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Angel Stories/Divine Intervention stories, do you have one??

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posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 11:27 AM
After reading the thread Mystery Angel, I'm reminded of other stories of supposed 'divine intervention' by angels or other supernatural beings. My question: do YOU, the reader, know of any other stories like this? Have YOU expirenced something like this? I'd love to hear all your stories.

**NOTE** This isnt a thread to debate if there are supernatural forces at work or not in this universe, there are other threads for that discussion. Troll posts that claim "there is no such thing" etc or ANY other off topic posts WILL be reported promptly.

In other words, STAY ON TOPIC.

Myself, I have a few stories myself of something of the nature, and hearing of miracles of survival similar to the above linked post, due to working as an EMT.
One night, while working in an ER as an orderly, a call came over the radio. Tractor trailer accident on I95 was coming in. The ambulance came in with the driver, who was awake and alert, with no visible injuries. He was assessed, x rays done, etc. While he's being assessed, the police officers who were involved in the call brought pics they took of the wrecked vehicle. All I can say is by the pics, the cab was completely destroyed. Noone should survived, yet this guy did, WITHOUT A SINGLE INJURY. So scratches, ANYTHING. The driver told us he didnt remember what happened, that he was driving down the interstate and next thing he knows he's on the side of the road, looking at his wreck. Even the attending paramedics say he shouldnt have survived, or should have had severe injuries. Did something protect him? Did a guardian angel pull him out of the truck after crashing?

I have another story that's not really related, but will stick with me for the rest of my life.
Again, one night I'm working in the ER. We had an elderly patient in there that was pretty much out of it the entire time she was in there. When it came time to transport her to her room, I was selected to take her.
As we got off the elevator on her floor, she looked up at me, with clarity in her eyes, and asked me if I was her angel and was I taking her to heaven. I smiled and told her no, I'm just taking her to her room.
The next day, while taking another patient to the same floor, I inquired about the prior patient. The charge nurse told me she passed away peacefully an hour after I took her up to her room.
That caused me to get chills and really made me think about her the rest of the day.

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posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 11:31 AM

Reminds me of a story My mom used to tell. When my younger brother was a Baby, he and my Mother where driving, the car had some problem that caused the engine to catch fire mid drive.

They pulled over alone on the side of the rode at night, She was panicked as smoke filled the cabin of the car once it stopped she tried to get my brother out of the back seat, by this point the cars front seat had already caught fire. She was panicking and couldn't get my brother out.

She claims at that moment Two men showed up, one pulled her out of the way and calmly walked her to the side of the rode, while the 2nd man my moms words Ripped the car seat my brother was in out of the car and walked him over to My mom.

She was checking over my brother hysterically, when she glanced back to the men, Who she had thought went back to the car. There was no one there, empty high way middle of the night, she was taking him at like 3 am because he couldn't sleep and she would take him on a long road near our house to get him to sleep.

Until her death she never recanted the story, and I remember a seat belt she kept in her drawer that was torn, not cut. She said it was stuck to the bottom of the car seat. In my Agnostic days I used to joke about the PCP addicts who wander the roads at night ripping apart cars and how she got lucky.

From that thread, thats mine.

ETA a more personal exp

I also have something that happened to me that was "odd". One time I was driving home late at night, some dude cut me off, and in that monument I saw that car flipped over in a ditch.

Sure enough the guy gets off at my exit, the vision was so clear, that instead of going the way I was supposed to, I followed him, sure enough not a block after the freeway exit he takes a turn so sharp that he ends up in the exact ditch I saw him in.

Got there pulled him out of the car and called the fire department, the guy was dead drunk and the car caught fire, I wonder what would of happened if I had ignored the flash I saw.
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posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 11:32 AM
reply to post by benrl

Your story inspired this thread

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posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 11:36 AM

Originally posted by HomerinNC
reply to post by benrl

Your story inspired this thread

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Glad I could inspire lol.

The thing about my Mom's story was it happened during my "agnostic/Atheist" Days, where that type of story used to make me roll my eyes and laugh at people that expound them.

Life has shown me otherwise by now.

posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 12:08 PM
reply to post by HomerinNC

When I was a teenager, I had an angelic being appear to me and tell me to stop doing the stuff I was doing.

A short version of it is that a light appeared in the room I was in, and this guy stepped out of the light told me to kneel and pray and I was hit with a force that was light, emotion and a message, which was to stop messing with the stuff I was messing with and that all would work out later on in life. I was basically chastised, and redirected from a much darker path I was on as a teenager. Chances are, if I had continued to mess with dark forces, I would of died.

I do have a thread about it around here somewhere, but for now, unless someone wants to read it, this is a very short version of the incident.

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posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 12:09 PM
As a teenager I used to do odd jobs for this Elderly man. At the end of the day, he would sit down with me and go over things in the bible he felt I needed to know. Anyway, he told me for the longest time that he couldn't read anything. At some point in his old age he began praying for God to teach him how to read the bible. He said he prayed every night for months. One night he said an Angel surrounded in bright white light came to him and taught him to read the bible. Thing is, when he read the bible, there was not one word in it he ever stumbled on or didn't pronounce correctly. What made this story believable to me wasn't how serious he was when telling me this story, it was the fact he had difficulty reading anything else. I don't know how many times he asked me to read his bills, family letters, or news paper articles for him.


posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 12:09 PM
Oh Yes, Me Too.
But I am not telling it ever again.
It has brought me nothing but bad luck each time I shared it.
It's funny, because the first Bible verse I ever learned was Psalm 119:11, or
Thy word have I hid in mine heart that I might not sin against thee.
I will go this far, I am a firm believer in Life After Death.
No one, or any entity, will ever shake that Faith.
Life may get rough, and I am most certainly afraid to die,
I am just not terrified of it anymore.

posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 12:29 PM
Twice in my life I've "heard" a voice that warned me of something...
"Be strong" when I was pregnant - one night before I fell asleep. It was sound loud and clear I thought my husband heard it, but he was sleeping. Don't want to share details but serious relationship issues arose within days of this that upset me so bad -- not healthy when pregnant to have that kind of stress. It kept me strong so I could handle the ramifications.

Second, I was planning a big trip out of the country, and leaned toward June to be gone, but a voice said "Be here in June" -- and I couldn't ignore it. I went earlier and was sure I was home for June. Good thing as a family member tried to commit suicide that month.

I've had two instances where I could've and should've been hurt in a car accident, but my car did not hit anything or anyone, and I'm not sure how it happened (it's not my great driving skills, that's for sure!)

I've had people try to break into my home, and I've been woken up by a ringing phone in the dead of the night with no one there, just in time to prevent the break in from getting all the way in.

As a child, I fell down the stairs from the top of the staircase, was caught and set down on my feet at the bottom by someone/something, not having hit any of the walls, steps, etc. on the way down.

Angels? I'd like to think so. Could be guardians, spirit guides, my own Self, my own power, etc. But I'd like to believe in an angelic presence (but I am not religious).

posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 01:32 PM
As a kid it was my sister,s job to take grandad his tea in the morning when we visited

One morning she dutifully went upstairs with the tea cup, she'd have been about 6 at the time
She returned with the cup still full of tea.

"What's up love didn't grandad wants his tea?" my granny asked her

"I can't get in the room granny" she answered

"Why's that sweetheart ?"

"It's full of angels granny"

Sure enough grandad had died in his sleep that night.


posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 02:02 PM
Yes. Made me believe in something more since I have proof of it.
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posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 03:00 PM

Originally posted by LittleByLittle
Yes. Made me believe in something more since I have proof of it.
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OOOOO do tell!!!!

posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 04:00 PM
I was almost killed in a fall from heights and was crushed under a heavy object. Slammed in the head and a fractured spine, I saw a flash and a giant hand in the motion of "STOP!". It had a white and yellow halo-like glow to it.

From BEHIND me...a Viet Nam vet had reached over the object and pulled it up...with one they could get me out sideways.

Interestingly, I saw that hand in front of me....when he in fact...was behind me where I couldnt have seen it/him.

I always thought it was the hand of an "angel"...or "God" himself. Either way, I survived.

posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 04:08 PM
reply to post by cody599

Cody - that's an incredible little story! I got such a visual image of that. Thanks for sharing!

posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 09:27 PM
reply to post by HomerinNC

I've had a couple encounters, and was an "angel" so to speak to someone else.

Back in my college days, when I didn't have class the next day I would go on late night walks (due to overheating, in the winter I'd usually wear a hoodie and gloves and walk about 1-2 miles). On one of my walks, about midnight or so, I for some reason was delayed in getting out.

Halfway on my way out, I passed up a guy holding several grocery bags and muttering to himself (At the time, the place I lived was not the most decent area - Folks out that late didn't really trust one another, and didn't intervene with the others' problems). I continued on my way, and on the way back noticed that he was only maybe 5ft farther than where he originally was.

At this point, one of his bags ripped, and he just kind of howled on the spot; I've never heard someone in that much pain or despair. At that point, I picked up the bags, and asked him which way he was heading. He pointed in the direction away from my apartment, and without a word I got him moving.

As we went along, it became apparent that he was only talking to stay conscious, had I a phone, I would've called the police (not to arrest him, but to get him home safely), but because I didn't, I kept talking to him - talked about anything that came on his mind. When he started to feel dizzy, I prayed that I'd have enough strength to get him & his groceries home (He was leaning pretty heavy on my shoulder, and not in the best of shape). Just when I thought my strength would give out (leaving us both in trouble), we made it to his apartment. Told him to get both his gloves and boots off, and slowly warm his hands up before going into the apartment.

I stayed a little bit to warm my own hands, as plastic bag handles wrapped around gloves in 18-degree windchills don't exactly help, and when I saw him reach for his wallet (with the intent to pay me), I told him to keep the money in there (I mean, keeping someone alive is worth more to me than any money). All the while, he insisted, that I must have something; just smiled and told him I needed to be on my way, as I had about a mile to go. Seeing as we never crossed paths again, I'm sure he's still wondering what kind of kid, dressed as I was, would be out at that time.

And here's my part of the angel story: When we were talking on the way back to the apartment, he started talking about some of the darker things (jail, drug usage, excessive drinking) he'd done in the past - never once did it cross my mind that this could be an elaborate trap to just get me in. He also had a medical condition (which meant a couple more minutes in the cold, and he may have not made it). The reason he was out? Couldn't afford the car, and all the money in his wallet was for the month's worth of groceries he had. On my way home, I was kept safe, as if whatever made me late starting on my walk was thanking me for helping him out. I mean, nothing went right that day, and I usually take walks when I need to de-stress. It's funny in a way - had everything gone as planned during the day, I may have not taken the late-night walk when he was out. Don't care if he was a felon or ex-felon, someone was watching over him, and made sure that one of the people that would help was walking the streets that night.

I got home safe & sound, with only a little frostbite on my fingers (nothing that couldn't be fixed with a little hot water).

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posted on Aug, 13 2013 @ 12:20 AM
reply to post by cody599

Wow! Thanks for sharing this. Wish we could also see angels just like small children do.

posted on Aug, 13 2013 @ 03:29 AM
reply to post by HomerinNC

There's totally an order to things. If you reach out strongly enough, something divine answers. I've seen it a million times in my own life.

posted on Aug, 13 2013 @ 07:22 PM
reply to post by tridentblue

Me too. I remember "choosing" almost relunctantly to live, while time stood still on impact during a car crash I was involved in. Ah, i'll get into heaven one day but I guess it's not the time yet. I was only 18 then, am 21 now.

posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 07:43 AM

I once had a huge fight with my mother. Huge. Never shouted at her before or since, but boy george, we were roaring at each other that day. I walked into town to the bus depot to meet my wife (then girlfriend) who was set to meet me there. I dont think i've ever been that angry.

Anyway, standing waiting for my girlfriend, I see this guy, a newspaper ... am, giver-outer... who at the time was a bit of a well known local loon to say the least (he wouldn't let a single soul go past him without offering them a newspaper - when a large volume of people moved past him at once he would say 'good afternoon, would yo.. good aft ... oh hi wou... hello wou ... excu... hello wou... and so on).

He seen me standing alone, and made his way over to me. I remember thinking that I was likely to tell him to '%u&k off' if he started talkin nonsense to me. He started laughing and pointed at two 'comic-buskers' just outside the depot.

'Eh? haha, check out them boys! haha ...' He said
'Yep', I said.
'Mad men, the both of them eh? haha' He said.
'Yep', I said.

'You know mothers love their sons, like, you know, your mother loves you. Anytime your mother gets angry, its because you're about to do something that she thinks wont be in your best interest, so she worries. Not many people cope well with worry, so they display anger and other similar traits. But its all love. Know what I mean.' He said.

My jaw was on the floor.

He just took off, offering people the newspaper again.

It took every ounce of strength I had not to cry, there and then.

posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 10:07 AM
reply to post by irish1

Wow, thats freaky!!!

posted on Sep, 10 2013 @ 05:11 PM
reply to post by HomerinNC

Before these events...I had two dreams in two nights....first night I dreamt that I was a General of a small band looking for supplies and survivors...I see a man he was a farmer a very handsome one...his blue eyes looked into mine and he never stopped staring at me while smiling...I felt uncomfortable with his intense gaze...but i couldn't help but feel like I knew him...Second night I have a dream that I fell into a rabbits hole and was wearing a pretty dress...I crawl out of the hole into a whole new world just like alice in wonderland...I even saw the mad hatter and the rabbit drinking their tea and jumping around their table...I walk past them and go into a two story cottage with neatly manicured lawn...I go inside and see the house...but then all of a sudden I hear a crash!!! And a man with superhuman strength breaks through the side of the house...for some reason i become invisible and floating...He searches for me..and I quietly go past him and run out into the backyard...Thinking I was safe..but then He senses me and goes outside...I was like oh no I must be still so he wont notice...but! He still found me and rushed to grab me and gave me a big fat hug and pulled back just long enough for me to see his blue eyes and beautiful face...I knew it was him again...and then he turns me around and gently embraces me holding me very close....sits down still holding me saying words to me like a lover would...I woke up feeling the deep love for three whole days! I asked people and they were saying it was Jesus but it couldn't be cause I would have known...If it was Jesus I wouldnt run away lol...and the man I saw in my dream had different personality from Jesus...So who was this man in my dreams?

I wanna share my story this is true only happened like two months ago but I have since moved out and living a new life now...I knew of a Angel I will name him Blob...its my funny nickname for him lol...He came into my life when I was having problems with my ex who I will name Ben...There was two sides to Blob though he came as human to me...His human counterpart I will name Reginald...Reginald lived with me and my ex from time to time..throughout the years...When Reginald went to sleep he became the Angel Blob...Blob had a choice he could choose the evil side or the good side...but he went to the good side because of me...Blob fought many demonic forces and told me of his great battles...Reginald explained to me how Blob looked like and his characteristics...As my ex became more hostile towards me both me and Reginald/Blob became closer because of the bond...Certain events happened and Blob gives me a part of his soul as a gift....I was surprised...and very touched....He tells me he did that so that if anything happened we woud be able to find eachother again....We were soulmates...but sadly we would end up being separated until the end of everything...which was for the best because Blob went rogue against Almighty God...and ended up almost killing the both of us....But Holy Spirit was reassuring me...telling me everything would be ok...for me to wait...I had already moved out from my ex's place...Reginald gave me the courage to leave it all...but before I was to go...I had gotten attacked three demons who wanted to take me...this made Reginald worry because he was human so he couldnt help me...Only when he was the Angel Blob he could protect me...But this meant he couldnt do his original job which was to lead the Angel army in battle...He was the tactician and so God told him to leave me completely and do his job...I told him to leave me...but he refused...Since he and I were connected...I could feel his pain...deep anguish...that shook my body...I too feel deep sorrow.He lost his angelic status and became a fallen...This caused me great anguish for I didnt want this...I wanted him to be go and do his duty...But he was sad because I did not go with him..he felt forsaken because I couldnt and wouldnt go with him...Blob tells me...that he never regrets meeting me...that he would fight to his last breath...and I cried I cried so much for him that my very being felt much grief and sadness even the problems with my ex was like petty compared to how I felt about Reginald/Blob...I really deeply cared for him...I did not want this to happen...My brother in Chirst who I will name Char could feel my sorrow in the spirit...many times he contacted me asking me what was going on...but I never told him....On the last night...when Reginald was to go into his final battle...He was already greatly much pain....wings torn and body many demons and angels fought against the Angel Blob...I was in much anguish because it was his last day...Then Char contacts me again...asking me what was going on because he could feel I was greatly troubled...then he says something to me that struck a chord in me....he said do not worry you are not a normal and I are to fight against the giants in the promise land...when he said that I remembered Blob telling me that If i let go of God completely then he would take me to go with him to the promise land...So I decided to tell Char that I knew the Angel Blob...immediately Char tells me that God is saying for me to let him go....I knew I had to...Then Char gets me into contact with someone who had the ability to deal with the problem I had...I will call him Jerry...Jerry was a pastor and he contacted me...I only gave him a few words of what happened and then the rest he read my soul...then he accessed the situation and told me God forbade me to do this...for me to let go...A day later Jerry contacts me again and tells me he got into a fight with the Angel Blob....not once but twice....Jerry almost killed him with the last blow, but something startles Jerry...he felt a connection with me and Blob...and for that split second Blob flew off and escaped...Jerry tells me that I really had to tell Blob to go back to his job....because the final battle with God which was to be the next night would be his last...he wouldn't make it...So I tell Blob I tell him that this little flower cannot bloom if he kept covering her....That I needed to grow...He would be killing the both of us if he kept on doing what he did...The next night comes and Blob does not come...He actually listened to me...I was so happy that he listened...Jerry tells me that he was to get me out of the relationship and to set me on my way to my own duty....I was now placed under the care of Jerry...and also another pastor named Abe...these two pastors do not know each other..but Abe is to teach me the Bible...and Jerry to teach me how to use my spiritual save souls....I am still new to this but I am willing and order to help Abba God purge the land of evil for His Glory...Reginald is alive...but he tells me that he doesnt dream as the Angel Blob anymore...He remembers being beheaded by the Demon Belial...Right now...its hard...Reginald and I are distant because of certain things that happened...too painful for me to say...but I am hoping someday....I will see Reginald again...God isnt done with him yet....but I am waiting...patiently since I have a whole lifetime to wait for Blob....I wont see him again until the end...when what Satan has stolen is given back to the children of God...when there is peace once again...then Blob and I shall meet again....
Now I understand why I had the dream of a man who I felt like I recognized him from somewhere was this story of mine is special to those who read inspired to change and search for God those who doubt His existence...The life we know now is nothing compared to what is waiting for us on the other side....Accept Jesus as savior and repent....for we could die this very moment and never make it to Heaven's gates...To those who are searching for God....keep on going and be persistant....took me my whole life of ups and downs to finally get to where I am at and I havent even begun so keep your head up and look forward to your destiny...God has so much for those who seek Him...

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