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My Spoken Word Porject; Urban Political Genre

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posted on Aug, 11 2013 @ 10:41 AM
Always stereotyped, prosecuted and dis-liked

Ridiculed, look at dude, dismissed at first sight

Work wage minimum, forced to turn criminal

Never understood, its like im speaking subliminal

Brake it down for you in about a thousand syllables

A miracle, I've lasted this long since the umbilical

Take my scars and tattoos, paint a picture, make them lyrical

Its time to shed some light on this invisible individual

Middle finger flipped, fall back and eat some cereal

Slip clip, cock back, pop slugs up out your pistol

Blind to all the symbols while blinded to certain emblems

Plymouth and crack rock, pilgrims in a white building

Neglected children, crying and praying to the ceiling

Losing feelings, treated less than human beings

So they put their brains on the wall to show what they were thinking

Or maybe they start drinking and doing drugs on the weekend

Young girls lose their innocence as the semen penetrates

Impregnate, aborted fetuses fertilizing the landscape

And Lil Ray prepares to read his essay up at school today

But with pops 38 he plans to really blow his class away

Incarcerate, lacerate the wrist with a razor blade

Mind state sedated, brain muzzled up with some duct tape

Land of the free, isn't liberty great

Safe at the plate, man that apple pie smells great

But Wait....
I will stop here and post the rest in a bit.... just want to gauge my audience so please feel free and comment and let me know what you think, thanks.

edit on 11-8-2013 by UriahsAsylum because: didnt mean to submit yet


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