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Things you WOULD disappear over, ATS can't handle

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posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 07:27 AM
I have a lot of respect for ATS, I truly believe real education is here, not in school.

But ATS is not God, ATS has limits, and even though those limits are so far off into the horizon.

Limits are real for those who would travel that far to see them. (it would be last thing they saw too)

You can post on ATS real information about Extraterrestrials for example, and not worry at all. The highest government secrets you can expose and not worry about being disappeared. Sure you would be added to list of total surveillance (even in bathroom) because government would want to know where you got your facts.

But you won't be necessarily disappeared, in fact you probably wouldn't.


What are those things, that if you knew them......and posted them.....would make you sail into the sunset 100%.

And ATS would be forced to erase your thread and pretend you never logged in.

Maybe if you had personal video of Obama incriminating himself,
If you had body of an alien or his craft in your possession, the real thing.

OR maybe if you knew the next big false flag and posted the details, the names, the places, You Would Be Gone 100% I believe.

This thread is just to point out, that everything has limits, absolutes belong to God only.

posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 07:58 AM
Start posting the particulars of high level classified information, that has never been "leaked" to the public, and you'll see how fast the spooks go into action. It'll happen so fast, you'll think they were already here.

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posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 08:01 AM
Or possibly if you got definitive proof that god doesn't exist

I think if you had the kind of knowledge,evidence or material that was so inflammatory or of the highest possible level of classified then you'd be crazy to post it here or anywhere else.

You'd best disappear off the radar before you're made to disappear.

Oh and make sure your driving an old school motor lwith carbs,contact breaker and no ABS,no ECU's controlling your steering

posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 08:31 AM
reply to post by fastbob72

How would one go about definitive proof? What if God is science/works through science? There is a theory our universe has an operating system perse, what if this is God? A lot of people get confused and think of God as a being so they are out there to prove a being doesn't exist. Sorry for being off topic lol and not meant as an attack just trying to put out a few things to ponder.

posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 08:48 AM
unless you life in a movie you wont dissapear over anything you post on ATS.

If you really did have something huge to report like a video of Obama killing a bunch of puppies, having sex with another man then praying to Allah for a new 9/11 and that his communist take over of america works out.... then you would not post it on ATS.

you would do what Snowden has done.

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posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 09:02 AM

Originally posted by OtherSideOfTheCoin
unless you life in a movie you wont dissapear over anything you post on ATS.

If you really did have something huge to report like a video of Obama killing a bunch of puppies, have sex with another man then praying to Allah for a new 9/11 and that his communist take over of america works out.... then you would not post it on ATS.

you would do what Snowden has done.

Now we begin to see the real inner workings of your mind .....

I agree though you wont disappear over anything you post on ATS, well unless its an account ban .....

posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 10:06 AM
reply to post by AnyoneSeenJustice

They do act fast to erase what you post. But this thread does still exist. And I can name some names and they will not delete those. But the original story was destroyed by the Mods.

Who did this? Boris of Jaded Security. He is a CISSP hacker for Homeland Security. He did get in trouble with paper work filed but then pulled out his dual citizenship of being a US/Israeli citizen and pulled his UN credentials to say what he did was legal under UN rules on UN over site of elections. He still works for Homeland Security and Jaded Security the subcontractor. And he ran for board member of CISSP so he could even run the hacking program. ISC2 be damned. ISC2 is in charge of the over site of the certificates such as CISSP and EH.

posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 10:08 AM
I have some friends who insist that places like ATS are government psy-ops, or at least have been infiltrated by paid trolls to maintain discord among the people.

I have posed this question in a thread, and was amazed at how quickly that thread was shut down, although there was far less trolling and bickering going on there than in many other threads on this site.

It appears (to me) that ATS owners and operators do not like to be questioned about their motives, perhaps citing that this subject is "old hat"....nonetheless, if you poke the beast in a certain way, you will get a reaction.

Now, there a certain groups in this world who thrive on human discord. Anyone who is even partially awake and aware of the human condition can see that.

This discord is perpetuated through various systems which we have come to think of as perfectly normal:

-War Is The Answer-

While one of the cornerstones of a strong nation is a strong defense, it doesn't take a professional historian to see that many countries have trouble minding their own business.

There is a difference between national defense and pre-meditated offense. Wherever there is a chance to gain territory and resources, there is a plan to do so.

Of course, many sing the song of patriotism to justify all of the actions necessary to go into another country and impose the policies and customs of their homeland. Spreading 'freedom' and 'democracy' through the site of a gun and the screen of a guided missile system has become the standard excuse for perpetual conflict.

-High Interest Rates Are Normal-

Banks rely on public ignorance, mailing out millions of credit card offers at interest rates that initially seem fair. Younger people, especially, fall victim to this concept. What the banks do not openly tell you (it's in the fine print) is that if you fall on hard times and cannot make your payments, you will be slammed with late fees and the interest will pile up and never, ever stop.

Eventually you will be sued and your paycheck will be garnished. The courts will rule that you must still pay ongoing interest, regardless of your financial situation. Your other option is bankruptcy, which will run you around $1200 at least - hard to do for someone who is already struggling.

Again, they rely on the ignorance and impulsiveness of people who want things NOW, rather than saving up their money and simply buying what they want.

My advice is that if you want to build your credit, set aside money specifically for that purpose, and get a card with a modest limit, use it sparingly and never spend more than the cash you have saved for this purpose.

-Everyone Has The Right To Happiness Through Government Programs-

People have all but given up their personal power in exchange for security via receiving government help. In the US, half of the citizens are on welfare, while the other half pay 20-30% of their earnings to support the government and its dependents.

This ratio of workers to non-workers has just about reached its sustainable limit. You simply can't have all of the people on welfare, because there would be no workers to pay into the system. The other alternative would be government work programs (labor camps)... at which point you would have a very 'Chinese' model of a country.

Socialism/Communism as a concept may seem favorable to some (everyone gets a "fair share") but the X-factor here is intent; Government does not want to see their people thrive, because any acquisition of wealth is a potential threat to their power.

-Good News Is No News-

We are kept in a pen of fearful uncertainty about the world we live in. They say bad news travels fast. When we drive past a car wreck, we all crane our necks to see how much damage and gore we can see.

This is because it's a relief to us - "glad that's not me!" - to see others in discord and disarray. Remember how it felt when the teacher was yelling at someone else in class? It was hard to hold in our giggles sometimes, wasn't it? But when we are the one in trouble, oh boy!


posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 10:08 AM
-Human Nature Will Never Change -

While human nature is certainly to blame, from the top of the hierarchical pyramid to the gutters of the streets, there is very little effort being made by those in control to actually enlighten humanity. Kindness, compassion and wisdom are not courses taught in traditional schools. We tend to rely on our religious leaders for moral guidance, but we rely on the education system to train us how to survive in the world.

Unfortunately, math and science courses don't broadly include instructions on how to be an ethical accountant, a morally upstanding scientist or doctor, nor do political or history courses warn about government corruption, or collusion between corporate and state powers. Competitiveness over ethics is the general rule.

In closing, my point is this...

If anyone can make great strides in alleviating the syndrome of "every man for himself" then they will become an automatic threat to the powers which keep us bent over in competition and fear.

Martin Luther King, Jr., John Lennon, JFK, Gandhi... all shining examples of ambassadors of good will, and all executed via the proverbial "lone gunman." These are the types of people who are 'disappeared' when the truth is spoken too loudly.

posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 10:10 AM
reply to post by DeReK DaRkLy

You mean like ATS is bringing AMA ask me anything to ATS. Strange how the Denver Police Department has been running AMA on redit.

posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 11:21 AM
reply to post by JBA2848

You mean like ATS is bringing AMA ask me anything to ATS. Strange how the Denver Police Department has been running AMA on redit.

"Ask Me Anything" is an interesting concept...
It suggests that by creating a special forum for questions, there is more truth to be found.

However, on a website like this one that is already comprised of questions, answers and opinions, what is the motivation for it?

posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 04:11 PM
I used to be a moderator on another site with similar subject matters with a fairly well known host. Without saying too much about that, I just want to say that the number one goal for a site owner, its administrators, and moderators is to keep the website going and out of trouble. Lawsuits, injunctions and whatnot are pretty scary things if you own a website. It may be viewed by posters as a lack of integrity but honestly, that's better than losing your website and eliminating the discussions taking place there because of one thing.

There are curious things that go on with message boards but, from my experience, everyone on that team were working together to promote discussion, not inhibit or guide it (except when needed due to a TOC violation--people can get nasty lol). Sometimes that meant overlooking or deleting things we didn't like to avoid serious trouble. The point is, we didn't like it.

posted on Aug, 19 2013 @ 08:43 AM
I would buy brass knuckles for any bathroom peeping toms.

Actually doubt anyone disappears over this, it has to do with absolute proof. No one is given that.

But I believe in the protection of HS and that low level orcs and trolls don't have authority over good people. So people should do the right thing always.

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