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I wrote a little something about facebook , i'd like to share to help people!!

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posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 04:37 AM
Hey folks .... here is an email i sent my Brother , who is 5years older than me outlining why i have quit facebook yesterday, and why he should also consider what the truth of the site is, and the way people conduct themselves.... In my eyes at least , and some supporting news articles also...

I hope you enjoy the read and it helps some folks on here , or even if you want to take some info from it for your own use in sending to people... be my guest

" Some psychology for you to read into.....

Hey Scott,

I have found myself getting more and more irritated by people on facebook....

Not Yourself, Rach , or any of our family members - new and old.

Here's some background psychology you may like to read i came across.....

Its certainly true , but just for reference ....

What some may think is positive , may actually be doing them the complete opposite...

Daily Mail - Top Facebook irritations

and this also....

Daily Mail - How to lose friends via facebook

Read the links, absorb them, and do some further checks into the stuff.

Its fair to say ... always consider the background of what may seems like a purely innocent post... as it may actually begin to drive others away.

There are other platforms to be used in communication between friends , family , potential customers and converts .

Just because many people do something... doesn’t make it right!!!

I despise this whole overly proud parent thing... makes me sick , and I’m just glad facebook wasn’t about when i was a kid , as i don’t want to be broadcast into 100 , 200 , 500 ,2000 peoples in-box and news-line on any given day - most days for the majority of people.

Diaries are made to keep track of behind the scene stuff you get up-to... and diaries are supposed to be private , unless you decide to write a book or something about your achievements.

What also made me mad was Sarah's (that’s Scott, and My Sister) reply to my facebook closure , she said - "Since I don't email, that's fine! Have a good life!" What the #!!! she cant live or operate , or even speak with family ever again without the website... that’s sad! so bloody sad! , facebook is impersonal , family is personal , hence ... pick up the bloody phone , speak at least twice a week with each other on the thing, send a letter , a postcard whatever!!! Wireless communication has been going on across the Atlantic since 1901, UK to America, and other means of letter etc also a very long similar time-frame. So this has gone on and been possible for over 100 years , yet my Sister is unable to speak to me EVER AGAIN without facebook!!! HAHAHA have i really got this right????... I’ve not had a single private correspondence from Sarah in 6+ months total minimum say 1 or 2 in the past year and a half, if I'm lucky...., what have i lost not having facebook???? oh yeah , she cant see what I'm doing in my day to day activities , but she never even contacts me through it anyway.... massively impersonal for a supposed personal family... hmmmm or has that changed ??? is family now in the public domain for all to point laugh love or scrutinise?? well it seems so, what with this type of family matter and all proud parents etc... wanting to get a piece of attention from as many people that don’t give a damn about it as possible.... these people don’t like the posts they like.... they just feel the need to like their friends posts.... as a having 50 likes on a post is nothing... its just purely sad unadulterated attention seeking or approval seeking....
Only weak people need or seek attention and approval!!!!!
And i for one am not weak!! , yes...i may have been down at times and like to have a friend to turn to... facebook is not a friend and broadcasting yourself is not a friend inducing act either... but most people on the facebook site are however weak , they need a shepherd , they need guidance , they need approval , they need attention... this doesn’t make them a celebrity , it just makes them attention seekers in a small, close knit group of people who read facebook religiously like it is some kind of messiah website - when the truth is - IT'S NOT!!

Take this information how you want ...

You're a psychologist after-all.... and this should make sense to you!!!


I hope this read has been somewhat informative, and may help others see the light, in the negativity of facebook.

(Not that my fellow abovetopsecret'ers dont already know this stuff!!)
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posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 04:54 AM
reply to post by the2010apprentice

I have had a fb account for about 5-6 years and have not had any issues, My friends and family are scattered all over the United States almost all the folks I fb with are basically us grandma's showing off grandchildrens pictures, exchanging good recipes, garden tips and a lot of talk about the weather...pretty boring stuff but we all get along fine...Oh yeah we also let each other know when someone dies...Then we send inspirational quotes and where to send flowers...Us granny's would be lost without facebook...Sorry you have had a bad time on facebook...

posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 05:00 AM
reply to post by shells4u

There's the quote i was looking for :

Us granny's would be lost without facebook...

Please.... come on... Use your head for other methods.

And also....

basically us grandma's showing off grandchildrens pictures

Thats seems like pure attention seeking.... by the words... "showing off".. maybe you are an attention seeker also, and sure thats just fine.

I understand sending postcards , photos, letters , emails, showing to family and friends in person

Do you want to have images of your kids 1 , 3 , 5 year olds broadcast worldwide...

You dont actually think its 'just' you're friends who see this stuff??

I love privacy , facebook = everything, but privacy
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Another question then, is it just the youth in todays age who are infected by this stuff ?
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posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 05:12 AM
For any that may wonder of my closing speech for ideas themselves...
Here is my closing statement....

So the time has finally arrived.....
No more updates of who's had what for dinner
No more invites to stupid crappy online games
No more mundane updates of who's checked in where
No more bullcrap company advertising I have no interest in
No more political & philosophical mumbo-jumbo
No more updates on how amazing, average or bad life is
No more reading drab updates with "just saying" at the end
No more Let-Me-Tell-You-Every-Detail-of-My-Day Bores
No more bombardments of whats going on in reality tv

And finally....

No more Craig S Morton on Facebook, ever again!!

So there we have it.....


If you need me....

call me,txt me,email me,knock me door or send me a postcard

(phone number here)
(email address here)
(address here)

See you in the real world !!!

** This profile will self destruct in 7 days **

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posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 05:16 AM
I think if you are having a problem with something then stop it, change it or end it. However I don't agree with FB being a huge problem for me.

Used in the right ( only IMO of course) it's a fantastic tool, another excellent way of communication. I have ONlY friends on my FB that are family & real life true friends.

People I have grew up with, hugged, socialised with, people I went to school with, people who attended my wedding. A lot live far away now or some have always lived far away.

Therefore were only seen once a yr or so. Wedding, major birthdays and so on. I love the fact I can communicate, see photos or hear about events in their lives.

Of course, phone calls and snail mail would make all this possible, but why be afraid to embrace a different and quicker and cheaper form of communication. I'm sure the old telephone was scary and daunting once.

In saying all of this I am 37 and not interested in 100s of people that I don't know liking a post about what colour I pained my nails, who I went shopping with, who I seen whilst there and what I ate and so on.

It can be dangerous for the very young or naive or uneducated. Education of social media is needed in homes and schools. Sorry you've had a bad time and I guess in that case you've done the best thing for you.

But believe it or not its a really helpful tool for many personally and even business
But if you feel it's not for you then simply like you have done delete it

posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 05:42 AM
I think i'm on a quest for Bigger, Greater things in life.

No offence to anybody on facebook with any previous posts...

I just find my time is eaten up by the trivial and boring world of facebook.

I hate when people say they cant live or communicate without facebook...

thats the kind of chat that makes me not want to use it.

I am just trying to show my side of the coin and back it up with published articles.

we are all different.... but we are all still human... and for that i love my fellow people

peace x

posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 06:33 AM
reply to post by the2010apprentice

Let me check the year... It's 2013 already ok

If you don't like fb just close your account and go quest for bigger things no need to make a fuzz about it people make their own choices even if they just want to be the same as their surroundings.

I rarely use facebook. I open an account to search for people that I don't really know besides name and face (lol) because it's a good database (lol again) and I close the account as soon as I'm fed up with it. Last time was in 2011 I guess I don't know.

Leaves me with just one question. How many likes did your farewell post get?

posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 07:17 AM
My friends & family are scattered everywhere, in the US & outside it. I don't have a huge list, just only those dear to me (under 60, actually) I'd love to send old-fashioned snail mail to keep in touch, but holy moley, that would get expensive fast with postage. So I keep in touch via Facebook instead. It's quicker responses than email, and everyone can chat in a group setting. It makes for great conversations that just can't be had in an email format. I have just one person blocked from my feed, and that's only because they make ATS look like the epitome of calm sanity

The rest, well, I've got a few friends who drone on and on and on about the same subject all day, every day. I bite my tongue frequently with them. Yes, I see you have a single passion you focus on entirely, but it's getting old. Really old. I'm due for a wall block from them for a while, because there's only so much of a broken record one can take.

And I do have one of those exercise freaks on there. Their constant fitness regime & dietary updates drive me up the wall

posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 07:37 AM
reply to post by the2010apprentice

For someone who is so against attention seeking as you put it, you sure as hell are doing the right thing posting on ATS, what do you think that will bring you, hmmm!!! lemme see?
Oh! I've got it! ATTENTION, yes thats exactly what you will get. I don't think any members of facebook will terminate their account, because one individual with a facebook account gets ther knickers in a twist.... Really! grow up. You are telling the world you are fed up with facebook and its ideals, and what will the world reply to that? "tell someone who cares" seriously put this to bed and move on to whatever it is you think you are destined for. and hope to god it doesn't bring you any attention...

posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 07:50 AM
reply to post by the2010apprentice

No more updates of who's had what for dinner
No more invites to stupid crappy online games
No more mundane updates of who's checked in where
No more bullcrap company advertising I have no interest in
No more political & philosophical mumbo-jumbo
No more updates on how amazing, average or bad life is
No more reading drab updates with "just saying" at the end
No more Let-Me-Tell-You-Every-Detail-of-My-Day Bores
No more bombardments of whats going on in reality tv could apply most of those "No more" claims right here at ATS................and yet here you are......posting away

posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 09:06 AM
I agree that the excessive use of facebook is something that needs to be backed away from, and despite all it's good points there are many many harmful ones. I don't however think that it's what we don't like about others and what they do on facebook that should be the deciding factor, as this is a personal matter and not one about facebook itself.

"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves." - Carl G Jung

I do however think facebook is very unhealthy for other reasons, namely what I call 'drip-fed-information'. I already made a post about this here I also think it's filled with alot of unhealthy ego-boosting stuff and people's neurosis and self-esteem issues are praised, not all but there's alot.

Personally I don't think the answer is to obliterate the use of facebook completely, but to maybe take some time out and rethink what it is that we're getting out of it personally and how it could be used in a more fullfilling less brain-washy manner. Merely not using it doesn't help it become better, cos the fact is it's become largely integrated into people's lives now and not using it won't change that. I think the ability to contact many people all over the world is a valuable tool that we could learn how to use more effectively, rather than just throwing it out of the toolbox.

posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 09:17 AM
reply to post by the2010apprentice

There’s a beauty to FB you’re forgetting whether intentionally or not.

FB allows us to interact - like no other time in history - instantly and on a personal level with people from all around the globe.

For someone like me who loves people, the world, other cultures? It’s priceless. I can see what they see through their eyes. This perpetuates understanding, acceptance even love.

I’ve made some wonderful friends via FB - even met some of them ‘for real’ - and I am better off for it.

FB is also what you make it. If you want to use it for a crutch - it will be - just like any other crutch. You want to use it and refine it into a tool to enjoy? It will be that also.

To address all the: ‘But they might get my information!’

News Flash - They already got it.


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