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Life is just a dream

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posted on Aug, 21 2013 @ 06:55 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Originally posted by Unity_99
Its like projecting with imagination into the movie, the never ending story, the plasmic field that connects the whole universe that used to be called "ether". I agree, this is akin to lucid dreaming or sleeping and we all want to wake up. We need to turn the dial up on our love and overcome lower primitive instincts and mind and reactions, and start to understand and care for each other to wake up permanently.

Thanks, very concise.

I like reading both your and BlueMules informed responses here and elsewhere on ATS

posted on Aug, 21 2013 @ 08:05 AM
reply to post by LoveFurther

Originally posted by LoveFurther
Question: Does this meaningfully connect, do you OBE's think, to the "afterlife" or like ghosts?

"Afterlife" well it certainly points towards its existence, another life that is miner, more of a "Inalife" I guess. Not sure if we wake when we die or just go round again after a bardo self projected spirit/soul split as in the Buddhist philosophy, my guess is the latter.

It might be more like a brief taste of enlightenment, a higher level, nirvana rather than astral bardo death realm. The Tibetans believe if you realise its a self projection, while your dead, you can become enlightened and "wake up" from that state.

I think ghosts are soul fragments and that we are made up of several different components, as in the Binary Soul Doctorine, which draws on many old traditions.

I'm not exactly sure where my experiences lay on the scale of dimensions etc. I can only make informed guesses at this stage, I like this earlier response although I also think its possible and preferable to "wake up" here.

Originally posted by Biigs
At least that is what i tell myself to avoid getting frustrated or too small and insignificant the place exists in one form or another and one day i will be back - this will have to do

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