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A history of UnmitigatedDisaster's paranormal experiences.

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posted on Aug, 28 2013 @ 02:12 PM
Alright: I had some free time at work and thought I'd do a run down of all of the events I've experienced, and my thoughts on them. These are what have progressively made me curious and "believing" in paranormal phenomena. They are what keep me, a person normally skeptical and scientifically grounded, open to avenues of thought that are typically...well, you know what folks think of people like us lol.

There have been some tiny ones but this only covers the "big" ones that I clearly remember to this day. I was going to post in Sled's thread but decided that, since I wanted to cover each in one in depth, I would start my own thread.

First event:
Location: home and neighborhood I grew up in - Anchorage AK.
Time: roughly 0100
Age: 15, around September (might have been late August)
Quick note: I was an active martial artist and kendo student from the age of 5 until almost 25, just to answer some questions ahead of time.
I remember waking up in the middle of the night. It was fall, and pitch black out save for a nearly full moon. I couldn't determine -why- I woke up. I didn't need to use the bathroom, but I woke up with no real grogginess. The odd parts of this event are three fold, and some details, such as attire, are listed in order of how it happened, but I did not consciously recall doing. Those details are what I remember after the event. : When I woke up I felt compelled to get up and dress. However the manner of outfit was this: I put on my black, heavy cotton, pants from my Gi. The only thing notable about them was my family name embroidered on them in katakana. Instead of the top I only put on an outer haori, this one with my original Korean name embroidered on the back in Hangul. I also took with me my katana that we used in live-steel training, though it was not a true hand made katana, just a training tachi with a true edge.

I left the house at this point, not alerting my parents who's room was across from mine, nor any of my siblings as I descended the stairs and left the house. The way my parent's house was located, on a corner lot, you could walk up a short wooded hill, and go across a street higher. Across that was nothing but thick woods and then eventually another street and water tower. In the dead of night I went into these woods, and made my way towards the middle. I remember seeing lots of shadows flitting along the edges of my vision, "darker than night" as it were. I clearly remember finding the empty clearing in the woods, everyone knew about it growing up there, just a small clearing kind of hacked out and had a fire pit at some point.

From there I just...waited. Didn't move, didn't talk. Just stood, one hand on the saya, the other on the tsuka. At the time I had no idea of how long I was there, but eventually I went home and entered my eldest brother's empty room, he had long since moved out, and was there until I was woken by my mother, who found me in a seiza position. She woke me up at roughly 0330 or so, and asked what the heck I was doing. I could recall what I -had- done, but not why. I went back to my bed and that was that. Well, I went back to bed after recovering feeling in my that sucked.

Now this one I've often looked back on. We talked about it the next day but dismissed it as sleep walking or an odd dream. We would have said it was definitely a dream but for my location and things such as bits of dead leaves and twigs in my hair and on my shoes. I've never slept walked before or after, but it's certainly a plausible scenario. This event in my youth I could almost wash complete if it weren't for talking with my brother some six years later. We were sitting outside during a family get together. We were chatting about how weird it looked with the woods cleared out and all the new houses built and being built on that area and comparing out different adventures as kids there.

So this is where it changed my perceptions on that event. He told me, without any mention of this event on my part, that when he was a teen there was a family that lived across from the woods. A mother and two daughters, who were heavily into 'black magic' and 'witchcraft'. They had their own 'bible' and rituals. He said they had interacted often and tried to get him interested. He went with them on a few rituals to, surprise surprise, the clearing in the woods, but eventually he got creeped out and stopped talking to them. They moved out a few years later and that was that.

How that relates to my own experience, and why I felt compelled to go out there in gear and armed is beyond me. I'd still be tempted to pass it off as a freak moment of teenage insanity but for the other experiences I'd have later, most of which were kind of similar to every day paranormal that people are familiar with.

posted on Aug, 28 2013 @ 02:12 PM
Second event:
Location: Dimond Center mall, Anchorage AK, 5th floor
Time: around 1600, December
Age: 17
Some friends and I were mall ratting about after school in winter. We were going to eat at a burger place there when I needed to use the restroom. I really, -really-, dislike using public restrooms, so I decided to go up above the store levels and into the levels mostly used by companies for office space. I figured it be less busy and probably cleaner. Once on the fifth floor I turned down the hall and through a pair of double doors that leads down a long hallway with back access to some offices and a bathroom.

I was about a quarter of the way down the hallway when I noticed the echo of my footsteps seemed louder, and off pace. It kind of tickled the back of my mind, and then I felt a tingle at the back of my neck. You know that feeling. So I stopped. I noticed immediately that when I stopped the "echo" of my footsteps stopped a full two steps after. I looked behind me, as expected there was nothing. So I kind of shivered, probably shrugged, and kept walking. Only this time I definitely noticed a second pair of footsteps behind me. If I increased in pace they fell slightly behind then echoed louder like someone was trying to keep up. I got genuinely disturbed and broke into a trot, before something in my mind tripped, like a "What the heck are you doing? This is stupid!"

So I stopped, and turned around again. This time the footsteps continued, fast, and the sound tracked right past me, and I swear I felt a soft rush of air, like when someone runs passed you. The footstep's sound lowered rapidly after that and disappeared after a moment. I was genuinely disturbed, and honestly kind of freaked out, but I finally decided after a few minutes of trying to rationalize it (hallway caused echoes, maybe some kind of doppler effect, could be the ventilation system, etc) I continued on and went to the restroom.

While there, I can only describe my experience as...uneasy. The entire time I used the facilities I felt nervous, anxious, and wanted to get out of there. Now lets be clear: Public restroom in a mall. Part of that was no doubt related to not liking being in a probably diseased bathroom, but I honestly couldn't hurry fast enough and, once I had washed my hands I left in a hurry! I could dry my hands on my pants but I wanted out of that stall asap.

I rejoined my friends and told them about it, causing much table side speculation about the old rumors of the building being haunted, built on a burial ground etc.
The interest for this one is a possible corroboration. I've worked with the same guy, in two different places, over the last eight years, covering four jobs. We're in the same field and have been good friends. Hell, he's sitting a cubicle over from me right now as I'm writing this. He's a good guy, about three years older than me.

A couple years ago I was at his house with him and his girlfriend, helping him work on remodeling a bathroom. We were just bull#ting about a variety of topics, when we got on to talking about childhood traumatic events. Mostly jokingly, silly stuff that freaked us out. But then his girlfriend said he should tell me about the "big one."

He paused, and after a minute said that when he was a kid, around the time he was 15, he was at the Dimond Center. He said he was screwing around with friends on the upper floors when he had to use the restroom. He too went down the hallway, and into the bathroom, but what he encountered was a blood covered wall and the corpse of a native man who shot himself in the bathroom. Now this event scarred him pretty bad, he had to go through counselling for a while cause of it. But all I could think about what my own experience there.

I never said anything, but I've wondered since if they were related.
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posted on Aug, 28 2013 @ 02:13 PM
Third event:
Location: West High auditorium - connecting hallway "underground" that runs between the auditorium and staging areas.
Time: Somewhere around 1700-1800
Age: 18
It was my senior year of high school and I was in an AV class for easy credits. I volunteered to help do our school tradition of a musical put on my the Senior class, well members of it anyways. I didn't want to sing, but I'd been doing camera work with ZITS since my sophomore year so I figured why not film my friends singing Back Street Boys for posterity and future blackmail material.

It was about an hour before the show, and we were doing final setup and testing. My equipment was setup and ready to go, and tested clear, so I decided to go wandering a bit. I headed downstairs and under the stage, which, if I recall right, led to a staging area or another part of the auditorium. I can't remember the layout, but the hallway was wide, used double doors, and was well lit.

I was walking at a relatively brisk pace, and don't remember what I was thinking, just that I was lost in thought with my head down as I walked. All of a sudden it felt like I walked through a damp, cold mist. It hit me like a shock, and I jerked upright and stopped.

It felt as if I had literally walked through a mist of cold water and back out the other side. My skin was pimpled, and I remember shivering in place for a moment. I felt compelled to turn around, and what I saw I can't forget.

I saw a figure in white, vaguely female, but that may have been the way the whiteness spread out towards the bottom, but she had a relatively distinct feminine face. What stood out most of all was that "she" too looked somewhat stunned, looking back at me. I blinked, and "she" was gone.

No matter how I look at it, it was like she felt what I felt, like I was the phantasm to her. Like we intersected paths on that exact moment.
Now this one I told others about almost immediately, and some of the people on hand from West High just flat out said, "Oh, yeah you see her all the time around here." So clearly it's not an uncommon sighting, which made me feel better and has kept me from really dismissing that one over time. She's a common sighting, but what I don't know is if anyone else encountered her in that way. Several reports of having "seen" her, or "it" but it was like we literally walked -through- each other.
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posted on Aug, 28 2013 @ 04:00 PM
These next few ones are actually fairly recent, within the last couple of years. I've had ongoing experiences here and there throughout my life, but few are worth reporting. Some shadow figures, knocks or bumps, stuff from the corner of my eyes.

First work event:
Location - Telco room
Time: 1400
I was headed over to one of our primary comm rooms where a lot of our service provider circuits demarq one day at work. This room is collectively known as B-Core, or the batcave, as it is located underground behind a pair of secured doors with some hvac equipment in between.

The room you first pass through is notoriously hot and humid, averaging 85-90 degrees. As unlocked the door and descended the stairs that day, however, the first thing that registered in my mind was that it was obviously cool in the room. The machinery was making just as much noise, but the temperature felt warm-mild, versus hot and humid as it normally does.

I thought it was pretty odd but didn't think much of it until I approached the second locked door. This door has a glass viewing window in it. Normally you just go through the intermediate room without thought and as quickly as possible, but due to the oddity of it being cool I had crossed pretty sedately, and was looking at the equipment (behind and to the left in relation to the approaching door) at the time.

As I approached the door I turned forward again to reach out and unlock it; but what I saw in front of me, reflected in the glass, was a clear reflection of a man's face. I jerked back and probably yelled, and spun around - but no one had entered the room behind me, and it was predictably empty.

I looked forward again and there was nothing in the reflection of the window. After a few moments I steeled myself and thought maybe it was a person in the next room, but only a few of us have access to it. I unlocked the door and entered this room, which is always cooled by a ten ton A/C unit. There was no one inside, and it felt completely normal, save for my own heightened sense of paranoia.

Now, older and much more learned about paranormal phenomena, I thought it might be EMF related due to the high amounts of energy in the two rooms, but it didn't explain the coolness of the previous room.

After I did my work in that room, I went to leave, and I'll admit I cautiously looked out the door window first to see if anything was in the other room. It was empty, and when I opened the door this time, I was assaulted by the typically hot and humid air of the room.

I've entered that area a hundred times in my employment here and have not had that happen before, or since. None of the other admins or technicians have experienced anything there either.

posted on Aug, 28 2013 @ 04:05 PM
Link to original post

This one occurred in late February of this year and I posted about it briefly, so I will keep this short.

My afore mentioned coworker and I were in our data center working on something when we both turned our heads and looked at the same spot on the wall. I peripherally saw his head tracking the same thing I did, which was a tallish shadow that moved quickly from one end of the room to the other. We looked at each other and confirmed we both saw it.

Since then I've seen two additional shadows in the room, and again we both saw one just a few days ago.

posted on Aug, 28 2013 @ 05:18 PM
(more to come in following post)

posted on Aug, 29 2013 @ 06:27 AM
reply to post by UnmitigatedDisaster

Those are some awesome experiences, UD.

I didn't know if you wanted people to wait until you got all your stories posted, or not. But, I decided I would make a short reply anyway to bump your thread.

It does pay to be skeptical, but sometimes you just have to face the fact that some things have no "logical" explanation.
And it helps when you have a witness so you know you aren't losing your mind too.

I look forward to the rest of what you have to share.

posted on Aug, 29 2013 @ 10:17 AM
No worries
Feel free to discuss, I should have mentioned that at the beginning. I didn't intend for this to be a monologue hehe.

posted on Aug, 29 2013 @ 10:48 AM
The BEK Coincidences
Location - Home, Anchorage AK
Times - Around 2300 and 0200 respectively, both on a Saturday night, both this spring, almost the end of April.
I had been browsing the forums from home late night, just after having gotten home from hanging out with some friends. A side note: same friends that I've mentioned before
It's nice to have had lasting bonds some fifteen years later.

Anyways, as I was browsing through the Paranormal subforum I decided to poke through some older threads. In this case I was browsing through the Black Eyed Kids threads, a phenomena that intrigues me; which throws the skeptical part of my mind into a fit

I was into the the posts for about 15-20 minutes, when I got a solid trio of knocks on the front door. Some immediate things stood out to me. One: Who the heck was knocking at my door at almost midnight. Two: They were distinctly heavy knocks. Not the light, timid knocks of a boy trying to get his girlfriend out after hours in secret, or the uncertain knocks of someone who might have been unsure if this was the right house. This was a trio of solid knocks on a heavy, solid wood door. Loud enough to reverberate through the house.

Now my mind immediately put the connection together, but it was more of a humorous/creepy connection than a legitimate evil-presence/fear connection. It only took me maybe half a minute to get to the front door, and I couldn't see anyone through the decorative half-circle window at the top. Now the way my house is you descend some stairs to the front door from a central landing where the upstairs and downstairs meet, and then there is a third stairway that goes to the actual front entry. Due to the height advantage, I know I can see people standing at the door as short as 5'4" (my shortest friend). I couldn't see anyone, the porch light was on so it wasn't dark.

I cautiously opened the door, but there was no one there. I took a few steps out, to where I could look around the front of the garage and down the driveway, but also no one there. The way my area is shaped only has a single way in or out, and fences behind my house and behind the houses across from me and to the side. It basically forms a big "U", and it's several hundred feet to the entry point of the street. There was no one in sight, and no sounds of running feet. There really isn't anywhere to hide easily either, but I suppose it could have been some kids doing a prank.

I had thought it might have even been one or some of my daughters friend's, but again this late at night? Plus they would have waited for me to answer the door, AND they already knew that it was her mom's visitation weekend and she was spending the night with her. So really, that didn't add up on top of the fact that you can't -hide- if you're on the pavement headed up.

I stood there for a few minutes looking around, and aside from a slightly creeped out feeling from the coincidence and timing, I didn't think much more about it. Went back upstairs, closed outta ATS and played a game instead lol.

Event two is what moves the first event back to the front of my mind. It had been a couple weeks since the first time, and again it was late at night, now around 2am. Daughter was asleep and dead to the world, and I was getting ready to head there. Once again I was on the forum browsing around, and once again I decided, "ya know what? Black eyed kids time!"

The "freaky" coincidence of events is that this time, again, around 15 minutes into reading there was another trio of solid knocks. This time I sat there, wide eyed for a solid half a minute, I could feel my heart racing a bit as it caught me completely off guard.

The story repeats itself, save for checking on my daughter, who's room is across from my office. She was still asleep, so I proceeded downstairs. Again, no one there, same circumstances as before.

That concludes the BEK coincidences. I'll admit after the second time I still have a lot of trepidation about it. I've had wrong door knocks, pranks, visitors and marketers knock on my door before and since and none had that solidity, and the second time was at two in the morning! You can't really hide unless you book it, and I mean, book it, for the street or rocks that form one part of slope, but that would make a lot of noise.

I dunno if it is truly just a coincidence, or a warning, or something playing with me. On the other hand, if it -was- something with preternatural senses, maybe it knew that I don't answer a door unarmed? Especially late at night there is always something on my hip. So maybe they didn't want their mortal coils to suffer a .40 or .45 to the head. Who knows, but for a subject I usually enjoyed mostly for the creepiness and the kind of hybridization of vampire/demon this has changed my outlook on it a bit. No actual encounter, but the same event twice under almost identical circumstances? Yeah...
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posted on Aug, 29 2013 @ 11:58 AM
Discussion welcome! Few more to come as time permits

posted on Aug, 29 2013 @ 01:59 PM
reply to post by UnmitigatedDisaster

Sounds like you had your share of paranormal experiences. Your postings were quite a bit long, i was reluctant to read about. But sounds to me you had some full apparition experiences, which always freaks out people for the first time.

posted on Aug, 29 2013 @ 02:26 PM
Sorry, I prefer to provide all the details I can remember, versus an 'omg I saw a ghost!'
I know they are a bit wordy though >

posted on Aug, 30 2013 @ 02:20 PM

Welcome to the other side...

I´ve encountered shadow people before... i couldnt sleep for a week.

This is an interesting format, perhaps I can share some stories aswell. I´ve had also good
encounters, truly fantastical that helped me survive (literally) the bad ones.

Keep on posting!

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 12:17 PM
reply to post by UnmitigatedDisaster

Great posts, really does make you wonder!

Could you link me to the BEK thread(s) you were reading at the time? I wanna see if I can somehow get the same thing :p

posted on Sep, 3 2013 @ 04:21 PM

reply to post by UnmitigatedDisaster

Great posts, really does make you wonder!

Could you link me to the BEK thread(s) you were reading at the time? I wanna see if I can somehow get the same thing :p

Here you go

I was browsing through this thread and the links inside it at the time.

I was reading through it again a few nights ago and did not have anything occur, which could totally indicate that the first two were just coincidence of some kind. Repeated testing that yields the same result and all that...but personally not entirely convinced it was random chance

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