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Fiction Is The Safest Route - Fiction Or Non Fiction, You Decide

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posted on Aug, 30 2013 @ 04:47 AM

Perhaps it is time to test all that you know as truths. If you are ready, choose non fiction. If you wish to continue in your hypnotic trance, then choose fiction. You decide.


In my youth, in the first house that we were raised in, me and my sister experience paranormal activity. And after much thought, I wondered if perhaps it was a recording of past events on say granite or lime stone? But then something else happened that made me later realize that it wasn't a recording.

When I was about 8 years old, on Christmas day, both me and my sister were awoken by sounds from our kitchen. We heard 2 woman walking around in high heels on the linoleum floor. They were talking, cooking and washing dishes and having what sounded to be a festive time. Immediately me and my sister ran to our parents bedroom and found them both snoring away as always. So we proceeded downstairs...

When we walked up to the kitchen, the lights were on and shining from under the door. And the gala events were still going on. We stepped a few feet closer, and the lights went out. When we finally got our nerve up, we decided to investigate. Once inside the kitchen, everything was neat, clean, tidy, and the sink was dry. This scared us to death and we both immediately ran up to our shared bedroom and took turns sleeping. My sister fell asleep on her 3rd watch and left me sleeping and defenseless to what ever we just experienced. Grrr...

This repeated multiple times on the holidays. And after experiencing this more times than I can count, one Easter morning, I stood at the top of the stairs, and I asked them to stop because they were scaring me. They suddenly stopped in their tracks, and it never happened again.

Another crazy thing is that our older neighbor heard me talking to them that final night. He pulled me aside and asked me about it. But I denied everything... And then he said that he had also seen and heard things multiple times, and it stopped that very night for him also.

I think that it is amazing that me and my family have experienced paranormal activity in multiple homes. My second home was exorcised while I was at school one day.
Hey that wasn't my idea.
But wow my whole entire family experienced things. Every one of us! I know what it is now, and actually I knew what it was back then. I was 13 and we had, "poltergeist" activity. My father and sister at the same time even saw a huge black "shadow person" hovering over me in my sleep. 4 of us saw a ceramic object levitate about 20 feet and crash. My father was beating my mother at the time, and I wanted it to stop. Well that certainly did the trick.

There is much more, but no one would believe me, but it was certainly wild and crazy. But I can tell you that the priest had my mother remove the only item that I could control from our house. It was a Christmas bell, and I could make it play on whim. The one time in my life that I could actually control something and it was taken away from me.

I was even accused of being a witch by other children. And they were truly scared of me. They would accuse me of throwing them backwards when I got pissed and pointed my finger at them in anger. Once that would happen, I would never see them again. They stayed clear of me like they truly believed this. Even my best friends adult sister accused me of making her fall. All I said was, "don't trip". She did at the very second I said this, and yeah maybe I was smiling, but why blame me?

One time I had some past friends from an old neighborhood call me to visit their house for a truce to apologize for some very very bad deed. And they asked if I could please stop the lightning from destroying their house.
And their parents were in on it! I had a wild and crazy childhood to say the least.
The lightning was blowing out their bedroom windows, split their pool down the middle etc.. and they were blaming me.
My older 16 year old sister was there also and was helping them get their "peace" with me, so I would stop...
It did, but it wasn't me, or was it? What happened to me at their house prior to their lightning fest, really pissed me off. And if I could destroy their house with lightning, I certainly would have. I especially got a kick out of them lining their windows with sneakers. Now that was a sight!
Anyways, I never did go back to their home again after the "truce", like I said, what happened to me there in the past was not minor by my book. They made their peace, but I still harbor the bad memories. It was humiliation on a major scale, which is far worse than any physical act.

My sis was siding with my past friends because of the earlier lightning bit with me and my younger sister. And the neighbors saw it also. I think it was just a coincidence. But it certainly made my younger sister listen to me.
You see it was a beautiful sunny day, and the ice cream truck came by a bit up the street. Well, my younger sister dashed across the street paying no mind to the traffic. I was furious! She could have been hit by a car. And I pointed my finger at her and loudly screamed, get back home, NOW! And at the same exact moment, lightning struck the bush right next to her. My younger sister must have jumped a couple of feet off the ground she was so shocked. Or was she really shocked?
And she ran back home immediately in fear. I saw my older sister standing on the front porch and all color drained from her face. My neighbors were out on their font porch also since their kids wanted ice cream also. And after a very long silence, she asked me in a cracked voice, "what did you do"? And she was giving me an odd squinty look in her eyes. I just went on about my business. I never even suspected that I was being blamed for this until the confrontation in the house of my past friends. Hey maybe it was that blasted poltergeist again

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posted on Aug, 30 2013 @ 07:36 AM
reply to post by elouina

One thing you said that I don't believe is "no one will believe me."
I have personal experiences that lead me to know there is something going on.

I believe you.

posted on Aug, 30 2013 @ 04:55 PM
reply to post by elouina

Given that once, when visiting with a friend who was in a mental institution, I met a fellow who believed that he had become very small, and was living in one of his shoes (actually complained that he couldnt get planning permission to knock through the upper and connect the pair) I never understand why people say things like "No one is going to believe this".


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