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The Transfiguration of Miley Cyrus

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posted on Aug, 30 2013 @ 06:32 PM
Sooner or later she will have to pay the bill.The devil never forgives,and she knows it.
Watch this Bob Dylan's interview:

posted on Aug, 31 2013 @ 08:28 AM
Ive actually just watched the Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke Video, What a filthy girl hahaha.

He really is just a dirty old man but she is just doing what all ex-child stars do - Sell their image with a sexual vibe so the adult world will accept them.

On some level you cant blame the music industry, we allow this sh!t to get sold in its millions.

P.S Miley is welcome round to my house any time

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 03:43 AM

Originally posted by SuicideKing33
Anybody seriously look at Hollywood/Music Industry? Its kind of scary with nothing normal about it. You think talent and hard work will get you primetime superbowl/VMA shows? Keep dreaming.

Not sure about the VMA's but I know that the last Superbowl show that had someone in it with actual talent who worked hard to get where he is and never sold out was the one with Tom Petty. So yes... talent and hard work will get you somewhere, but only if you do it yourself and don't sell out to the corporate powers that be.


posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 04:15 AM

I saw the Chilli Peppers rock out with nothing more than socks on in the 90s. That was OK right? They are real musicians...
Madonna, nothing she hasn't done before with a conical bra.
Britney a 16 yr old in a school uniform asking to be hit one more time.
Cher with a see through body stocking that just had a sprinkle of beddazzled gems in strategic places.

Miley was doing what she wants, mixed with "thinking" she was doing what she wants. She has a whole team around her, it was all very well planned. She is a clever clever clever woman she runs her empire very well.
She marketed herself exactly as she wanted to to not become a distant child star memory. Her tongue out with the teddy bears looked like she is sticking it to the child star brand, she 'aint so cute any more.

I think she looked a bit ridiculous, but hey that that doesn't matter a snitch. No one seems to be outraged at Thicke?

Entertainment & marketing, nothing new.

edit on 29-8-2013 by zazzafrazz because: (no reason given)

Finally, common sense.

Does no one else realise she comes from a family that has made it's fame from the music industry?

I mean this is her BROTHER and he's from the band Metro Station

Cyrus has even said that it's pathetic the amount of attention she's getting for her 'transformation' when all over the media is violence and death. And I agree.

I don't like her music. I don't like her dads. I don't like her brothers. But I also see it for what it is. And all this talk of her being told what to do, when to do it, or else -- complete cobblers.

She could walk away from it all now and never have to work a day in her life. And for all of you equating her with a porno star etc, go check out what you own sisters are up to. No, don't actually. It could damage you beyond repair.

She tried to shed her disney image years ago with that song, cant be tamed. She said as much. This is years later, and still people are banging on about how disney is turning her into a sex slave..

It'd be funny if it wasn't the sort of thing you'd expect a church group to be discussing right before they grab the pitch forks and run the heathens out of town...


posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 08:18 AM
reply to post by BBobb

I usually have no problem with a bit of debauchery. It is good fun and hell of a way to blow off steam. But I am an adult who understands that debauchery is not a way of life; it is just meant as a `sometimes` activity to express various things or just to have some fun. Also what one person consider okay behavior, another person considers totally vile.

It is clear that parents must teach this to their kids. Also, extreme daily debauchery displayed by society is a sign of something larger going on. People are demanding debauchery more and more and seem to never get their fill. I assume that American society is under increasing stress from a number of contradictions which are starting to reach their highest point. Because American people are so discouraged from from doing anything to resolve contradiction or become aware of it, they want bread circus and blood to relieve the weight on all the contradiction beating down on them.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 08:44 AM
Each to their own, but I would go mad if my Daughter pulled a stunt like that on stage!
Where are the Parents, do they not have a say in their Daughters filthy behaviour ? I am not puritan, but a achy breaky heart? That would be me if that was my girl... Come on Miley... do something to make them proud not cringe!!! Your Parents deserve better than that!


posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 02:59 PM
Miley is the richest bad singer I know of. Oh wait. Madonna won that award in the early 80s. (Though to her credit, she did at least improve her singing over time.)

Actually I have to thank Madonna because it was thanks to her I quit listening to pop radio and then discovered, to my joy and horror, that apparently rock-folk-pop radio had 'split' since the 70s and I'd been missing some of the best music EVER (like Rush) for years while I was unhappily suffering through inane pop stars instead.

I instantly got the spoon reference BBob and I loved that stupid movie.
Alan Rickman is awesome.

I tried to seriously consider your point OP. I mean, about this being a sort of intentional, "designers underneath society" thing, deliberately shifting the innocence of youth into a morally depraved state.

I can't really speak to there being such an effort /entities/ whatever since that's not really my focus, but since this is your thread, just for the sake of argument I'm taking that at face value and thinking what-if.

I loved C.S. Lewis's "The Screwtape Letters" that I read when I was around 19, when I read his trilogy "Perelandra." I thought many of the points he made in TSL were really good points and I suppose, though more 'nefariously' you're kind of on the same line of thought here.

After pondering it a bit I had to conclude:

1. I would like to think that if our youth is morally depraved it's become some evil underlord is plotting it. Sadly, I think there are so many good and practical explanations for why our youth are morally depraved that Mr. Evil even if he has that job, probably has the Easiest. Job. Ever. Now whether Mr. E. is behind some of those good and practical explanations is a separate question... maybe.

2. I don't think it's altogether fair to blame Miley's parents. I grew up around a ton of people with good parents, and to include a lot of preacher's kids (though they're often the worst), who were hellions and sluts of either gender at a far younger age than Miley displayed it. Actually by the time she started displaying it she was of legal age I think. Also, she spent her life traveling around the world in the entertainment industry. I don't care how good her parents were, there is no way you can totally shield someone from the effects of that. She is of legal age, and whether she were in uniform shooting people in the middle east or barely clad on stage singing about sex or any other possible career she might have, she is responsible for herself. I mean ATS is filled with threads of people who want to make 13 year olds tried in court as adults, but somehow if an 18-20 year old woman wants to be sexy it's her parents' fault.

3. I think your general concept, of leading youth from one thing to another, could probably be equally applied to the males in our culture. While Miley is entraining girlfans to be sexy, are others entraining boyfans to be violent?

I think sexuality and violence have a valid place in society and are not necessarily bad things depending on context, but I would agree that the entertainment world makes them into bad things usually. Actually if there is any industry to assign Mr. E. to underlording it's that one.

4. When my daughter (now 17) was a small child, BRATZ dolls were the rage. They are hybrid-alien hooker dolls -- oh wait. They are fantasy unbarbies, sorry, my mistake.
I would say the effort to force sexuality into younger girls is alive and well completely aside from the music industry.

5. I think, aside from the generic "for the money" explanation, that there is a larger thing but it's still in that genre. If you recall the show "the great rock & roll scandal" -- about how punk rock was essentially just a marketing uniform, marketed to rebellious youths so they could feel rebellious, but it was just as much marketing and a uniform as anything else (I might add that the occult vs. organized religion is pretty much the same thing IMO, the net to catch those outliers who would deviate too far from the organized norms) -- in the end it's all about marketing, which is a long-term and medium-term plan, not just short-term, and "bringing the existing consumers along" into the new market is an important financial element.

Marketing-product Taylor Swift seems to be on a similar road I might add. Sad, I kind of liked some of her folksy-country-pop songs (like 'cold as you', 'invisible') but her current pop album lost all character and while there's still some shreds of attempt-at-purity (high white collar -- and short shorts lol) the new wave (like this at 1:15 for example) makes the direction it's going clear.

I have sometimes thought, similar to your theory OP, that the "the destruction of heroes and ideals" in our culture seems so effective that it may as well be intentional. Don't know that it is though. Culturally I think we have just... dissolved.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 03:28 PM
Would not be surprised if BiIly Ray is going the way of John Phillips with Mackensie. Something is messed up with Cyrus crew.

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