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A seed in the abyss.

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posted on Aug, 28 2013 @ 03:18 AM
I am Standing over a precipice I now see in me. My soul is falling into darkness and deep into egos deceit . My eyes look down heartless. In the abyss, I see my own hands reaching up to me. They are begging for an assist. The calluses on the grey skin, the scars of broken flesh are telling me who this is. My God , it is my devil I will not forgive. My god, this is a mirror of who I am consumed by sin.

I smack away his hand and kick him down into my hell. I follow, throwing myself head first into the darkness like a hatchling through its shell. As I am falling to the ground, all I hear is the screaming. Tormenting sounds of who I am full of malice and treason. Who I am in doubt, Who I am at my most devious. I am swallowed, deep into hates gut. I am consumed. but I don’t panic. I am like an arrow in transit. I am a missile in pursuit.

I see it.

I hit the ground hard. My soul is shattered. I am beaten. I stand but my mirror devil can deceive me. He hides so I trip on my own feet while I am searching. He laughs and scratches my back like whips slashing away freewill and all purpose. I cry out for my God to bring me under his wings and fly me out of this predicament. Bring me up back to him.

The silence is broken yet again by a laugh. The hyena, my devil snarling as he grins at every pass. Devouring my sin as his claws slash. The blood is pouring, I am falling to my knees. I cannot stand. He, like a predator, his jaws to my flesh are firmly latched.

I see madness. I close my eyes and see nothing but what I am. I am centered. I look up and the light is there again. I lift a leg and then the other, and soon I can stand. Now I am moving towards all the evil I am as a mortal man.

I am fearless. I am not afraid of what I see. I am not blinded. My light now lights the path for me. I now believe. My faith is timeless, I am always what I wish to be. I am a person who can forgive the devil in you and me.

I am.

The depth shrinks as I grow. The light like the sun´s heat, nudging me along. I stand towering over all that used to be. The fear is gone. The void is filled with the roots of my faith I now perceive. I hold on. The abyss is but a place for this tree of life to grow, and grow strong.

It is a place for me to become me and my devil to defeat. A place for my spirit to grow tall like tree. Its branches full of fruit and flowers for all to see. I am beautiful, I am abundant. I am truly me.

The seed is dropped, it is never plucked by humanity.
The seed falls, and grows where ever the need be.

A forest of spirit. A forest of trees and seeds.

A wilderness of soul growing in the light of harmony.

I am free.


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