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The Sequel to the Phenomenon of the Mysterious Manifestation on this Earth. Or Whatever It is "Mo

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posted on Aug, 29 2013 @ 05:49 PM
Thanks to all, who responded to the first

The arrival of it on this earth, probably gives one a false sense of security-actually, we may be lulled into it. It may be clear to see that probably the city life style is not the best thing to be involved in—some preferring to move—and that is happening a lot-movement to try and get away from it, whatever it is and be may be dealing with a great number of things that have caused this “build up” –the urge to move away—thinking that the other place that one moves to- is going to be a lot better. I have noticed lots of people moving, more than normal---and when they get there to the new place—its OK for a while, but soon they start to feel it—all over again—I have noticed to not only movement out of the home, but an increase in holiday taking, and some even wanting to move out of the nation—thinking that the other nation will be better.
This feeling of “environmental disassociation” may be due to the fact that many don’t feel comfortable in the world, as it is, and not only want to move to another locale, but even into a different part of time—mostly in the past. Individuals, who are high on environmental dissociation may be what I call prime movers, who feel that the world is slipping away from them—what could have happened is—since so many people in the world
Are unhappy with their lifestyles and want to get to somewhere else, in the present, or in the past—it may caused some sort of “slight shift” in the time space continuum. Therefore, that is why many are feeling the “off kilter” feeling—once again, a theory only,
But, what I have seen is that this feeling of fear may have originated with 9-11—and year after year there has been a gradual build up—if one wants to believe in the collective consciousness. I believe that we may be feeling “evil” on a bigger scale, than before—our lives, are, in some
Form or another are terrorized by various factors such as “control” in that we are regulated by the PTB powers that be—more so than we think—missing emails and postal mail is another factor that seems to be going on—tracking device technology? I have over the years felt that people’s psyches are closer together—sensitivity to other’s emotions? Which supports the idea of quantum connectedness—perhaps the earth is “ rebelling” saying I cant stand much more of this? Are we helping it ? Are we hindering it?
One thing though I have spoken about is this feeling of nerves and agitation in folks, its as if they are always worried or looking around for something? But looking around for what? Waiting is the biggest factor—and it as if people get stressed because they just cannot pin it down
Change, I guess may have happened for the worse, and as someone said, we are able to just handle “it” but there may be a red alert time
When we may not be able to function with daily chores the way we did before? Theory only, mind you. Other bizarre phenomena that this mysterious manifestation seemingly is doing is teleportation of objects—is it because of a time-space slip that makes objects land at other
Places---or if you want to take this at a religious angle—are demons and angels paying house visits more often? I speculate that the mysterious manifestation affects folks in different ways? Those who may sense the uneasiness may have a harder time keeping up with daily tasks—its as if we somehow want the “air” to be cleared—but it never really is—back when “it” first arrived it went through my head regarding the weather that the sun was shining, but it was not truly shining—as bright as it should.
Other changes I have noticed since “it” arrived is agitation, irritation over things that seemed to be small before are now escalated to a higher degree—some, at the moment seem to be like their living in an “in transit” state—not really, in one spot or another—like an “in limbo” stage and waiting around impatiently to be moved to the next spot? Or is technology scrambling us all up—and our sensitive fragile system is being
Affected? Maybe since we live in “the concrete jungles” we should be wanting or desiring to get out of the jungle? Or is anybody picking up on things if they do creative work—in the arts or sciences? Would love to hear, as this may be a way of finding the key to unlock the mysteries
Also, there is a feeling that I have experienced as like a gaseous heat, that is n’t very appealing. Also, there is this tendency for looking for things and not being able to find them—but overall this feeling of ill ease is definitely not conducive to our systems—this stuffiness, as I call it’s like at times, also the weather ‘s “on drugs”! or either its one thing one minute, then something else the next—let’s just say that we are living in
“strange time’” its like you never know what’s going tot happen next? And many I speak to have complained of what should be simple
is like an uphill struggle. I think this phenomena for some reason is not letting many people get ahead, with whatever they want to do in this life—and making people feeling down –not up on the floor-that’s for sure.

Would like to hea if any-one else is experiencing any more of that "strangeness"
all the best

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 03:21 PM
good post I didn't read it because of the wall of text. good post nonetheless star and flag.


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