack people to death to go to Syria as Rebel fighters to basicly clean there record with the USDOD and keep doing exactly what they have been doing some where else to do it. The USDOD is killing to birds with one stone and making some nasty friends while doing it. They want South America cleaned up and too lower the amount of killings and torture going on down there with the drug cartels. So the plan they came up with is take those nastiest of the nasty and send them to Turkey so they can cross the border and fight in Syria. Those nasty guys get to keep from being killed and get a new start this way. The Drug Cartels get to create a new path for smuggling drugs around the world to Turkey and then into other countries. While keeping there enforcers alive and not have them killed for the actions they have done in the past. A sponged record so to speak.

Remember the Air Force flying all those drugs into Miami from South America?link

Well I think the Cartels got there shipment delivered for job well done in Syria. That is around 3/4 of a billion dollars in coc aine delivered. In one secure shipment.

Now more about the Turkey spy planes. Seems the military outsourced the spying on drug cartels in Mexico. A no contract bid to a company named Sierra Nevada Corporation which is owned by Fatih and Eren Ozmen. The Ozmens are Turkish but live in the United And they are using a system and working with a system that is DARPA funded in partnership with BAE Systems.

Gorgon Stare


And what led me down this road to know that this was taking place. Turkey spying on Mexico's Drug Cartels with this system and through Sierra Nevada Corporation.

The operation was initially code-named "Lowrider," but officially known as the Northern Command Aerial Sensor Platform. And like so many military enterprises since 9/11, the contract was privatized: Without a bidding process, the government farmed it out to a large private defense company, Sierra Nevada Corporation, to provide the planes, pilots and crews for the classified missions.
For years, in response to the mounting violence, the U.S. and Mexican governments have been secretly sharing intelligence on drug traffickers. But the previously unreported spy-plane operation underscores how deeply involved the U.S. military has become in the war against the cartels, even as the general public has remained largely unaware of the extent of its operations.

In private, because of the classified nature of the program, insiders raise a number of questions, not just about the effectiveness of the missions, but also about the way a secret intelligence contract was awarded, and about the potential risks to American flight crews.
According to a source involved in the surveillance program, the manned spy planes take off from Texas and cross the border, flying deep into Mexico to conduct “pattern of life” reconnaissance missions. It’s a technique the U.S. military has used in the wars in the Middle East and elsewhere.

The pilots quietly watch from the air and learn the schedules and itineraries of America’s adversaries. Sources say this program employs just two aircraft, which are outfitted with sophisticated electronic-intercept technology and cameras capable of tracking a suspect from 6 miles away.

posted on Aug, 31 2013 @ 02:47 PM
And I am going to add some more to this. Such as this. Mexico seals the records for Drug Cartels.

I already had a thread on it. But I will repost the information

Mexican government seals cartel information for twelve years

Proceso (4-7-2013)

Translated by un vato for Borderland Beat

MEXICO, DF. ( Mexican Office of Attorney General (PGR: Procuraduria General de la Republica) has decided to restrict official reports about organized crime in the country for 12 years, such as the number of cartels, their names and their areas of operation.

The agency headed by Jesus Murillo Karam argues that disclosure of these facts would affect law enforcement strategies (used) to fight organized crime and would, in addition, even risk the lives of criminals themselves, according to Reforma (journal).
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Aug, 31 2013 @ 02:50 PM

MEXICO CITY - It is being hailed as the first-ever Mexican counterpart to the CIA. But for this new “superministry” of government, established secretly over the past few weeks by just-installed President Enrique Peña Nieto, the main targets are the powerful and bloody organized crime networks that control the vast drug trade. The objective of the National Intelligence Center (CNI) is to gather all the information generated by every Mexican governmental body linked to security and law enforcement. The project has been in planning stages since Peña Nieto’s campaign for the presidency began last year, but details have only now been revealed by Mexican news magazine Proceso. Government officials who spoke anonymously with Proceso say they fear the Mexican Government lacks the necessary knowledge to face a task of this magnitude. Indeed several U.S. government agencies had tried to make something similar happen in Mexico under the last administration of President Felipe Calderon.

According to the sources, Peña Nieto’s aim is to emulate the intelligence operations, tactics and spy activities of the CIA, which centralizes relevant information in one single entity. According to Santiago-based America Economia, another task that will be handled by the CNI will be to take over all the missing people cases related to organized crime. Peña Nieto is hoping to maintain one of his central electoral promises of slowly demilitarizing the fight against organized crime undertaken by Calderon. The CNI will help, for example, in the studying of different options and scenarios before launching any type of operative against a certain cartel, drug trafficker or element of organized crime. According to Proceso, shortly after being elected, Peña Nieto asked Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, who he later named Interior Minister, to hire U.S. consulting agencies specialized in intelligence and security to help build the new agency, which should be officially inaugurated later this year.

So Mexico is going to build a CIA style agency to fight drug lords. That does not sound bad at first. But then when you realize that the CIA is full of foreigners you then have to wonder is this new agency just the US operating in Mexico with a official title now? The US has been pushing for it for years? Mexico has hired US consultants? I would say yes the US government is now officially in Mexico fighting the war on drugs. No more cloak and dagger. At least on the Mexico side. Now when will the US come out and say it? Maybe after someone dies? Or when drug lords start to fight in the US because it is no longer a safe haven because the US crossed the border opening both sides for a war?

posted on Aug, 31 2013 @ 02:51 PM

Pentagon bolsters US training in Mexico's drug fight

WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon is stepping up aid for Mexico's bloody drug war with a new U.S.-based special operations headquarters to teach Mexican security forces how to hunt drug cartels the same way special operations teams hunt al-Qaida, according to documents and interviews with multiple U.S. officials.

Such assistance could help newly elected Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto establish a military force to focus on drug criminal networks that have terrorized Mexico's northern states and threatened the Southwest U.S. border.

Based at the U.S. Northern Command in Colorado, Special Operations Command-North will build on a commando program that has brought Mexican military, intelligence and law enforcement officials to study U.S. counterterrorist operations from the U.S. to war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan, to show them how special forces troops built an interagency network to target al-Qaida mastermind Osama bin Laden and his followers. The special operations team within Northcom will be turned into a new headquarters, led by a general instead of a colonel, and was established in a Dec. 31 memo signed by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. That move gives the group more autonomy, and the number of people could eventually triple from 30 to 150, meaning the headquarters could expand its training missions with Mexican personnel, even though no new money is being assigned to the mission.The special operations program has already helped Mexican officials set up their own intelligence center in Mexico City to target criminal networks, patterned after similar centers in war zones built to target al-Qaida in Afghanistan and Iraq, two current U.S. officials said.

Mexican military, intelligence and law enforcement chiefs have already toured the Joint Special Operations Command headquarters at Fort Bragg in North Carolina to see how U.S. officers coordinate efforts by special operations aircraft, naval vessels and air- and sea-based raiders, according to one current military official. A small group of top Mexican military and intelligence officials also visited the command's targeting center at the Balad air base in Iraq before the U.S. troop withdrawal there in 2011, a former U.S. official said. U.S. officials stress that sharing this expertise does not mean U.S. special operations teams will be conducting raids against targets in Mexico, nor will they be entering the country with their own weapons. Mexico forbids U.S. military or law enforcement officers to carry guns inside their borders, with few exceptions, though American commandos have conducted training missions in the past, two current and one former U.S. military official said. They were speaking on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss such sensitive missions.

I don't believe them. This means the US is in Mexico and Mexico is giving official but deniable permission. The same way the US CIA works.

posted on Aug, 31 2013 @ 02:53 PM
Recent stories from Turkey, Columbia and the United States involving spies, Generals and coups seem to point to a bust of international espionage and convert spies who infiltrated the Turkish military and possibly even NATO and United Nations. Who were the spies Israel, France Iran Syria or even Columbia? Heres some of the stories that make me ask these questions.

Turkish General visit the US. At first I thought this was a visit about terrorist on the border of Turkey and Iraq. I figured with all the talk of the MeK (Iranians) in Iraq being moved and Iraq no longer wants them in there country that maybe a swap was taking place for the PKK (Kurds) in Turkey. Both are thought of as terrorist organizations.

But then on that same day. Acting and retired generals in Turkey were arrested in Turkey along with prostitutes for spying and espionage ring that dated back to the 1997 coup in Turkey. Sounds like the same thing that happened in Columbia to the Obama secret service agents. Was there a connection between these two events? Is it Columbia's defunct intelligence agency that was shut down due to corruption? IS it Israel, France Iran or some other country that is involved?

Then theres the bust of a illegal wire tapping base at a military ran Turkish Armed Forces Assistance Center (OYAK).

Strange thing is OYAK Securities is a subsidiary to the Armed Forces Pension Fund. OYAK Securities is a brokerage institution.

Now you have a Columbia and Turkey agreement to waive visas?

Now we have a business insider article saying Israel is using US stealth helicopters to smuggle Iranian spies into the MeK camps in Iraq?

Heres a Wall Street Journal article talking about the Turkish/US bombing of Kurds that was a mistake and civilians were killed.

Seems strange how the beginning of this I seen a few articles that seemed related but could not put my finger on the connections. Then more pops up and it turns out a banking spy ring was busted. And now there seems to be a lot of banking related articles related to this story as well. So does any body see the pieces of this puzzle that I'm missing. Is this related to the Sibel Edmonds story? What kind of secret war is going on now that were not supposed to know about?

posted on Aug, 31 2013 @ 02:58 PM
How about the Turkish government helping the Syrian Rebels build car bombs. The Syrian Rebels then drove the cars back across the border into Turkey and used them instead of driving them to the Syrian Capital. A Turkish Military Officer leaked all the documents he had showing Turkey was helping them to target Syria but it back fired.

I guess when you play with nasty Drug Cartels you might get burned in the end.

posted on Aug, 31 2013 @ 03:47 PM
I am not sure if people remember about the Colombian Intelligence Agency. They shut it down complete because it was so corrupt. When Obama Secret Service agents were setup by the prostitute it was revenge for being shut down. The US played the big role in shutting it down. Just like what happened in Turkey with all the Generals and prostitutes being arrested while the main General was at the Pentagon and White House tours.

Colombia Disbands Intelligence Agency Following Scandals

posted on Aug, 31 2013 @ 03:54 PM
So when the US government gets in trouble for Fast and Furious gun smuggling to Drug Cartels they just decided to send them to Turkey to train to be terrorist in Syria. Strange how our USDOD is so tied to them. The USDOD even brought Iraqis here to the US from Iraq who were building IEDs for the drug Cartels in California. The Iraqi Mens Club in California was raided by the FBI for doing it while the Fast And Furious thing started to blow up.

Iraqi-Mexican Drug And Weapons Operation Busted In El Cajon, California By Feds

They don't want you to know the USDOD brought them here from Iraq where they were building IEDs and selling them. They did not stop doing what they know how to do. They just relocated half way around the world and supplied the Drug Cartels. I wonder if that is what the USDOD told them to do?

posted on Aug, 31 2013 @ 04:03 PM
I'd just advise be careful which rabbit holes you dwell. Sometimes its really a viper hole.

Interesting links. There is far more influence from the Saudis and Turks then most realize.

posted on Aug, 31 2013 @ 06:33 PM
How about all that IMF debt paid back. Or was it just forgiven debt and nothing was actually paid? Remember the IMF and the World Bank funnel money from one country to the other. All money transferred is done through these two banks. Even the US with USAID donates money to another nation for nation building it is passed through the IMF or World Bank to that other country. That is why Hillary setup that French guy at the hotel with a fake rape charge to get him removed as the President. Can't have Sarkozy's buddy playing with her money. You know when the Wars were put on the books the USDOD shifted all the Black Budgets to the State Department and into Hillary's purse to spend as she seen fit to. When Bush left office he had NATO handed over to Sarkozy to run. That was part of the Hillary and Obama attack on the Bush Empire take back control of IMF and World Bank and get rid of Sarkozy. Next came turning over information about News Corp to the Queen. You know that secret IPOD with mystery songs on it? I think it was Obama saying take out this spy network. No wonder the Queen is mad. She thought Obama was throwing the spying on the UK under the bus and it would be all over. Now she finds out about the NSA thing and it is still going on. But GCHQ did take out New York Times website over the documents they had. But Obama just has them say it was Syrian hackers and not the UK hackers who did it. Just like the UK with Greenwalds friend at the airport. They wanted what was on that hard drive and they did not care what rules or laws were broken. So DDOSing a website really is not that far fetched. And GCHQ did threaten a short time before the DDOSing started. But that makes me wonder about Snowden? Who is he working for? You know the GCHQ and NSA don't play. Look at Gareth. He worked with a female NSA agent and worked for GCHQ. He ended up in a duffle bag and put in the shower. Then they trash him as a cross dressing gay guy. Or how about Kaspersky Labs outing STUXnet. Kaspersky's son was kidnapped and Kaspersky labs shut up real quick about all the other viruses tied to STUXnet. STUXnet, STARS, Flame ,DUQU and the list goes on. There is one of these for every nation on the planet. So don't feel left out there is one spying on you. Don't know if it has a fancy name for you or if it has the fame that STUXnet has but don't feel left out they included you in all this to.

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