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Righteous (AAC)

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posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 08:24 PM

Originally posted by TrueBrit
reply to post by XxNightAngelusxX

Hey, just FYI, writer status doesnt make you a virtual slave to the short story forum. I only have writer status, because I like to write poems occasionally and the very occasional short tale. I havent actually made use of my writer status for a few months, because I have been busy with work, busy with life. Its not an obligation

I would say, if you get it, accept it with grace. You totally fit the bill !


I would LOVE writers status. I just didn't want to accept it if it came with too much mediation that I couldn't hold up to. Thanks for telling me this

Okay then, voters/mods. If you choose to give me writers status, I will humbly accept it, and I will make use of it often as possible.

posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 09:16 PM

Jade paused, forcing her breath to slow, turning and looking at Judas, who was sitting up, watching her quietly, the blanket curled around his whole body like a burrito, covering his head like a big hood.

"I have to go to school." She told him. "You gotta stay downstairs while I'm gone... and lock the door. You can take the blanket with you, and listen to the radio, watch television, whatever you wanna do... but you have to be quiet, and keep the door locked."

"When are you to return?" Judas asked.

"About three this afternoon, I'll bring you food, I promise... I'm sorry." And with that, Jade re-opened her door, slipped into the hall, and ventured down the hallway to greet her grandfather.


The days of night were particularly irritating, especially if your assigned seat happened to be inches away from a gigantic window facing the town. From here, the town looked alive and bustling, but it looked much more like a night-time festival with lights and torches rather than the usual daily routine.


Because it was dark today. Night engulfed Crimson, and even though the sun would not be out until tomorrow, the school still decided it best to have the kids attend anyway.

Now, sitting here, gazing into the city and dozing off, Jade rested her head on the desk. She hated being at school during dark days... it always made her feel as though she ought to be home, sleeping... still, no matter how bright or dark the days might be, she always managed to sleep through her classes...

"... and even though we sometimes get carried away with the love of our society, we all have to remember who we are. We live for Crimson." The teacher finished. He'd been rambling on about the values of society, and the recent bullying problem that the school's been facing (along with Jade herself, on many occasions). This rant somehow became a lecture about loving Crimson more than you love yourself, and the great society of Crimson wages no war, therefore takes no victims, and we should act and feel the same way, and no less...

Jade purposely attempted to tune herself out of this lecture. Every word of it seemed to be revolting her, for some reason.

"We take no victims. That is why we're great." The teacher, Mr. Jackson, stated.

"Pft." Jade breathed, her head lying propped on her hand, her eyes staring coldly to her left, out the window. She didn't see it, but Mr. Jackson was eyeing her now.

"Excuse me?" He said.

It took her a moment to realize that he was addressing her.

Jade perched a little, looking annoyed.

"What?" She said.

"Do you have something to say about our society? Do you not agree that we're the greatest human society ever to have been established?" He challenged her.

All heads turned, and all eyes were on her now.

Anger began to boil in the pit of her stomach. Really? He's calling me out like that? Asshole.

"I never lived in any other human society, so I wouldn't know." Jade told him flatly, restraining any and all urges to scream or become violent.

"Every other human society in existence was driven by war." Mr Jackson told her straightly, inching forward, staring daggers at her. "We are the only human nation ever on record to have been built without any human factions waging war on one another. We're the only one. Now, you tell me how its possible that we're not the greatest human society ever established."

"What? Because we don't kill each other anymore? As far as anyone's taught in school, anyway." Jade snapped. "God knows what REALLY goes on behind the brainwashy indoctrinating bull**** you all shove down everybody's damn throats. This place was FOUNDED on war."

Now she'd done it, and she knew. Her insides gave a sickening squirm the second the words left her mouth. All teachers and authority figures--hell, all people in general--had the same cult-like appreciation and support for Crimson, but only recently was Jade beginning to notice how disgusting and baseless it was.

"Who do you think you are?" Jackson snarled through gritted teeth.

"I bet you don't even know what an Amandi is." Jade said.

Everything was quiet for a moment.

Jackson's expression seemed to change, from unrelenting anger, to something else... something unreadable, something odd...

He began to waddle towards her.

Jade's heart pounded. Oh, give me a reason, you fat bastard... bring it. I'm ready to rumble.

Once he was standing over her desk, he raised his sausage shaped arm, pointing to the exit.

"Get. Out." He hissed.

Jade stood, took the desk by its sides, and sent it flying--it hit Jackson squarely in the oversized stomach, knocking him onto another student. She didn't stick around to see anyone's reactions... and within minutes, Jade was marching through town, on her way home an hour early.

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posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 09:27 PM
What a great story. SnF.

Yeah, I think you'll get Writer Status this month's contest.

My only Gripe is that Rightious is spelled Righteous, and that REALLY detracts from your style. Overlooking that, I was mesmerized while reading. That's a sign of a great writer.

posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 09:48 PM

Originally posted by Druid42
What a great story. SnF.

Yeah, I think you'll get Writer Status this month's contest.

My only Gripe is that Rightious is spelled Righteous, and that REALLY detracts from your style. Overlooking that, I was mesmerized while reading. That's a sign of a great writer.

Ugh... of course it is.

I've been spell-checking and re-capping my ASS off this story. The one word I happen to misspell is the title. Oh, how hilarious is that... damn, they don't seem to have a face icon for killing one's self. Oh well.

Might I also comment... "Righteous" is ugly. It should be spelled my way. It looks better.

And thank you very much, Druid

EDIT; Taken care of. Thank you, mods, thank you. God speed.

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posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 11:24 PM

It was unnerving, and frankly frightening to think that she'd just attacked a teacher... but, although she dreaded returning to school tomorrow, and she could scarcely imagine what her punishment would be, not to mention how many hours she'd be forced to listen to one of her grandfather's "You're too old to be acting like this" lectures, Jade didn't regret what she'd done.

Fuming, she stomped through the town, ignoring the passerbys and store clerks attempting to grab her attention along the way. It was one, big, long, dirt-road alley between her home and her school, full of shop keeps, traders, and sometimes, especially during the days of night, thieves.

Unlike her school, she knew and got along with many of the shopkeepers and traders. They were the closest things to "friends" she had in Crimson. Until yesterday, that is.

Thankfully, her grandfather wouldn't be home until some time in the late evening. He owned a tea shop within a rock's throw of their home, and spent most of his time there, when he wasn't home, sipping special teas, looking out the window, and losing himself in the sights outside, almost as though there was something marvelous or beautiful about Crimson and Plyuto. He was an oddly kind man, and very peace-loving, with ancient, soft blue eyes shining with wisdom and tiredness. Jade always knew that her grandfather experienced a lot of big things throughout his life, as his generation was composed of the founding people of Crimson, but she was never entirely sure what his life was like, what he'd experienced exactly, or what memories of her father he held... it was his son, after all.

Jade began to wonder what it must be like for her grandfather. Sure, she lost her father when he, Adrian Night, went missing all those years ago... but her grandfather lost a son. A child of his own. She couldn't fathom what pain that must've brought him....

Guilt began to settle in her, now. After making another fuss at school, it would only cause her grandfather more grief... honestly, she was nothing but a burden. It wasn't a wonder that she and her grandfather drifted apart as she grew older.

"Hey!" A voice called.

Jade stopped, glancing around.

A young man was standing inside one of the small shops, waving her down. He was a tall guy, though he looked to be around Jade's age... with stringy, dirty blonde hair that barely reached the sides of his chocolate brown eyes. He smiled at her.

"You haven't bought anything in a while." He said to her.

Jade placed her arms upon the store's booth, sighing.

This guy was fairly kind... kinder than most people her age, anyway. Jade regularly stopped at his store to purchase chicken duck, and occasionally, new types of tea for her grandfather. She made small talk with this young man pretty often, and sometimes, they'd even have drawn out conversations... though she never actually made a point to find out his name.

"Been busy." Jade said shortly, staring down.

The young man narrowed his gaze at her.

"You okay?" He asked.

Jade looked at him.

"What is your name?" She asked him. "I just realized I never asked you."

"Jason." He said. "And you're... Jade?"

"Yeah." Jade said, nodding.

"Oh, yeah, yeah... you and your grandpaw come through here all the time. He comes here and buys this crap-" He swatted one of the dead chicken ducks hanging from the booth's canopy "-says its your favorite thing. He never shuts up about you."

"Mhm." Jade mumbled, looking off, distracted. After the events of her less-than-pleasurable school day, she'd only just remembered that she was harboring a hidden alien in her basement... she wondered what Judas was doing about now...

"So how old are you now?" Jason asked her.

"Eighteen. You?"

"Twenty... graduated a couple years ago." He gestured to the direction of the school.

"My condolences." Jade said.

He laughed.

A small moment passed.

Jade was looking away, attempting to avoid eye contact at all costs, though she could feel Jason staring at her...

"So... are you seeing anybody?" Jason asked.

Jade met eyes with him.

Her heart skipped. What did he say?

"Sort of." Jade responded without any prior thought.

"Sort of?" Jason said. "Like... do you have a boyfriend?"

Jade took a moment. No one had ever asked her out before. How was she supposed to handle this...? She didn't want to turn him down... but she also didn't plan on dating anyone. Why would he want to go out with her?

Oh, she realized silently. He doesn't go to school with me, he has no clue who I really am...

"Yeah." Jade said. "I do."

"Oh, that's too bad. Don't have anyone to share my lunch with." Jason said, placing a small basket of sliced watermelon chunks on the booth. "Here, take this home with you."

He pushed the basket of watermelon towards her.

"Really?" Jade said, flustered. "Th-thanks."

Jason gave her a smooth smile.


Jade departed before Jason could see her cheeks go scarlet.

posted on Aug, 18 2013 @ 12:06 AM
It seemed like her body filled with fluff, and was attempting to float away... her breath became thin, her heart throbbing... someone had asked her out...

After entering her home, she made for her bedroom and knocked on her basement door. After a minute or so, Judas could be heard fidgeting with the locks on the other side... then the door creaked open.

Judas stood in the doorway, looking delighted.

"You are early!" He exclaimed.

Jade was quiet.

Judas blinked at her.

"Your aura darkens... what is bothering you?" Judas asked.

"Nothing." Jade said. "Got in trouble at school. And..."

"And what?"

"Some guy asked me on a date." Jade said.

"What is a date?" Judas wondered.

"Um... well, c'mon." Jade stepped into the basement, closing and locking the door behind her with her free hand. "I'll explain it to you, come sit down."

The two of them sank into the couch, only inches apart, and Jade sat the watermelon on the makeshift crate-table beside her legs. The television, radio, and lights were all turned on, though the noise wasn't so unbearable, as the volume had been kept down as she asked.

"A date is when two people.. hang out with each other, and figure out how much they like each other." Jade told him. "If they like each other a lot... they stay together, and become... boyfriend and girlfriend. Or sometimes, they get married."

"Marriage?" Judas said, now seeming to understand. "My people have marriage... with those best suited for one another. Those who can open their minds to one another the widest, and feel one another the deepest."

"Yeah, its like that. Sort of." Jade said.

"A human male asked you on a date, yet your aura is dominantly negative... why?" Judas said. "Should you not be happy?"

"I dunno... no one's ever asked me out before." Jade replied. "I didn't know what to say... I kinda set myself up to grow up without dating anyone."

"Why?" Judas asked curiously, staring into her fluently, his three orbish-black eyes sparkling.

"Because most people avoid me, I guess." Jade said, looking down. "I kinda grew up with everyone hating me... so, I hated them back. I'm not any good at making friends... or God forbid, dating anyone... that would've been a nightmare. I guess that's why I said no. I don't have any idea how to date someone... I'd be no good at it."

Judas glimpsed at the television.

"Humans are complicated and jaded." He said. "They cast judgment and meanness on others for no good reason... and it does no good, it only damages the rest of their flock."

"Yeah... you're right." Jade agreed, also averting her gaze to the television.

A man and a woman were on the television, arguing with one another. The man shattered a vase by throwing it against the wall, and the woman was crying.

Jade and Judas went silent, watching intently.

"I'm sorry!" The woman sobbed, wiping her moist face.

The man gave her a blank, dark glare.

"I can't do this anymore." He muttered to himself, then met the woman's eyes, his stare piercing.

The man approached the woman, and the television show began to play soft, sensual music... he cupped the woman's face with his hands, gently wiping her tears with his thumbs. Their eyes bled into one another, shimmering with passion, with an unspoken, unimaginably deep longing for one another... then, they came forward, and their lips grazed across one another... and they shared a long, tender, hungry kiss.

Jade released a breath, looking away again. Judas, however, seemed captivated by the scene.

"They have eaten one another's mouths." He said. "What are they doing?"

"They're kissing." Jade told him, looking his way.

Judas turned to her, looking entirely lost.

Jade blinked.

No way... he doesn't know what kissing is?

"It is ritualistic for humans to feast upon the mouths of their lovers?" He said.

"They're not eating each other..." Jade said, swallowing her desire to burst with laughter. "They're kissing. Its how two people show affection for each other."

"My people show constant affection... we are as well as one." Judas said, watching the television again. "We live with one another's touch... by touch, we survive, we love one another, we pray."

"But you don't kiss?" Jade asked.

"We mate." He said. "Though we have never made habit of eating the mouths of our partners. We meet mouths, yes... but not by hunger."

"So... your people do kiss?" Jade asked, becoming slightly confused.

"Some may." Judas said. "Some may not. We give no labels to the closeness of partners. Touch is commonplace for all Amandi... different forms of the sensation of touch are not deeply looked upon. Touch is touch."

"Oh, okay." Jade said, nodding, only halfway understanding.

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posted on Aug, 18 2013 @ 12:32 AM
About a minute passed by.

"We are not so different." Judas said, his expression softening as he watched the television. "We love, pray, and touch."

He faced Jade again.

Judas tilted his head, watching her.

Jade returned the stare, wondering what could have been on his mind.

"What's wrong?" She asked him.

Judas raised his hands... his elongated fingers met her cheeks, his hands caressing her face easefully. He stroked her pale, soft skin, staring deeply into her...

Jade hadn't expected this, though she was trying to get used to it. The Amandi communicated through touch, after all...

Judas drew nearer.

Jade gulped.

"What're you d--?"

It happened--his tiny, green mouth pressed against her squishy, human lips, and they shared a kiss... a sweet, innocent kiss, and the world could have frozen for eternity during the few seconds it lasted...

Jade grasped his shoulders, pulling back, separating their mouths.

"What're you doing?" She asked breathlessly, astonished.

"I owe you my affection." He answered, smiling.

Jade gaped at him, lost for words.

"You--you don't have to--"

"But I do." Judas said. "My savior and friend, I owe to you, everything... and I shall do anything, all things, everything for you, as you are closer to me now than even my own people. We have bonded souls... I am one with you, Jade. I love you."


No, that's not the ending.

That's just a *jumping point* in the story. Now, I'm extremely tired, and I need some sleep, I'll add more tomorrow night. Peace and love.

posted on Aug, 18 2013 @ 10:07 PM


The days seemed to last much longer, now... and though only a week had passed, to Jade, it felt as though it'd been years... every day, withering through school, she couldn't sleep in class, she couldn't stop fiddling with her fingers, just couldn't manage to relax, because no matter what dumb speeches the principal gave her, no matter how much cleaning duty she was given as punishment for her rule-defying actions, no matter what mindless blather Mr. Jackson would spew at her almost directly apart from the rest of the class, somehow, she could not force herself to explode, to anger, to fight the system with everything she had... because now, for some reason, her anger seemed diminished, smaller, weaker, and shrinking ever still... now, it seemed like she'd have to try with considerable effort to become angry. It seemed her patience and tolerance had spiked dramatically over the past week...

All day, every day, no matter what would happen, her mind seemed flooded with only joy, happiness, and hope, anticipating when she'd get home, grab some food, and make her way to the basement... talk to Judas for hours on end, watch television with him, listen to the sounds with him, and the two of them would continue each day, teaching one another about their cultures.

Jade had no clue how having one, single, close friend would impact her life.

Everything seemed tolerable now... okay, even.

And, if she hadn't imagined it, every now and then, she'd look in the mirror in the bathroom, and she'd be smiling... for no reason at all, just smiling...

On this day, all was as it should be, and as Jade marched through the town, the afternoon sun blazing over Plyuto, and the citizens carrying out their daily routines, Jade couldn't recall a time when she could have possibly been happier.

"Jade!" Jason yelled from his stand, waving.

Jade approached him.

"Sup?" She said, unable to wipe the grin from her face.

"You look happy today. Got a date?" Jason asked.

"Eh." Jade said, cocking her head. "Sorta."

"You're weird." Jason told her. "You're really, really weird... one day, he's just a friend, and the next day, its a date...?"

Jade laughed. Well, how would she explain her relationship with Judas? They weren't a couple who partook in dates and picnics, but they were much closer than two ordinary friends... she doubted there was a label in existence that could accurately describe their relationship.

"Its complicated." Jade said.

"Ahh." Jason nodded. "A friends with benefits thing?"

"What does that mean?" Jade asked.

"Okay, nevermind... that's obviously not it." Jason corrected himself. "Just childhood friends who are really close, then?"

Jade pondered, looking into the sky.

"We haven't known each other that long." She said. "But... it seems like we have."

"Oh, its that kind of thing..." Jason said. "So... do you need anything today? Fruit? Meat?"

"Do you have any new teas?" Jade asked. "My granddad's been looking for one in particular, he can't find it anywhere. Its apparently new."

"What's it called?"

"Lotus tea."

"Oh! We got some of that a couple days ago... its really rare. Hang on... we put it away, because no one ever buys it..."

Jason bent over, then began rummaging through a few crates sitting at the back of the little store. He rifled through them for a good five minutes before he gave up.

"I'm sorry, I can't find it..." He said, shrugging, looking disappointed.

"Oh... that's okay. If you find it, let me know." Jade said, smiling.

"I'm really sorry." Jason added.

"Don't worry about it." Jade told him, swatting a hand through the air. "I'll seeya later."

Jade walked off, towards the hill at the end of the collaboration of stores, the hill leading to her home.

After locking and double-checking the front door, she made her way to the basement to find Judas, standing next to the radio, cradling it as he often did, watching her happily as she descended down the stairs.

"The sounds have been wonderous today." Judas told her in his usual, calm, smooth, sweet, echoing voice. "They have played beautiful songs. Who are the humans in charge of these sounds?"

"They have radio towers set up in different parts of Crimson." Jade told him. "Big towers that send out a signal of broadcasts and songs."

"Oh," Judas said cutely, looking at the radio. "That is why the songs end with human voices?"

"Yep, because people are talking in between the songs. Then there's commercials..."

"They have tried telling me to purchase things." Judas said, tapping the radio with one of his two fingers. "They tell me I need a vacation from the stresses of daily life. They suggest I pay for a suite in a large building many miles away..."

"A five star hotel." Jade informed. "They advertise a lot of stuff in between songs."

"Indeed." Judas agreed.

posted on Aug, 18 2013 @ 11:01 PM
"I don't have much money... I couldn't buy any chicken duck today." Jade said. "I'll go upstairs and find something for us to cook, though."

"You are going to cook?" Judas said. "How is cooking done?"

"Its hard to explain... you'd have to see it, or do it." Jade said to him.

"May I?" Judas asked.

"You... you wanna go upstairs? In the kitchen?" Jade said.

Jade and Judas had been sleeping in the same bed all week, because the basement was too cold for Judas to sleep in... but she was always careful to keep him silent, keep the curtains of her window shut, and keep her door locked at all hours of the night. Taking him upstairs in broad daylight, in a home full of windows, while awaiting her grandfather's return from work, however, seemed a bit more risky.

Judas peered at her through his three, luminous, glistening black eyes, innocently awaiting an answer.

Jade sighed.

It was about ten minutes after three in the afternoon... her grandfather would not leave his tea shop until about six in the evening, as he did every day. He usually returned home when the sun was setting (on normal days). Not to mention, Judas had been locked away from sunlight and atmosphere for a week now. It wasn't entirely fair to expect him to remain hidden from the world.

"Okay." She said hesitantly, making Judas light up with joy. "But you have to stay away from the windows! And if I tell you to run downstairs, just do it, okay? We can't afford for anyone to see you."

"Of course!" Judas said joyously, then began climbing up the stairs. Jade followed him, looking worried.

Jade poked her head out of her bedroom door before allowing Judas into the hallway. She ran ahead of him, covering all the windows with the curtains as Judas timidly entered the kitchen, gazing at the pictures on the wall, the microwave, the fridge, and the dishes, fascinated.

"It is beautiful in here." Judas said.

"Yeah, sure it is." Jade said, approaching him from behind and popping the fridge open. She bent down, examining the food supply, wondering what she ought to cook.

After profiling the contents of the fridge, Jade looked to the side, only to notice that Judas was sitting on his knees in one of the chairs, leaning on the table, peeking out the window.

"No!" Jade shouted, clamping onto Judas's shoulders and pulling him away from the glass. "You can't go near the window, Judas!"

"But it is glorious outside." Judas told her. "Your home is on a hill, out of sight to most of your society. A human is unlikely to see me."

Jade stared at him, appearing conflicted.

"I have not seen the sun in days... may I? For only a moment?" Judas pleaded.

Jade was quiet for a moment.

"Please?" He said.

She released another breath, turning to the window.

"Yeah, for just a second." Jade told him, pulling one of the curtains open.

"Wonderful!" Judas replied, leaning over the table once more, pressing his face against the glass, staring into the world. This made Jade uneasy.

Judas made a face, squinting.

"Who is that?" He said, placing one of his fingers on the glass, pointing outside.

Jade looked out the window.

Her heart leaped.

A young man was walking up the hill, towards her home, a tall, blonde guy...


Jade's mouth hung open. Indeed, it was Jason, carrying a small plastic bag, only yards from her home, and looking directly at her--at both of them.

Her fingers clamped onto the sides of the curtains, and she slid then shut as quickly as possible, her heart hammering now.

Jade and Judas stared at one another, both now extremely concerned.

He saw them.

Both of them.

A moment later, the doorbell rang, startling them.

Jade shoved Judas into the corner, ran into the living room, undid the lock, and yanked the door open.

There stood Jason, looking casual as ever, though Jade could see it in his eyes...

He saw Judas.

He knew.

"Hey... I found the Lotus stuff." Jason said, holding up the bag. "I thought you might want it."

"Oh... thanks." Jade said, taking the bag, her thoughts becoming frantic. Oh God, they're in for it now... Judas would be taken away and enslaved, or even killed, and she'd probably spend the rest of her life in jail... maybe if she smuggled Judas out through one of the back windows, they could abscond to the woods... she could live in the forest for the rest of her life... as long as they didn't take Judas away...

"Is... is someone else in there with you?" Jason asked, gesturing inside, looking past her.

"No." Jade said at once, knowing full well he didn't believe her.

Jason studied her, looking distant... he was thinking, but the fact that Jade couldn't tell what he was thinking drove her mad...

"Okay." He said a moment later, smirking at her. "I getcha."

Jade gulped, trying with all her might not to allow her hands to shake.

Jason gave her a smile.

"Seeya." He said, waving, then walking off.

posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 01:30 AM
Jade stood in the door way, watching Jason trot across her yard, and eventually out of sight, speechless.

He acted as though he hadn't seen anything... was he covering for her?

The sick, queasy feeling arising within her began to die ad she fought it down, and she closed the door, very quietly, very slowly, turning the lock once more...

Then, she returned to the kitchen, retrieved a bag of carrots from the fridge, grabbed Judas's wrist, and lead him back down the hall, through her bedroom, and into the basement, locking every door behind her along the way.

"I'm sorry." Jade told him. "We're not cooking today. We're just gonna have to eat carrots. God, I knew better than to take you upstairs... dammit!"

"I am sorry." Judas said regretfully.

"No, no... its my fault." Jade told him, tossing the bag of carrots onto the love seat. "God, this sucks! You shouldn't have to hide down here all the time... I HATE this place!"

As her temper began to escalate, Judas watched her worriedly as she seethed.

"Please do not anger..." He said weakly.

"I'm not mad at you!" Jade screamed, without any recognition to the loudness of her voice now. "I'm mad at this place! Crimson is the only damn place in the whole world and its run by a bunch of cultist dictator authoritarian sociopaths! Where are we supposed to go? Huh? There's nowhere else on Plyuto! Crimson is locked inside a big zillion-mile-long glass dome, and outside of it is empty land. I mean, I'd love to run away, but there's nowhere to go... we're screwed!"

Jade inhaled, preparing to explode into more furious ranting, but she stopped when she met eyes with Judas, who now looked, not only concerned, but sad, watching her quietly, his hands cupped together against his chest, waiting for her to simmer down and become herself again...

"I'm sorry." Jade said, swallowing her anger. "I'm sorry I yelled at you... I'm sorry."

"I am sorry that you are saddened." Judas replied.

"I'm sad for you." Jade told him, staring into him intently. "This isn't fair... for them to enslave you, kill your family, and now you can't even leave this nasty old piece-of-crap basement, because of those stupid pieces of worthless--"

"No..." Judas placed his long hand over her mouth, halting her mid-sentence. "No more anger, please... not over me. I do not enjoy watching you anger."

Jade took his hand and guided it away from her lips, huffing.

"We have got to get out of here." She muttered seriously.

"But we haven't a place to go." Judas said. "Your people have abolished war... and they keep all of humanity under a single sect. No opposition exists within humanity... Crimson is all of humanity now. If you are to live with your people... you cannot be apart from Crimson. Even I cannot leave Crimson, as the Amandi have no society anymore outside of human slavery. There is... no other place."

"We'll find one." Jade told him sharply. "We can live on the run, steal food from the traders... live in the woods, maybe. There's plenty of water there."


"My granddad and my father taught me how to purify water, all we need is cloth... and maybe a way to start a fire. I've never hunted before, but my granddad has... there's a lot of chicken ducks in the woods behind the hill, too."


"And my granddad has a gun under his bed that my father made for him... big ol' shotgun. I know its against Crimson's laws to own a gun, but my dad and granddad always wanted to be prepared for anything, so I can take his gun... that'll keep us safe from anyone who comes after us--"


Judas grasped her shoulders firmly, glaring into her.

Jade silenced.

"You cannot abandon your life for me." He told her, inches from her face. His expression was more painful than it ever had been before, even on the day that they met, after he'd been nearly killed...

"Judas, I don't have a life without you." Jade told him, ignoring the blood rushing into her face, making her cheeks hot. "You're the only thing I've ever really cared about, alright?"

Jade felt an overwhelming sensation of insecurity following these words. My, how unlike her it was... to lay her emotions out flatly like that...

Judas gazed into her, his expression soft, sad...

Jade gave him a straight face, fighting down the sudden urge to cry...

"I'll figure something out." She assured him. "Humans aren't perfect. They gotta have a weakness."

"Jade... you speak as though you plan to oppose Crimson." Judas said.

Jade stared at him, saying nothing.

Judas returned the stare, beginning to look appalled.

"You plan to revolt? Against your people?" He gasped.

"I dunno." Jade said. "But I always hated 'em. I always got treated like garbage, because I didn't like their rules, and all my life, they made it out like something was wrong with me... but its not me that's screwed up. Its them."

posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 02:22 AM
"Humanity has lasted almost as long as the Amandi, Jade. They are the great survivors."

"Almost?" Jade asked. "Whaddoya mean? In school, they told us that Plyuto wasn't always inhabited by aliens... it used to be a frozen hostile wasteland."

"They were mistaken." Judas told her. "My people have lived here long before we received the cosmic flow from the planet of earth, indicating another spiritual people's existence. We inhabited Pluto since long before the existence of the reptilians of old earth."

"Dinosuars, you mean?" Jade said.

"Indeed." Judas said, giving her a nod.

"So... you're all actually an ancient species?" Jade asked.

"The universe, and therefore, its creator, are the only things to outlive us. We lived peacefully for many centuries... only until recently, when humanity dawned upon us. We had never faced an opposing intelligent species before... and my people are completely non-violent. We hadn't a chance." Judas explained.

Jade gritted her teeth, gulping.

"I'll figure something out." She told him again. "I gotta go upstairs and make this tea before my granddad gets home, I'll be back down here soon. Eat those carrots, they're good for you."

Jade marched up the creaky stairs again, feeling Judas watch her all the way.

It was less than an hour before her grandfather returned home from work. He was home early, due to an excellent sum of earnings in his old tea shop.

He walked easefully into the kitchen when Jade began pouring the fresh, steaming Lotus tea.

"That's a new scent." He said, narrowing his eyes at the tea pot upon the stove.

"Lotus." Jade told him, peeking back at him, grinning.

He smiled.

"Lucky, lucky day for me today." He said, taking a seat at the table beside the window, at their usual tea-sipping spot. He glanced outside, wearing his constant, solemn face.

Jade brought the two hot cups to the table, and set them down.

Her grandfather lifted his cup, inhaling the steam, then giving the tea a tiny, slow taste.

He closed his eyes, looking blissful.

"By the gods..." He whispered.

Jade smiled at him.

"Your father would have loved this." He told her.

"I wouldn't know." Jade said, looking away.

He eyed her.

"Your father was a wonderful man... more than you will ever know. And you're more like him than you can imagine. In every way." He said heavily to her, making her face him again, looking thoughtful.

Her grandfather continued to look at her, silent, his mind seeming to be occupied.

She blinked.

"What?" Jade said. "Why're you staring at me like that?"

"You seem too happy." He said, his wrinkled eyes squinting at her from behind his glasses.


"Lately, I mean... you've been a little too happy. Did someone ask you out? Did you have a wild teeny-bopper party while I was gone?" He asked.

"Yeah, that totally happened." Jade responded, taking a small swig of her tea.

"Oh... I just remembered, I had a cup of tea before I came home." He said. "I'm sorry dear... thank you for making it for me, but I don't think I can finish it."

Her grandfather pushed his cup of tea towards her.

"You take mine." He said.

"But this is Lotus tea." Jade said. "You've been trying to find it for weeks. And how can you fill up on tea? Are you kidding me?"

"Do you have homework?" He asked randomly.

"What? Oh... yeah, I do." She lied, hoping to get downstairs to Judas some time soon.

"Of course you do." Her grandfather said, watching her, his eyes sparkling in an odd, unreadable way. "Now take my tea... you'll need both cups. That Lotus tea gives you extra brainpower, I've heard tell."

Jade stared at him, bewildered.

Her grandfather was turning away tea...? Has the world come to an end...?

He grinned at her.

"Just take both cups." He said.

Jade gave him a strange face, then took each cup, stood, and headed for the hallway, a lingering curiosity looming in the back of her mind...

He was acting kinda weird...

It was tricky, trying to lock the basement door with two hands full of hot tea, but she managed it. Then, she headed down stairs, approaching Judas, who was sitting comfortably on the end of the couch, watching the television, wearing his curious-as-ever face...

"Here." Jade said, handing him a cup. "Be careful, its hot."

"Oh, thank you." Judas said, smiling, accepting the tea gracefully.

The two of them sat together on the love seat, sipping their Lotus tea, watching whatever television show happened to come on, as they often did together... though, this time, it wasn't quite as peaceful. It wasn't quite as relaxing. It wasn't quite as blissful.

Because, this time, the both of them were thinking along the same lines...

This basement situation couldn't continue forever.

Eventually, there would be a change. And, eventually, Judas would need to go outside.

Still, after being unable to fathom a solution, they both remained silent, and after a while, found themselves cuddling, Judas lying back, cozily against Jade, who was laying sideways against the back of the couch, arms extended around one another, their warmth fusing together underneath their big, quilted blanket, both drifting to sleep...

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posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 02:55 AM
Jade seemed to be lying half-awake for hours, and though she knew they ought to go up to her bedroom before the basement became too cold, she didn't want to move... she wished more than anything that this, here, lying on a soft, squishy couch, with her beloved best friend, Judas, lying over top of her, embracing her lovingly, his head snug under her chin, his three eyes calmly closed... hugging him, holding him.... would never end.

What a life, day after day, school, home, tea, basement, Judas.. Jade! You are home! The sounds were beautiful today, Jade...

Any life would be fine... any hellish, torturous life... hell, she'd live as a slave herself, if only she would remain with Judas, beside him, holding him, forever, and for always...



Jade sat bolt upright, both of her arms clamping around Judas, who's eyes snapped open. Both of them looked around, startled by the sudden noise.

"What the hell was that?" Jade said as she and Judas tightened their grip around one another.


It was an explosion of a voice... Jade's heart throttled... it was her grandfather, yelling upstairs...


Jade bolted up the stairs, and Judas followed closely behind.

They both flew through their room, the night sky darkening the place through her window, and they entered the hallway. Jade and Judas approached the living room, only to find her grandfather, wrestling with two large men in black armor, carrying guns... and they were not the only ones... more armed guards stood in the door way, waiting for some kind of que...

What in the hell was going on?

"There!" A familiar voice shouted.

Jade glanced at the window.

There stood a young, tall blonde boy, side by side with the armed guards, pointing directly at her.

"That's her, right there. She has the Amandi." Jason told the guards.

The guards, although their faces were covered in armor and their eyes were not visible, all turned heads, seeming to be staring at her.

Jade, however, was piercing Jason with a furious, demonic glare... you pathetic little snitch, I swear to God, if I get my hands on you...

"RUN!" Her grandfather bellowed, attempting to disarm the guard he was wrestling with. "FOLLOW THE CREEK! RUN! GET OUT OF HERE! BOTH OF YOU!"

"Take aim." One of the guards said.

They all pointed their guns at Jade.

Judas shielded her, wrapping his arms around her tightly...



It was insane--the walls seemed to implode, and all the people in the living room went flying.

The entire front half of the house had been destroyed, wood and debris flying amok....

"Judas... did you just do that?!" Jade gasped.


posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 05:58 AM
This is freakin awesome!

A constallation of stars, and also flaggage. Cannot believe I had not given you flags already... thats how engrossed I am in the story I guess!

posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 08:07 AM
reply to post by XxNightAngelusxX

You are a writer no matter what others may think! You have no choice but to be one! You are a story teller and a damn good one! Embrace your gift and let the rest of us enjoy and be changed by it. I call you friend and fellow writer.

posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 09:12 AM
Just catching updates.

Simply wow!

(and you also fixed the title!)

posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 12:18 PM
Just read the rest. Superb stuff indeed!!..I fully expect to see writer underneath your name. And rightfully so

posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 05:02 PM
Judas's eyes opened, staring at the shattered remains of the home in disbelief.

"My power has escaped me..." He said, staring at the mess of wood in awe. The guards, along with her grandfather, were all lying on their backs, some of them buried in wood, others now lying in the front yard...

Jade focused on her grandfather, hoping dearly he was okay.

Her grandfather stirred--he sat up, then jumped to his feet with the agility of a much younger man, and the guards began to stand as well... and, now that the entire front yard was visible, Jade and Judas were able to see about ten more guards standing around the front yard, all armed, all ready and waiting for action...

Her grandfather looked back at her, for the first time in his life that Jade had ever seen, wearing a shocked, frantic expression... that calm, peaceful old man was no longer in his eyes...

"Go!" He yelled, waving her away. "Take him and go! I love you!"

Jade gaped at him, conflicted. They didn't stand a chance against all these special forces... but leaving her grandfather? How could she...?"

"We must obey." Judas told her, still holding her. "If we stay, we are to die. They have been sent here to kill us. They are the forces who came after my people after we absconded. They are hitmen. We must leave... we must obey your grandfather!"

Jade gave a last, desperate glance at her grandfather, who had sprinted forward, tackling one of the already disoriented guards to the ground... the other guards rounded on them, aiming their guns, though they weren't able to get a clear shot on her grandfather without endangering the guard he was struggling with...

During the split second all eyes seemed to be off them, Jade and Judas turned, dashing down the hallway again. They entered her bedroom, and Jade yanked her window open... she didn't have a spare moment to look at her bedroom one last time before fleeing...

She turned to Judas, who was right behind her.

"Go first!" He told her.

Jade stuck a leg out the window, and though it was a tight fit, she forced herself through in one, swift, slightly painful movement. When Judas climbed out after her, she pulled him through the window all at once, and the two of them began towards the big hill, the hill behind her home...

Follow the creek? Jade remembered hearing her grandfather's orders. Why the creek? Why follow it? Whatever, we better do it... we don't have any options right now...

Luckily, the route to the woods was located directly behind her home, a blind spot from the guards... though it would only be a matter of time before they fanned across the area, searching high and low for them... they had to get away... now.

When Jade and Judas reached the top of the hill, they both stared into the massive, endless forest ahead, some of the tree tops level with their feet... Jade remembered that this hill was very steep, and each time she'd visit the creek, she'd have to be extremely careful stepping down it, lest she trip, fall, and tumble down the hill. This had never happened to her before, but the hill had to be about an 80 degree angle... it would be incredibly easy to slip and fall, one wrong step, one crooked movement...

This time, however, was not like any other visit to the creek.

They hadn't any time to waste.

Jade looked back at the house, then to Judas, then to the trees, then down the hill.

Her arms wrapped around Judas--she lifted him off his feet, then leaped forward, over the edge.

The two of them rolled down the hill, rapidly, violently... their eyes closed...

And during this dangerous stunt, the both of them were hearing various twigs snapping, rocks shifting, and their own bodies crunching every leaf in their path... neither of them were able to hear the distant gunfire, and neither of them were around to watch the bullets tear through Aragus Night like tissue paper...

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posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 05:36 PM
It seemed like an eternity before the hill ended...

Jade blinked, staring upwards... the sun... the sun? Have we stopped...?

Wincing, she forced herself to sit upright. She had been lying on her back, only feet away from the creek, and Judas was lying beside her, eyes closed...

"Judas!" Jade said, shaking him.

He opened his eyes, then sat up as well.

"We must keep moving." He told her. "They will come after us... we must--"

Judas stopped, glimpsing down, his mouth open, his three eyes widening.

He looked awe stricken.

"What's wrong?" Jade asked.

Judas reached for her leg, letting his hand hover over it... and when she looked down, she saw it as well...

The bottom half of her left pant leg had been torn to shreds, and her leg had somehow been sliced open... like a fresh chunk of chicken duck, it sat there, muscles visible, the wound open and bleeding... though she hadn't felt it... not just yet...

"You are hurt." Judas said, his tone cracking.

"Doesn't matter." Jade said, bending forward, then standing.

It was unbearable--a sharp, horrific pain shot through her leg, spiraling up her body... she nearly fell over, but Judas, now on his feet as well, took her by the arm, supporting her.

"You are unable to walk?" Judas said, looking terribly worried.

"No, I can walk. Let's go." Jade said, masking the pain with a casual voice best she could.

Jade's body began to move on its own, and she marched through the woods as though nothing had happened, ignoring the blood now oozing over the entire outer side of her leg, blotching her sock and her shoe. Judas stayed by her side, keeping a vice-like grip on her arm in case she'd lose balance. Though they were holding onto one another, they were able to keep a moderately brisk pace, walking alongside the creek.

They followed the creek for about half an hour before Jade began to feel faint... the trees seemed to be moving... blurring, swirling, fusing with the light of the sun... it was difficult to tell if these trees were, in fact, trees, or if they were actually part of some strange, abstract water color painting...

Judas grasped one of her arms with both of his, sensing her weakening strength, and continued to pull her along. He looked her in the eyes every few minutes in order to make sure she wasn't going to pass out...

"Remain awake." He told her every five minutes or so. "Please"

That soothing, echoing voice... that loving, caring voice... keep talking to me... I can't focus... I can't stay awake without you... I wouldn't want to...

Each time he spoke to her, it was like tasting gold... like a pinch of Heaven, just that slight, tiny boost she needed to keep herself conscience, to blink herself awake, to keep stepping forward... as her father told her... gotta keep steppin'...

It almost felt as though she'd fallen asleep now... the immense pain in her leg dulling, the light in her vision brightening... I see a light... a light ahead...

Warmth spread through her like a smooth, flowing river... a river of tame, burning fire... energy, of some kind... where... where was it coming from?

Her soul was slipping... but she couldn't die... not here... now now... Judas would see her die. That would make him sad. I can't allow that to happen. Stay awake.

As Jade kept herself barely awake and moving, it became more apparent that the warm sensation of energy seemed to be centered in her left arm... the arm that was cradled by Judas... his arms were hot... hot, burning with energy, with life force...

Jade looked down, examining his arms... they were unnaturally hot now... his skin almost burned to the touch... what... what the hell?

She realized it a moment later...

The day they met, Judas nearly died, and Jade, who happened to wander by, stopped and gave him a dose of her life force, saving his life... and now, her sweet, loving Judas was returning the favor.

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posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 06:12 PM
It had to be at least an hour, they'd been walking now...

Jade never imagined this creek could have stretched so far... the running current of the glimmering blue water, along with Judas's occasional reminder to "stay awake," kept her as alert as possible, though the pain in her leg was almost beyond measure now... it throbbed horribly, and she almost felt as though her leg would shrivel up like a raisin if it lost any more blood...

"Stop..." Jade forced herself to speak... just that single word took all her might to say...

Judas looked at her, halting his step, still supporting her by the arm.

"I have not heard anyone... no one has been following us." Judas told her. "But we cannot stop for too long, Jade. We must keep moving."

"I know." Jade breathed, her voice fading. "I just need a break..."

She hit her knees, hunching over.

Judas sat beside her.

"Please allow me to examine your leg." He asked.

Jade didn't argue... she brought her leg around, then let it lie in front of her. She stared at the fleshy mess of blood, though she was much too tired to be sickened by it.

Judas ran a hand over the wound, though he didn't touch it.

Then, he removed his shirt (he'd been wearing one of Jade's baggy t-shirts) and placed it gently over the wound, covering it.

His hands slid under her leg, and she lifted it, oblivious to the pain now.

Judas wrapped the cloth around her leg, careful and cautious, tender and gentle as ever. He then tied the shirt in a knot, and the shirt covered her wound completely, sealing it tightly away from the surrounding environment.

"It should not bleed now." Judas said, meeting her eyes, giving her a smile.

Jade returned it, exhaling deeply.

"Now we must move."

Judas stood, offering her a hand.

He lifted her to her feet, and they continued along the creek, Judas keeping hold of her just as he did before... and, ever so slowly, Jade's mind began to return to her... the blood had stopped escaping her, and oddly, though she was an inch from death just a little while earlier, somehow, she felt better than ever now.

"You gave me energy." Jade said after another ten minutes of walking.

"Indeed, I did." Judas agreed, looking forward, watching the creek's flow. "I felt you fading... of course I would not allow you to die."

Jade grinned.

The two of them continued walking until they reached what appeared to be a giant rock wall.

From a distance, it looked like a small mountain... but, after approaching it, Jade and Judas studied it, and upon closer inspection, the big rock seemed to be surrounded by a twenty-inch-thick glass.

"What the hell?" Jade said, running her fingers over the rocky wall. At the edges of this big rock, where it looked like nothing hut air, was a layer of extremely thick glass. This small mountain was part of a giant glass wall, extending over the rest of the forest like a great big barrier.

"Jade... do you know what this is?" Judas asked, touching the glass.

"Do you?" Jade replied.

"It is the end of Crimson." Judas told her, looking marveled. "We have reached the end of the dome that separates Crimson from the outside of Plyuto."

"He told us to follow the creek... just to come to a dead end?" Jade muttered.

"No, it is not." Judas told her, pointing at the creek. "Look."

Jade understood, after a moment of staring at the creek.

The creek continued underneath a great, dark tunnel, beneath the rocky wall, and beyond the glass barrier. The creek was the connection to the other side. An open escape.

"We can get out of Crimson..." Jade said, flabbergasted. "But... I thought there wasn't any air outside of Crimson... that's what they always told us."

"But of course they would tell you that, Jade. If humans were to discover inhabitable land outside of Crimson, it may bring them to harbor ideas of escape." Judas told her. "I believe your grandfather knew otherwise, that is why he instructed us to follow the creek."

Jade continued looking at the creek, her expression seeming to soften in a profound, serious way, her cerulean blue eyes shining like the creek water... yes. This was it.

"Let's go." Jade said, grasping Judas's hand.

Together, they stepped into the shallow creek water, and although the tunnel ahead was pitch black, although neither of them knew how long it was, or where it lead, or if the land beyond Crimson was truly inhabitable, side by side, they stepped forward, wading through the creek, into the tunnel, into the darkness, out of sight, and out of Crimson.

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posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 07:53 PM
The two of them walked forever, careful to keep their hands coiled around one another, so they wouldn't drift apart... engulfed in this blackness, they could not see one another.

They continued walking through the calm, cool water, in the same direction as the current, both anxiously wondering where this tunnel would take them.

It was another fifteen minutes or so before they broke the silence.

"Are you okay?" Jade asked, ignoring her own fear. They were consumed in darkness, and it looked as though there was no light on either side of the tunnel... like they were trapped in sheer, dark nothingness.

"Afraid." Judas answered honestly, though this was obvious, considering his tone...

"Its okay." Jade reassured him, stroking his hand with her thumb.

She heard him take a slow, shaking breath.

"Hey... com'ere." Jade said, reaching into the darkness next to her, attempting to locate his face. When her hand met his cheek, she drew closer, then pressed her mouth against his, only for a second...

"A kiss we've shared again?" Judas said, his voice lightening.

"Yep. Because I love you." Jade told him. "Everything's gonna be okay. I promise."

Jade hadn't a clue what to expect down this tunnel, yet still, she knew she was right.

Everything would be alright.

Even if they were to die in this tunnel, who cares?

They'd be together in the end.

They continued into the dark for a lengthy, unmeasurable amount of time, and after a while, their feet lost feeling, having been submerged in water for so long...

It could have been days before, barely visible, far, far ahead, appeared a speck of light.

The other side.

"Do you see it!" Judas said, pointing forward. Jade looked at him, barely able to see his outline now. "The light! Do you see it? We approach the other side!"

"Yeah, and we're still breathing..." Jade said. "So the air must be fine... well? C'mon. Let's go!"

They grasped one another's hands tightly, then sprinted through the water, splashing in every direction, the light ahead growing bigger and bigger, brighter and brighter...

At long, long last, they emerged from the tunnel.

It was marvelous; The grass must have been ten times greener than the grass of Crimson, the water sparkling wonderfully under the vivid sunlight, the trees no longer a suffocating forest, but now, wide apart, revealing open fields and... houses?

Off in the fields were small buildings, different from those in Crimson. Wooden homes, and other wooden or stone buildings that were slightly bigger...

Jade and Judas stood in the creek, rooted to the spot, completely lost for words, marveling, fascinated, stricken, taken, shocked... There were societies outside of Crimson?

Then, Jade noticed that, just a little ways further down the creek, were two people. Two middle aged men with fishing poles, staring at her and Judas, wearing the same surprised expressions.

"Whoa, lookie here." One of the men said, standing, tossing his fishing rod aside, coming closer to Jade and Judas. "We've got some new arrivals... a weird couple, too. A teenaged girl and an Amandi... weeew! What an oddity! Welcome to Free Side, folks!"

The other man stood as well, drawing closer to his friend from behind.

"What is this place?" Jade asked, leading herself and Judas out of the creek, stepping onto the grass. The two strangers approached them, and now stood only feet away, looking perplexed.

"Just told you, its Free Side. Bet you never heard of it." The man said, grinning. "Welcome to freedom."

Jade and Judas both seemed to fill with the same, bizarre, wonderous feeling... a fuzzy, static-like sensation spreading through each of them rapidly... they both beamed, meeting eyes with one another.

They'd done it...

They escaped Crimson...


"Hey!" The man yelled behind him, to another group of folks who were coming towards the creek from the town. "We got some new freedom fighters! Somebody go wake up Adrian and tell him the good news!"

"Follow me, you two. Let's go."

The men took Jade and Judas into town, and here, now, it was obvious... so clear, clear as the blazing sun, as the transparent water of the creek, as the flourishing, thriving life here in Free Side, that Crimson, in fact, was not the last sect of humanity out there. It was not, in fact, humanity's only hope for survival. And it was not, most importantly, immune to resistance... it was subject to destruction. It was pending a revolution, and now, Jade and Judas, here together, and together forever, were undoubtedly, undeniably, unquestionably, free.

Free at last.


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