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Daydreaming and counter-predictions

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posted on Aug, 11 2013 @ 12:28 PM
Daydreaming, I think, is far easier than lucid dreaming, because you are totally awake and at the same time you can sit at your desk and ponder reality without any special or mystical "techniques" - I have been thinking about a very interesting thing - and that is - to imagine what would have happened if you:

1) Did or did not choose a specific action in the past.
2) If you chose not to perform an action that was asked of you or offered to you.
3) If you did choose to perform an action that was asked of you or offered to you.
4) If you chose an alternate action to the action performed or inaction in respect to an opportunity.

By doing this, you can:

i) Remember events from the past
ii) Re-construe possible events in the future or up to the present

So - here is an exercise that I did, a rough translation of what I wrote down - one of the "events" that I wrote down:

When I was in primary school I accidentally ran an extra lap in the cross country. I remember that I thought about stopping however I continued to run - a teacher noticed that I had continued, and by that time it was too late, by best friend got the card for "20th" and mine was just "21st" - I tried to explain this to the teachers however to no avail.

If I did react on that opportunity of thought, and acted by completing the race and not running any further, I would have been recorded amongst the top 5.

Now, here is the prediction - I use specific things as "stepping stones" to "predict" my "alternate future" - here is a small list:

1) Choice of high school
2) My grades at high school
3) Admittance to university
4) Employment and salary
5) Partners and marriage

I came home and I was very happy with my medal - I started running around much more at school - I went to the local boy this high school (I went to a co-ed in reality) and I was driving a car by the age of 18 (I got a motorcycle in my early 20's in reality) and I became a motor mechanic (in reality I went to university and not tech).

This little sequence became a series of images in my mind, and thus have flashes of being at a totally different high school...

Dreams are amazing.

posted on Aug, 11 2013 @ 12:46 PM
I cannot see any purpose or benefit in your speculation around things that obviously didn't happen.

posted on Aug, 11 2013 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by Nevertheless


Memories fuel thoughts, imagination, emotions, personality!

And the best thing of all, you know they are not "real" and yet are free to think in a subjective or fanciful fashion.

posted on Aug, 11 2013 @ 03:46 PM
I tend to have daydreams or deep thoughts of a similar nature - in my opinion it is not useless as it is a form of reflection and that can give greater weight to everyday decisions we make, especially the bigger, life changing ones.
My life would have taken a hugely different direction based on a decision I made that really could have gone either way. I often wonder what life would have been like. I was newly divorced, happily single and living alone with my young daughter and just got accepted to do a post grad course with the aim of becoming a nurse lecturer. A cheque had also come through the post for a few thousand in tax that I had overpaid in my career. Things were looking promising.

I then had a phone call from my best friend's friend who I had met in the past and we arranged to meet one weekend. My best friend couldn't make it as he had to travel so it was just me and his friend for the weekend - not something I would normally do because I'm quite shy. I had to pick him up from the train station and was so nervous I very very nearly decided to turn my car round and not to meet him. God knows why but I ended up meeting him, spending the weekend together and the rest is history. He is now my husband of 10 years, I moved to his home country and we have 3 kids together! Had I just turned the car around and gone home I would more than likely be a lecturer living in rural England.....remarried - who knows?
My life is so different now to what it could have been.....I often wonder, had I taken the other road, what would my life have been like?

That's my story....nice to know someone else out there has similar thoughts on, what I guess is fate.


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