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Looking for an art collaborator

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posted on Aug, 19 2013 @ 07:03 PM
Hey artists of ATS,

I was looking for a co artist('s) for a long term project. All I can really say at this point without divulging into the blood and guts of the actual topic themes and story behind what I am trying to do is that this is the point in a project I have envisioned and spent quite a bit of time on developing a story for a video game. This is the point where I would like to start story boarding and start conceptual art for major scenery, characters, etc. The reason I would like to have an artist or two work with me on this is that I think it will bring a different dynamic to development of characters and the overall project by eliminating in some instances the redundancy of the same style of work from a single artist. This is a horror/scifi/detective themed game but its overall premise is not what you think. I will share the details to those intently interested in story boarding with me. This is a long term project and if I manage to get some partners in crime the credit will be shared equally. Any serious takers let me know here post some of your work or U2U me anyone interested in comics and or writing would be awesome. I think many on ATS would really like what it is I have been creating, now I want to see it come to life with differing talents and styles. I would very much like one or two artists to become the characters we hash out who does what and make them their own I want this to have the feel that the characters are different people and not just an aspect or two of one person in real life. I will explain the whole project if anyone is interested, maybe we can talk to a mod and make a thread only we can comment in and let our creative process be shared online as we create this. So any takers I would greatly love the company on this and I think it will be rewarding if it comes to life.


also I do have some people in mind that I will be U2Uing there is alot of serious talent here in our little community
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posted on Aug, 19 2013 @ 07:40 PM
Have you worked in this sort of project before?

posted on Aug, 19 2013 @ 07:52 PM
reply to post by kkrattiger

Yes but nothing as involved as this one, I am a writer and an artist spent quite a few years of my life storyboarding and making mini graphic novels. I have never produced a video game though, this project is all about laying the frame work for one

Some samples

I do not put any of my graphic novel art online anywhere as I keep those in my concept art bin and some of my other stuff is to offensive for ATS

Some writing samples

posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 02:15 AM
Saw this thread and created a account.

If i can help you let me know.

I'm a Hobbyist 3d (character) modeller, rigger(hate it) , animator and (unity)environment designer.
At the moment I'm trying to learn some basic c-sharp and java game scripting.But using the other side of my creative brain is kinda hard;-)

I don't want to kill your dream but without any experience in the sector your dream won't be fulfilled by any universal forces. You must have the skills of a director if you start a project and that's a lot of knowledge to learn.

Man I don't know you and I've only read two topics of you and I know by now you're a person with his heart in the right place and I would love to help you if you really want to push it further. But don't make the common mistake like many did before you because your heart will break and your project will end in a basket.

In this case, think SMALL learn about it as much as you can and you'll succeed.

And if you think small and come up with a game concept that has a chance I would love to convert your concept art in 3d models the best i can.

Here is some of my work:



Hope the links work.

I'm going to post a animation later in photo bucket , a very weird optical illusion I created.

Maybe I'll hear from you. You can contact me anytime if you have a question or whatever.


posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 02:19 AM
Half of what i wrote isn't in the reply above here. I'll edit it later

posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 05:12 AM
reply to post by animtrax

Im just strictly working on everything leading up to 3d design and animation, thats where this journey ends for me and those that choose to work on it with me. just the script, storyboard, design, etc etc but your more then welcome to help out if you want U2U me and I like your work

posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 07:31 PM
Sorry I may not send private messages to anyone other then ats staff members.

posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 09:51 PM
YOur work is very nice, since you cant u2u we can talk in here. I will be back in a couple of day after typing everything in my notebooks and sketch books commentary. Are you interested?

posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 10:09 PM
Lets give it a try. I'll see what i can do for you.

Did you see the optic illusion mov in my photo bucket?

posted on Aug, 21 2013 @ 05:10 PM
reply to post by animtrax

If you are reffering to the octagon/triangle conversion yes, I thought it was awesome along with your other models.

posted on Aug, 24 2013 @ 12:17 AM
I meant the short animation.

You wrote you and the people you found are going to do everything up to modelling and animation. Do you realise that is the first 1% of game dev?

I hope you know what is involved in game development. it's not only about writing, concept art, modelling and animation you know.

Your Idea sounds big like an idea for a 3d platform game. It means you need a big team with some experienced people who know what has to be done. I'm not in the know to be one of those people. I'm no more then a amateur junior modeller and need to be directed during the project.

Before I start converting concepts into 3d models and put a lot of time in it I have to be convinced this project has a chance to succeed.

Create a team before you start anything. Introduce me to some people who know what has to be done and did it before. And organise some online meetings for the team.

you need

character modellers
asset modellers
env modellers
texture artists
light riggers
vfx artists
game programmers
sound artists
and a lot more to make this a success. Look at the credits of a game you have.

This is why i said before don't make a mistake and end up with a headache. Start with something very small like a mobile app game. A lot of people before you started these kind of no cure no pay projects after having a big dream and 90% of them end in a nightmare and a lot of time spend for nothing.

Download the free version of a game engine play with it and read a lot about it.
Gaine some knowledge of all the aspects of game dev before you dive into the ocean.

A writer is a writer, A modeller is a modeller a animator a animator and none of them is able to develop a game (with a few very intelligent exemptions)

Start with a game like pong(remember that one?) and end up with the big platform games of today and grow with the process and technological evolution.

Like I said I don't want to destroy your dream but everybody in the industry knows these things. Big dreams most of the time end in a basket even with experienced people. The key is to start very small and even that I personally am not able to do. I wouldn't even think about it to start a project like this. I know my amateur level thing about the art process. I know a bit of animation but the technical stuff is far out of my league.

You have to be very realistic about this. You start this so make sure you have a basic understanding of what needs to be done during the process so you can direct this. The directors who have no understanding of what needs to be done have millions to spend to let others do it for them. I've seen people with lots of years experience in the industry fail on their own project.

Don't think it's computer work and it materialises(softwareialises or whatever you should call it) out of thin air. There is a lot of work involved in every part of the process and there is no create art button on the pc or mac. There is a create game button in the engine but even that won't work without creating the gamescripts, assets and sets by hand.

Create a day by day strategy for the team. Think about workflow and death lines.

In reality the models (characters and assets) are only inserted into the game engine just before rendering the end product. You have to work with stand in objects especially if you don't have a super computer/processor as big as a room or else the computers freeze every few seconds on the polycount calc . I don't know if game studio's work with render farms. I render my 3d animations on a small farm in my basement studio but i don't know how the render process for games work.

Some tips:

Download a game engine. I recommend Unity. you can use it for free as long as the project isn't commercial

Download a free version of Zbrush on even if you're not going to use it for game creation I think you as a artist will be addicted to it after a few hours of playing with it) on you can see lots of inspirational work of the pro's and concept artist who use it. Lots of traditional painters and sculptors use it and love it. It's one of the best softwares in the industry. Show the community your concept art for feedback and critics.

Download a open source 3d package like blender and experiment a little with it so you have a basic understanding.

Do you have a understanding of camera angles, rule of thirds, shot continuity and so on. you'll need this before you start with storyboarding.

But first of al try to find a team with people who know their thing. Introduce them to each other and have some online meetings before starting anything.

I don't like to say it but I'm afraid your idea is to big for someone without experience in the sector and is born to fail. So don't disappoint yourself and and learn as much about it as you can. I can't say it enough. Start with something SMALL that has a chance to succeed and not with movie script like games.

posted on Aug, 24 2013 @ 01:35 AM
reply to post by animtrax

hey I play with daz, blender, construct, and all kinds of other things. IDK why you would want to go on off to the deep end trying to tell me about an art project, I am probably a lot older then you to begin with not that this has bearing in some things, however I do believe it has a point in knowing what and where you want to take your art. I am saying that I probably know gaming alot better then you and been alive and active in the scene for quite some time, saying, doing, or conspiriatorial proof in this art forum to verify work is against my religion. It seems to me you get quite testy, are you still interested?

Also this is about everything leading up to that SH IT you were on about if you want to animate something you are a talented 3d artist on daz etc et al give me time i would really like someone like you on my team!!!
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posted on Aug, 24 2013 @ 03:15 AM
Please don't feel offended by what I wrote. I just want to help. I did understood you didn't have experience in game dev. and 3d but only comics storyboarding, painting, concept art and story writing because you wrote that's where your journey ends.

I'm glad to hear you have knowledge about some 3d progs and game engines. Like I wrote I'm no more then a junior(amateur) modeller that needs to be directed. I'm realistic and honest.

i worked on a no cure no pay project before and after three months they stopped. It was a waste of my time and effort. That's what i worried about.

Why do you start to attack me about experience and age? I would love to be criticised but I don't want to be attacked or slammed. you are the master bro.

It seems seems you feel offended and can't handle any critics, feedback or advice because you are the master.

I didn't attack you in any way! Every artist young and old should love to be criticised and receive feedback until the day they can create what the old masters like Davinci did in the days. This means although you claim to be older and have lots of experience you have a lot to learn like all of us.

I don't even dare to give any more critics on your online drawings and paintings because I'm afraid you start hitting me with your fist after this reaction of yours. All I can say about it is i have a lack of anatomical knowledge myself and I can see it.

I wish you all the luck in the world with this project.

Here my journey ends and only because of your attack in your last post master.

posted on Aug, 24 2013 @ 02:24 PM
reply to post by animtrax

Im sorry, I have been having a really stressful week at work Ive been under the hood non stop welding long hours. It is not an excuse for lashing at you but I hope you except my apology. I didn't mean to come off so dickish actually it really isn't like me to say things like that at all.

posted on Aug, 30 2013 @ 08:55 PM
Can I please try and revive the mood a bit in this thread?

I had a VERY rare opportunity to influence a very talented artist into using PCs as a medium and 8 years later it turned into a short-term PC game artist job. The guy I influenced became an art director for a small game dev company that hired me as an asset artist. I basically created tiling environment textures and some interior textures as well as detail maps and sprites and environment billboards (this was back in the days, first gen xbox).

I basically saw major PC game companies rise and fall in my 2+ yrs exp in that field. Truthfully this was still the best job I've ever had and I see why many want to be there. I was a peon who gained nothing but a great experience, but it does not get me another job anytime soon. This was a Tolkien title and I didn't see a dime of royalties (yes I worked on Mordor).

I also volunteered years earlier for people with great ideas, they never panned out no matter how brilliant the coders were.

None of this, and your rude response to Anitimatrax should deter you from still pursuing this. If you have a great idea then it should be pursued.

Do listen to all the advice given my friend, it will help you in the end no matter how inappropriate it may seem. You are gifted and I do not mean to ever influence you from your vision.

Thanks for sharing and reaching out, I will help if I can

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 12:04 PM
reply to post by Aliquandro

I did PM you first about this before this thread your talent is amazing you do things I wish I could jealous isnt a word but awe and admiration is the limited words I can use to describe what it is I see in what you create thank you for trying to put this back on track. I am very serious about what I present although my time is limited I have acting boards script and all kinds of things but nothing I have is coherent other then to me as I am old school everything is in notebooks and sketch pads would love to share but only with the right people

my rude response comes from many years of work in development I can and do make my own 2d and 3d images games and technical and mechanical designs I got pissed when someone suggested these things I should learn after a day of having to interpret cad to my boss who wanted me to weld something backwards upside down and in the wrong place and then someone comes along and just fired me up I apologized for that I was wrong and I am sorry I pushed another away I said I was apologetic and sorry no one has to forgive me and saying I am sorry doesnt make things ok either whether excepted or not either way I will continue this project
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posted on Aug, 6 2016 @ 12:33 PM
a reply to: Brotherman

I would love to see more of your art work

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