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Crime in America and $

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posted on Aug, 29 2013 @ 07:06 AM
It's not really "dangerous" to live anywhere in the US, yet we spend 100s of billions on "fighting crime". At the end of the day, 99.9% of the violent crime we see on TV is either criminal related (IE - criminals attacking criminals), or it's due to family/friend circles. Yet, most of the $ we spend "fighting crime" seems to attempt to fight the stranger vs. good guy scenario, which is about as probable as being killed by a terrorist.

We really do need to vastly cut back on our laws and police force and just accept a certain level of risk (which is exceedingly minimal).

I mean, if we used even a fraction of that money to ensure that everyone has health care and a basic level of insurance on goods/work-comp, we really wouldn't need to worry about crime sans death....everything else can be replaced/repaired if people have basic health care and insurance.

The whole system is out of whack...

It should be noted that the "state", historically speaking, was merely an arbiter as it relates to "law", but, somewhere along the line, we decided to stop focusing on "victims" and started making it about punishment in the name of the "state". The government should always ensure that victims are represented and that compensation is "just", but the victims have no role in the process anymore and the state could give a crap about actually compensating those who were wronged. Again, the whole system is utterly backwards and retarded and it's costing us a significant portion of our GDP....even worse, it really doesn't make anyone any safer; if anything, it seems to make crime worse.

I wonder how many people would plead guilty in a system whereby one could truly negotiate the terms of their compensation with the victim directly? If we took labels off of people like "felon" and truly made the system about compensating the people who were wronged, I'd bet the farm that most criminals would just own up to what they did and the process would resolve itself fairly quickly and/or cheaply.

I don't think jail should even be an option unless people are repeat offenders and/or a true danger to society and the former should likely be dealt with, primarily, through house arrest and other means. Jail is almost always a counterproductive, retarded option that usually ends up costing society more than not putting the criminal in jail and it typically only serves to make people even more violent.

posted on Aug, 29 2013 @ 07:59 AM
reply to post by Vrill

feeding everyone.. that would lower crime and be cheaper than the FOR profit prison system.

Imagine, we have all kinds of techonology now to accurately run old fashioned 'soup kitchens'. And when you combine the $$$ in tax breaks given to restaurants AND combine it with just a PORTION of the FOR profit prison system, we could feed the whole nation.

Kinda like having another fast food chain. HECK, id bet with better food logistics, we could feed everyone from the amount of food presently WASTED..

this is one small step.. have a NEW civilian conservation corps. but this time instead of building roads/track all around the national parks, we do things like feed people.

posted on Aug, 29 2013 @ 08:05 AM
reply to post by Vrill

IMHO, the entire system is based off of profits. They dont care about the victims, they care about the penalties and "fines"- a clever term for what i like to call "law-breaker tax".

All the talk about our war on crime and drugs and whatnot, is just pumped up paranoia being fed to people to justify police forces that are overstaffed (in some places), and new laws and regulations to make a buck from.

Regarding the police, i live in Howell,MI. We have virtually NO violent crime (except for a few bank robberies that happened not too long ago, kinda happened out of nowhere), yet there is a local PD, county PD, and Michigan state PD, all within 15 miles of eachother... Since theres next to no violent crime, they go to the next money grab: traffic stops, based off artificially low speed limits(which are against Michigan public act 85, and illegal btw).

Its all about the cash flow and increased laws to maintain/ increase it

-end rant-

posted on Aug, 29 2013 @ 08:33 AM
The capitalist way of doing business promotes criminal behaviours, and there is always someone right around the corner to "capitalize" on the damage "capitalism" does.

If the cops and others actually did their job and accomplished their mission, they wouldn't even be needed anymore.

Insurance is just another way to make people feel secure and profit from it, if compensation for labor were more fair and prices controlled to make sure everyone could afford to buy what they needed to survive, there would be much, much less criminal behavior.

"Capitalism" is just a PC (political correctness is another really big problem By The Way) way of saying "To Take Advantage", criminal behavior is a reaction to deprivation through contrived scarcity to promote criminal behavior to justify the existence of some of the largest sections of our capitalist BS fake lie of an economy which is based on nothing of substance.

There are so many people that do not see this for what a scam it is that I don't hold out much hope for this world, most people act like vicious little animals, animals even have enough sense to avoid humans unless they are rabid, or just stupid.

And I know some dumbass is gonna bring up what a big bad thing "socialism " is, and can only ask that one looks into "socialism", learns what it is, and realizes why they are brainwashed into being against it.

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