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Righteous (AAC)

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posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 01:00 PM


By the year 2077, humanity had undergone a number of transformations, arising, crumbling, destroying one another... and millions of miles away, long forgotten by her ancestors, earth sits lonely and vacant in orbit of the sun, awaiting its end, with no further purpose. The earth was burned and fried, due to the great war, and no longer inhabitable by humans... the survivors of the great war escaped on board a single ship, left with nothing but a lesson well-learned; war is wrong. And now, the planet Plyuto holds the last colony of humans in the universe, under a single nation, a single flag, and a single idea; survive. Embrace your fellow man, abolish war, and above all, survive. After conquering and enslaving the Amandi, the previous inhabitants of Plyuto, humanity finally lives and thrives without the need to wage war between differing factions, and engaging in such would be considered treasonous and blasphemous. And the only moral price they pay is the enslavement of the spiritual, caring, non-violent Amandi, the humanoid psychics who live under human law, do their bidding, and support the single nation of Crimson.


It was unusually bright this day, considering how very far Plyuto was from the slowly expanding sun, and Adrian blinked, narrowing his eyes, placing his fingers on his temples, rubbing away the on-coming headache brought on by the rays of the sun.

After stepping out of his home, he released a yawn, wanting more than anything to go back inside, crawl under the covers, and pretend the world didn't exist. He was a passionate man regarding his work, unless it was morning. During the morning, he was anything but passionate... for the first hour upon his awakening, his only real desire was to return to sleep.

"Daddy!" A light, melody of a voice broke through his lethargic thoughts.

Adrian peered down, staring at the tiny person in front of him. His little girl; dressed in a sparkling blue-and-black shirt, blue jeans, and proudly wearing her brand new backpack firm on her back, her short, black hair combed neatly to line her little pale face, her cheeks imprinted with dimples as she smiled at her father, her cerulean blue eyes shining with a child-like wonder.

He grinned at her.

It was his little girl's first day of school.

"C'mon sweetheart, let's go." His big, bear-like hand wrapped around her little petite one, leading her away from the home.

Crimson was a beautiful place; it worked like a village, only with the advantages of technology. See, traders roamed the sects of Crimson, selling goods thought to be from the old world... cell phones, ipods, as well as modern needs, like fruits, veggies, and meats, and the small stores along the sides of the roads had dead animals, plants, and accessories dangling from their canopies on display for the passerbys, and as the parents walked their children to school and the adults made their way to work, they would pass a variety of foods and accessories up for the buying, along with carts of wagons of goods pushed by a peddler or two.

"You sure you wanna start today, Jade?" Adrian asked his daughter as they made their way into town.

"Mhm!" She replied, nodding, wearing a beaming grin. "I wanna make friends."

"You will, sweetheart." He assured her.

As usual, Jade made a point to study everything in her environment when they entered town... the citizens, the traders and peddlers, the dead chicken-ducks hanging from the stands, and the conversing people, laughing with one another as they discussed the never-changing weather of Plyuto...

Something abstract caught her eye.

A person, behind a fruit store... a very slender, timid looking person, one with a very dark shade of greenish-gray of skin color, his body only covered by thin, tattered white robes, unloading fruits from a travel wagon into the store... she'd never seen a green person before...

"Who's that?" Jade asked, halting her step, pointing behind the store.

Adrian spun around, squinting at the green man, barely visible behind the corner of the wooden building. The green man was helping a store clerk unload a wagon of melons.

"Oh..." Adrian said. "That's an Amamdi, baby. Most people never see Amandi... but we're lucky today, we get to see one."

"Amandi?" Jade asked, looking up at her father. "How come no one ever sees them?"

"Well... they're the workforce, sweetheart. They're usually working on farms... or in factories. They don't really mix with our society." Adrian explained.

"Why?" Jade wondered.

"Because they're the workforce." Adrian said. "Come on, we'll be late." He pulled his daughter along, and soon after, they reached a magnificent building with enormous glass windows in the front, and Jade couldn't tear her eyes from it.

This would be her first adventure in the society of Crimson without her father by her side, and as she realized this, the little five-year-old made her way up the elongated stairs towards the huge entrance to the school, intent on doing so without her father's help... though today, on little Jade's first day of school, she had no way of knowing that after the bell would ring in the afternoon, and after she would step out into the magnified sunlight of Plyuto with the other children, staring into the nation of Crimson, her father would not be there to pick her up.


13 years later

"Another fight?" The old man scolded, his wrinkled face twisting with surprise.

Jade hung her head, wearing a sour expression.

"You're eighteen years old, Jade... how long are you going to do this?" Her Grandfather asked.

She met eyes with him.

Sitting across the table, watching his blue eyes sparkle with concern as his transparent glasses slipped a little ways off his nose, he stared into her, and it was obvious that his worry was genuine. He was not angry with her... her was worried for her.

Nevertheless, Jade held onto her frustration.

Their home sat underneath a gigantic redwood-oak tree, about half a mile's walk from town. The afternoon sun leaked into their kitchen as they sat on opposite ends of the table, eyeing one another.

Ever since her father's death, her grandfather did well for her... he was the sweetest old man you could imagine. Still, Jade clung to her anger--and those jerks in school deserved whatever they got. Jade never started a fight, but by God, she was quick to finish one.

"I'm not just gonna sit there and let people talk to me like I'm a piece of--"

"Jade," her Grandfather held up a hand, wearing a solemn face. "They spoke with me... and they used the word expulsion. Now... you are in your last year of school. You are about to graduate. You do not really want to drop out now, do you?" He said in a very slow, soft, calm voice.

Jade bit her lip, looking down again.

She never cared for school... still, she did find it rather stupid to get kicked out less than a month from graduation. But... she didn't voice this opinion.

"I don't care..." Jade muttered.

Her Grandfather took a moment of silence, grazing his thin, silvery beard with his crinkled fingers.

"You may go now." He told her.

Jade didn't waste a second--she stood and stormed out of the room, and a moment later, her Grandfather heard the front door slam shut... leaving him with nothing but a lingering, echoing silence.


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posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 01:51 PM
Jade had a particular spot in the woods where she would go to be alone... just behind the hill on which her house sat, there was a small forest, stretching back for miles. It looked gorgeous, despite having been genetically manufactured... when Crimson was founded during the 2050s, the founders brought with them a variety of genetically modified organisms; Different plant seeds, animal DNA, and etc. This was what brought on the rapid growth of nature on Plyuto, along with the great dome, which covered Crimson, sealing in the oxygen and intensifying the rays of the sun. Back when Plyuto was Pluto, it was far too cold for human habitation.

She stomped down the hill, swatting at the vines and branches as she went until she reached the bottom, along the side of a beautiful, shimmering creek. Usually, she would sit beside the creek and stare into the water... though this time, however, something seemed to be burning within her, and she longed to get away... further away...

Jade stepped into the creek, wading through it as though she hadn't realized she was walking in water. After reaching the other side, she stepped up, onto the land, and continued into the woods, both of her pant legs and shoes now soaked, though she didn't care. She'd never crossed the creek before... she had no clue what was in the trees beyond it... but everything about her home--her school of bullies, her father's house, her towns people--were driving her mad. The hell with 'em.

Anything, to get as far away as possible.

It could have been hours she walked... crunching and crunching the plants beneath her feet as they stepped, fighting with nature along the way, as there was no trail to follow. Even with a roof of tree branches overhead, it was still becoming apparent that the sun was beginning to die, and the day of night would be soon to set in.

This time of year, night time only lasted about 48 hours. Still, during the days of night, they were required to go to school... sucky as it was.

Jade began to consider staying in the forest for a few days. She would have water, and she wouldn't care for food... so long as she wouldn't have to return to that God-awful school... still, she'd been walking for quite a while now, and she began to wonder where the forest was taking her.

At long last, the trees began to space apart, and Jade stepped into a clearing; an open area in the heart of the trees, with no annoying vines or branches cluttering the way. It almost looked like a natural camp spot.

This would be where she'd settle for a while....

It wasn't two seconds after entering the clearing when her breath cut itself thin, and she spotted something bizarre lying in the open grass... a body... a body...

Not an ordinary person, either... a green person, with a large head, and long hands with only two big fingers, and one big thumb... his feet looked the same, and totally barefoot... just lying there, in the grass like an abandoned dog... though he was humanoid, he didn't look human at all...

Jade gulped, staring at the body in disbelief.

It took her a moment to process that this creature was, in fact, not a person.

It was one of the Amandi, the laborers of Crimson's enormous society... but she'd never seen one before. No, that wasn't true... she caught a glimpse of one once, when she was five years old...

A zillion thoughts flashed through her mind. What was she to do now?

Jade narrowed her eyes at the Amandi... it was lying on its side, yards away from her, facing the opposite way... though its body gave a slight rise and fall with the seconds passing... it was breathing...

Jade approached the Amandi, then stood over it, her hands beginning to shake blind to her knowledge. She knelt beside it, forcing herself to breathe calmly with exasperating effort.

Her hand stroked the arm of the creature gently. It was warm.

The creature's skin wasn't so different from human skin, though it was ever so slightly more oily... it almost had the texture of a warm snake. As Jade ran her hand across the creature's arm, she couldn't help but marvel at how very skinny it was...

"Hey," She said, her tone much lighter than usual. "Are... you okay?"

Jade gave the creature's shoulder a soft shake.

As her hand lie on its shoulder, a breeze so very faint grazed against her skin... a breath...

Upon closer inspection, Jade spotted tiny holes in the creature's neck, and in its head.

It was a strange, fantastic oddity... she stared at them in awe, unable to blink...

The Amandi breathe out of holes in their necks and heads...?

"Wake up..." Jade told the creature. It didn't respond.

At this point, her thoughts abandoned her, and her arm slid under the creature's head... she turned the Amandi onto its back. It was so very light...

Jade sat on her knees, cradling this humanoid alien in her arms... it looked quite at peace, almost as though it was simply taking a nap... as she stared into its face, she noticed that its large eyes were closed... and if she wasn't mistaken, there were three of them...


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posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 03:31 PM
"Are you okay?" She repeated, flushing.

The creature lay in her arms, breathing, but unresponsive.

Jade placed her hand on the Amandi's cheek tenderly. Warm.

Its eyes twitched. All three of them...

Jade stifled a gasp... one of its long hands began to rise... it looked as though the Amandi was putting every ounce of its strength into this single, slow movement...

The green hand grasped Jade's collar, and its grip tightened. For a fraction of a second, Jade suspected she might be in danger... but the creature's grip was firm, not forceful. After it kept its hold on her for a moment, Jade realized the Amandi had a very slight tremble... poor thing...

The Amandi's hand was so long, its fingers were able to stretch from the middle of her collar to the back of her shoulder... it held onto her for dear life...

It was odd; the environment became brighter, and things almost seemed to fade from her vision... and yet, it was brighter... so, so much brighter... after a moment, light was the only thing she could see... it blinded her...

Everything became surreal... she could have been dreaming... was she dreaming? Where was she now, anyway? School? Home...? Grandpaw...? Dad...?

A calm, echoing voice spoke to her... so clear, so close, it almost seemed as though it was speaking within her own mind....

"May I?"

May you...? May you what...?

"May I borrow you..."

Borrow me...?

"Borrow your light, Wanderer..."

My... light...?

"Your life, Wanderer... I am fading... please..."

Oh... yes... of course you can.

It was unclear how much time had passed before her vision, ever so slowly, began to return to her... the environment dimmed down, and the trees returned to full form... she was sitting up... Sitting up? Jesus Christ... I wasn't sleeping...?

Suddenly, her body became heavy... her eyes tried to drift shut... her body wobbled, and she blinked herself back into focus. What just happened?

Jade looked down.

The Amandi's hand loosened, then slid off her shoulder. It was still lying in her arms, and though she hadn't noticed before, its tattered clothing was ripped and dirty... he must've been in some kind of struggle...

Jade's mouth hung open for a moment... she intended to speak, though somehow, for a split second, she was unable to find the energy to do so.

"Ah..." She began, clearing her throat. It was nearly exhausting to speak now, for some reason. "Are you alright...?"

The Amandi stirred.

Its huge, orb-like eyes began to open.... they gazed up at her. The three eyes were an incredibly shiny black... it was strange... yes... but simply, entirely, incredibly, brilliant...

Jade couldn't look away. She'd never seen anything so amazing...

"Thank you..." The creature said, barely moving its little mouth. It was the same voice... the same calm, kind, echoing voice she'd heard before...

Jade's heart began to thump.

Was this creature telepathic...?

"Don't worry..." Jade said, attempting to smile.

It'd been years since her blue eyes shone with anything other than anger... yet now, compassion had consumed her, and this Amandi seemed to be the only thing in the world around her...

Jade examined the Amandi's limbs, seeing that he was covered in dirt and tiny cuts... yes, he'd definitely been through a struggle...

"What happened...?" Jade asked.

The Amandi blinked, turning its head, staring off.

"I... ran from my owners... they attacked me."

Jade watched the Amandi intently.

The Amandi met eyes with her again.

"You are kind." He told her.


"My people understand humans to be wicked... and here, the creator has blessed me with your presence.. your grace, and your generous soul, Wanderer."

Jade blinked.

"You understand humans to be w-wicked?" She asked, taken back.

"Indeed," the Amandi said. "It seems such is not always the case..."

"But... why?" Jade asked.

"Pluto was a peaceful haven... now it is ravaged, and corrupted... and we are slaves..." He told her.

Jade thought on this. She'd never really given Amandi any second thoughts, because she never really saw them. She didn't entirely comprehend their existence. Still, she supposed that Crimson's food, clothing, and accessories must come from somewhere...

An immense sensation of guilt swept over her.

"I'm sorry." Jade told him without thinking.

"Its... not your doing." He replied.

The Amandi tensed, then began to sit up. Jade released him, and the two of them sat on their knees, facing one another. They both seemed fascinated by one another... they spent an entire minute glaring at one another before either of them spoke again.

"You are pink." The Amandi said.

Jade fought the sudden, mad desire to laugh.

The Amandi was very sincere and serious... and still, he looked incredibly adorable.

"Yeah? And you're green." Jade replied, smirking.

The Amandi smiled as well.


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posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 04:33 PM
"What's your name?" Jade asked.

"We carry no labels." The Amandi answered. "We are born, and we remain unnamed."

Jade gulped.

"You don't... have a name?"

"One has not been given to me... my people live without names."

Jade sighed. "Well... you gotta have a name, so I know what to call you."

The Amandi stared into her wanderingly, tilting his head.

"Judas." She said. "You look like a Judas."

He blinked.

"Ju... das?"

"Are you okay with Judas?" Jade asked.

He looked down, wearing an unreadable expression.

"I am humbled by your kindness, Wanderer... for you've assigned me a name, and saved my life..."

"Hm?" Jade said. "I... I didn't save your life."

Judas looked at her.

It gave her chills to be looked upon by such big, beautiful, luminous eyes...

"You gave me permission to borrow some of your life force, Wanderer. For this, I am eternally grateful. You have regenerated me."

Jade thought for a minute.

"Are you... saying you... took some of my energy?"

"Yes... I have seen within your soul, and your heart is full of kindness and generosity... you've allowed me inside, thus you are selfless. Thank you."

Judas wrapped his long fingers around one of her hands in a soft, comforting hold. He held her hand, and placed one of his hands over hers, covering it completely.

Jade blushed.

He began to pet her hand, then stared at it, looking amazed.

"You are soft."

Jade released a breathless laugh.

He was so innocent and simple...

"Well, come on." Jade told him, standing, grabbing his hand.

She lifted him to his feet.

He grabbed her arm with both hands, attempting to stabilize himself before standing on his own.

"Where?" Judas asked.

"To my house." Jade replied.

"But I am not allowed in human society." Judas said, seeming worried.

"I don't care." Jade said, shrugging. "What're they gonna do?"

"Thank you, Wander--"

"My name's Jade, you can call me Jade." She told him.

"Jade..." Judas spoke the word so slowly, he seemed to be savoring its taste.

Jade lead Judas back through the woods from where she came.

After they'd been walking for a while, she broke the silence.

"How did you take energy from me?" Jade asked.

"It is the way all life transcends from one soul to another." Judas told her from close behind. He was tip-toeing around the more jagged branches below his bare green feet, and instead of breaking or smacking the vines and branches around, he was side-stepping them all, weaving around them. "Do humans not work the same way?"

"No... we can't really give energy to each other." Jade said, imagining such a scenario and feeling absurd. "Is that what you guys do?"

"Yes... that is how my people communicate... and it is how we know and understand the Creator's will." Judas explained.

"The Creator?"

"The one humans refer to as God.." Judas said.

"You're all telepathic?" Jade said, glancing back at him as they walked, making sure he was close.

"We are... one with all. Judas said distantly.

"How come none of them came with you?" Jade said.

Judas was quiet for nearly a full minute. Jade looked back at him again.

"They were killed." Judas said heavily.

The words hit Jade like a hammer.

She stopped dead, staring back at him.

"What?" Jade gasped.

"My flock was killed when we ran... by the owners." Judas said.

Jade's expression softened, concern brewing within her.

"I'm sorry." She told him sadly.

"It was not your doing," Judas replied as though she'd said something odd.

"Well... you can stay with me, c'mon." Jade began through the trees again, and Judas followed. "I have a huge basement. Don't worry."

After climbing the hill and approaching the monstrous tree, her house came into view just as the sunset faded into twilight, and the night was taking over.

Her house sat alone on the hill, no other houses around... it overlooked the town off in the short distance, and the narrow dirt road nearby... but no one would see Judas being smuggled into the basement, and that's what mattered.

"It is... beautiful here..." Judas sighed, gazing at the town, and the dying sunlight hovering above it.

"C'mon." Jade said, taking him by the wrist and leading him down the hill, towards the little red house in which she lived.

"The door to the basement is in my room... but... I gotta get you past my Grandpaw without him seeing you. Be quiet, okay?" Jade told Judas, who nodded and followed suit.

Jade turned the knob, slowly and silently, then pushed the door open with the least amount of effort possible, and it opened quietly. The two of them slipped inside, and Jade slid the door shut. She held wrist as she lead him through the house, peeking behind every corner to ensure her Grandfather wasn't lingering around, as he often did...

Luckily, they reached her room without any sign of her Grandfather.


posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 06:16 PM
Continued where??? You can't leave me hanging! Please finish. This is an amazing story. Love it

posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 06:30 PM

Originally posted by lokin
Continued where??? You can't leave me hanging! Please finish. This is an amazing story. Love it

posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 06:56 PM

"C'mon," Jade said again, leading Judas through a small, dingy little room, decorated only with red curtains and maybe three posters, along with a twin-sized bed. At the end of the room was an old decaying door, which Jade yanked open. She gestured for Judas to go ahead, and he did...

He carefully stepped onto the creaky, steep stairs inside the door, stairs that lead downwards, into complete and total darkness. Judas stared into the blackness, hesitant.

"Don't worry, its alright. Just follow the stairs, don't trip." Jade assured him as she stepped inside, locking the three old locks on the old door after shutting it, making it pitch black.

Jade's hand met Judas's forearm, and they kept hold of one another until they reached the bottom of the invisible stairs, engulfed in darkness.

Judas made connection with the concrete floor of the place, cold on his feet.

"Jade..." his timid voice whispered.

"Its okay, just hang on a sec." Jade told him, then turned and becan groping around on the wall nearby until she located a switch.

She flipped it, and three long, bzzzing light bulbs flickered on, illuminating the basement, which was much larger than Judas had anticipated.

It was wonderful; there was one single window, a very tiny one in the upper corner, and the walls were covered with drawings... So, so many drawings, of various different things... the ceiling was strung with Christmas lights, and when the lights turned on, a radio also began playing... a radio sitting perfectly on a lose chunk of wood sticking out of a wooden pillar. There was an old loveseat in the far corner, and across from it sat a crate with a tiny television on it, which, along with everything else electronic in the room, turned itself on as the lights did. In the opposite corner was a desk, covered entirely with more drawings and written stories, and even a few poems.

"This is basically my real bedroom." Jade said. "There's only one light switch... its for turning on the power to the basement. Everything has to be on at the same time... its wired really weird."

Judas wore an astonished face, studying every inch of the wonderfully unique room.

"The sounds..." He said, approaching the radio, which was playing an old Christian song. "They are beautiful... gorgeous, wonderful, fantastic! The sounds! They... sound like the sounds of my people..."

He ran his two big fingers over the radio, fascinated.

"The sounds of your people?" Jade asked.

"We sing in prayer." Judas said, all three of his eyes stuck on the radio. "When we touch, and our minds are one... it becomes a song."

Jade looked at him.

"Is... is that what happened in the woods?" She asked. "When... when you borrowed my... um... energy. Our minds were linked...?"

"Indeed." Judas replied, turning to her. "We always thought a human's mind was closed and sealed... and that oneness with humans was impossible. But you have proven this wrong."

"Oh." Jade said. "Well... I don't think people can do that to each other... but maybe with Amandi, they can. I... I'm really not sure..."

"Humanity was once a one race." Judas said to her. "There was a time when the spirit of a man may travel as freely as an Amandi, and oneness with fellow humans was commonplace. But over generations, humanity has jaded, and they have lost their way."

"They tell us in school that we came from broken people." Jade said.

Judas's three eyes blinked. "Broken?"

"Yeah... we used to live on a blue planet a lot closer to the sun, and our ancestors destroyed themselves with war and division. And the greatness of our nation is the foundation for unity and peace... any kind of war in Crimson is illegal." Jade revealed.

"They have taught you that your nation is great..." Judas said, looking away.

Jade thought of the Amandi, then felt guilty.

"I'm sorry." She said again, feeling foolish. "I didn't know... anything about your people."

"Do not feel guilt, you've done nothing unrightious." Judas told her.

Jade smiled at him.

"So... you like the room?" Jade asked him. "Can you stand living in here?"

Judas looked shocked.

"I... I am to live in this room?" He asked, flabbergasted.

His round, green face formed the brightest smile Jade had ever seen.

The sight of it filled her with warmth... he's so happy...

Judas grasped the radio, now coddling it with both hands, placing his face upon it.

"I am to live with the sounds..." He breathed joyfully.

Jade watched him happily.

She wasn't entirely sure what made her so very content and happy right now... perhaps it was helping someone, or perhaps it was the making of her first friend... or, maybe, it was what he'd said to her. Judas told her that her heart was generous, and her soul was kind and open... though she always saw herself as quite the opposite... a secluded, angry individual who hated the world around her. It was bizarre for someone to tell her otherwise... bizarre, but wonderful.


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posted on Aug, 13 2013 @ 09:03 PM

"Are you hungry?" Jade asked, watching Judas nuzzle the radio.

"You are going to give me soup?" Judas replied, looking at Jade without pulling away from his sounds.

"Soup?" Jade said. "I don't have any soup. But... I have other stuff. What do Amandi eat?"

"We eat soup... that is what we are given. One bowl of soup each day."

"They only give you one bowl a day?" Jade asked.

"We believe they fear a rebellion... so they underfeed the Amandi to keep them weak. All of my people's energy is dedicated to work." Judas told her.

Jade looked down. "That's not fair..."

Judas stared at her.

"I'll find you something, stay down here... don't make any noise... and don't turn the volume up." Jade said to him before heading up the steep stairs and out of sight. Judas watched her until she was gone.

Jade wasn't attempting to remain stealthy this time. She left her bedroom, walked down the hall, and entered the kitchen--she nearly jumped from her skin when she spotted her Grandfather sitting at the kitchen table.

Was he there before? Had he seen them come in? No... she was certain the coast was clear before... he couldn't have seen anything... he couldn't have...

"You're back before three in the morning." Her Grandfather said, sipping his freshly brewed Chai Tea. "That's... unusual."

Jade bit her lip, saying nothing.

Her Grandfather eyed her.

"Is something wrong?" He asked.

Jade shook her head.

Though her Grandfather's expressions usually seemed unnaturally calm and solemn, and were usually pretty undefinable, Jade caught just the hint of suspicion in his eyes... though perhaps she was only being paranoid...

"Are you hungry?" He asked her after their brief stare down. "I made teriyaki chicken duck."

"Oh... yeah." Jade responded, nodding. "Where is it?"

"In the oven. Should be cool by now."

Jade popped the oven open, took a rather large helping of chicken duck (for two), slathered it with extra sauce, poured a big cup of ice water, then began towards the hallway.

"You're going to eat in your room?" Her Grandfather called.

"I have homework." Jade said as she continued down the hallway. He heard her door shut a moment later.

As he took another sip of tea, he began to wonder exactly when Jade had started caring about homework.

When Jade returned to the basement, she tip-toed down the narrow creaking stairs, careful not to drop the plate and cup, and Judas was sitting against the wooden pillar on which the radio sat.

"You don't have to sit on the floor." She told him. "You can sit on the couch."

"Oh... forgive me." Judas said. "I'm not used to... such humble surroundings."

Jade watched him. It wasn't explainable, but Judas's voice was a swift, pure melody that had the slightest echo... she found it beautiful. She suspected that his voice was partially telepathic... it seemed to echo with every word he spoke, like a thought in the back of her mind, whispering to her...

"Look." Jade said, drawing closer to him. "Want some?"

Judas stood, his two long hands held against his chest like a couple of puppy's paws. He gave the plate of food a curious look, mistified.

"Human food?" Judas said.

"Yeah... this is my favorite stuff, chicken duck." Jade said, allowing herself to sink onto one side of the love seat. "Come sit down... we can eat."

Judas sat beside her, hardly taking up any space. He was very slender... as were all Amandi.

Jade sat the plate in between them on the couch, then handed Judas a spare fork she'd pocketed from the kitchen. She stabbed a chunk of the gooey meat, raised it, and shoved it in her mouth whole.

Judas watched her.

He held the fork timidly between his two fingers, looking lost.

Jade grinned at him.

"Look here... like this."

Jade grasped his wrist, leading his hand down, helping him to stab a small chunk of meat.

"Now you eat it." She instructed.

Judas raised the meat chunk, watching it oddly, then he took a very small bite.

It took him a while to swallow, as he was not used to solid foods... but once he had, his face seemed to light up, his eyes shining with joy.

"It is delicious!" He exclaimed.

"Better than soup?" Jade asked.

"Very, very much better... thank you so much!" Judas took another bite of the chunk, this time a bigger one. He chewed it for nearly a full minute, savoring every bit of its taste.

"You want some ice water?" Jade asked him, raising the big cup that was now sweating cold water.

Judas stared at it. "Your water is iced...?"

"Its better that way, try it." Jade handed him the cup.

His fingers coiled almost all the way around it. He seemed captivated by how very cold it was.

After a moment, he took a sip.... then another. Then another.

He drank nearly the entire glass before Jade stopped him.

"Easy..." She said, taking the cup.

After swallowing, Judas entered a small coughing fit.

"You're not supposed to drink so much at once." Jade told him.

Judas wiped his mouth. "I am sorry... it has been so long since I had water. Its quite amazing... so cold, quenching and refreshing..."

Jade released a breathless laugh.


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posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 06:00 AM
Well it took me a while but i got there, That's a great story so far, You sure can write i tell ya that. And as you know i like your artwork. The alien is superb. Your manga drawings are as good as anything i have ever seen in that genre. Dare i say it, A hell of a lot better than some of the art on here
...There i said it...

posted on Aug, 15 2013 @ 12:23 AM

Originally posted by TheDoctor46
Well it took me a while but i got there, That's a great story so far, You sure can write i tell ya that. And as you know i like your artwork. The alien is superb. Your manga drawings are as good as anything i have ever seen in that genre. Dare i say it, A hell of a lot better than some of the art on here
...There i said it...

Thank you very much, friend

EDIT; Nevermind. I don't care if I win the contest. I still want to post the story. Its come too far already, and I'm in love with my characters.

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posted on Aug, 15 2013 @ 02:28 AM

"Am I to stay here?" Judas asked a moment later, lowering his fork, staring innocently into Jade, who met eyes with him again.

"Do you want to?" She asked. "You... you don't have anywhere else to go, do you?"

Judas looked down. "No... I do not."

"Then stay here." Jade said simply. "I'll keep you fed... you can listen to music and watch television all you want down here... I..."

She trailed off for a moment. Judas looked up, meeting her gaze once more.

"I can take... care of you." Jade finished, her cheeks fading pink.

Judas continued to watch her wonderiously.

"You are so kind." He said. "How shall I repay this debt?"


"How shall I... repay you, for your kindness."

Jade looked at him.

"I don't want you to repay me." She said. "I just want... you to be... okay."

Her pink cheeks were now beginning to darken into red, though Judas didn't notice.

"You do not wish me to do.... anything?" Judas asked, seeming confused. "But I... "

"You've worked all your life... you deserve to relax, right?" Jade said. "Now's your chance."

Judas took a moment, gazing into one of the many drawing on the wall.

"It is the Creator's will that I fulfill my purpose... to do good, whenever good is needed... and to be right, when wrong is conceived. I must do... something." Judas said profoundly.

Jade gave him a curious face.

"You'd rather do something with your life than waste away hiding in the shadows, huh..." She said.

"Yes," Judas replied. "It is my purpose to influence the world around me, rather than conceal myself from it. It is my purpose."

Jade looked away, her eyes distant.

"You sound like my dad." She muttered after a moment.

"Your father?" Judas said.

"He rambled about how he was gonna fix all the world's problems and 'set us free' from some blinders we wore or something... I dunno what the hell he was talking about. I was just a little kid." Jade explained. "But... he used to say that all the time. Never give up, press on and keep steppin'. And do right by your own heart."

"He sounds wise." Judas commented.

"He was." Jade said.

There was a pause.

"I am sorry your father is deceased." Judas said a few seconds later.

Jade glanced at him.

"How'd you know...?"

"Because... I feel you."

She tilted her head. "You... feel me?"

"Indeed... I feel you. I am one with you, now... and so close." Judas's hand snuck across the couch cushion, stroking her's gently. Her heart skipped. "We communicate by touch... by closeness, and touch. And... you have allowed me inside already. Your aura is one with my own."

One of his long fingers continued to pet her hand softly.

And, as she lost herself in the captivation of his three, gorgeous, ominous shining eyes, she was suddenly overcome by an odd feeling... an intimate, deep sensation, so powerful, so real, yet so calm, so easy, spreading through her like the faintest flames of a cool, icy fire... her skin tingling, chilling... and she was lost for words...

"Your anger at the world seems misplaced..." Judas said in a thin, whispering tone, his eyes still flowing into her's. "Such injustices you've faced, as have I... so many experiences with death, before even your early life was to begin... to lose your bringers of life so early, the sacred pair who brought you into the world... and your sight is foggy... you are angry at your pain and loss, and expel it at those in your life who condemn you... your pain is comparable to mine."

Jade's heart was beginning to throb.

"Poor humanity has lead you astray... to worship a nation rather than an idea... to worship a creature rather than its creator... but buried beneath the fog and pain lies a true, pure soul, composed of generosity and light, kindness and hope... yet you keep it buried and hidden, fearing it may become a victim of the harsh world around you, as it had when you were younger. But I understand... Jade... you are a flicker of light in the darkness, searching for your purpose. And purpose, you shall find... the Creator would not invent a soul such as yours if he intended to waste it." Judas spoke, now cradling one of her hands with both of his, his expression sensual, warm...

Jade couldn't fathom a response... she remained silent, shocked, and stricken... it was almost as if he could read everything in her... every thought, feeling, and experience, summed up into a single, poetic paragraph...


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posted on Aug, 15 2013 @ 03:10 AM
"How..." Jade began, unable to express her utter bewilderment.

"I am one with you." Judas told her, still gazing deep into her eyes, directly into her soul. "Will you allow me inside further... to better understand you."

Jade's breath slowed. It was quite frightening that he was able to read her so easily... but still, Judas was perhaps the only one in her life who seemed genuinely intrigued by what lies within her, what stirs in her, what makes her tick... he honestly seemed to care...

"Yeah." She said.

Judas's grip on Jade's hand began to tighten, and his eyes closed. He released a slow, heavy breath... and as he did, a subtle, sleek excitement began to spread throughout Jade once again...

"A suffering, suffocating soul... my, we have much in common..." Judas breathed. "Desperately seeking enlightenment... purpose... an outlet to do good, to draw others in... desperate for closeness, yet afraid to pursue it... Crystal Night... Adrian Night... Aragus Night..."

"How do you know those names?" Jade asked, dumbfounded.

"They come to me from your mind... you know them." Judas responded swiftly, his eyes still closed, his tone still faint.

"Crystal was my mom's name. Adrian was my dad's name... Aragus is my Grandfather's name." Jade explained to him.

"A longing for hate, but with a heart unable to bear it... longing for love, but with a mind in constant fear of it... torn, between the peers of your life, frightened of confrontation, while recklessly countering it... the constant feeling that you are under attack by those around you, those who you believe hate or reject you... eaten with doubt, the poor, kind soul, lost in a thick sea of such fog and confusion..."

Jade gulped.

"It pains me to feel such a battered soul... for you to suffer, is for me to suffer... your pain saddens me." Judas said. "Let you know... you are not alone..."

Judas placed a green hand over Jade's heart... and though the touch was tender, soft and gentle, the feeling it brought made her squirm beneath her skin... her hand began to shake, her mind cluttered by a sudden, mad anxiousness that she could not explain...

"Alright." Jade said, backing away. "That... that's enough."

Judas lowered his hand, watching her calmly.

"You have felt the Creator's presence." He said. "And mine."

Jade exhaled a cloud of air. "That was... scary..."

Judas blinked at her, sitting now quiet, his attention stuck on her.

"This couch is for you to sleep on, okay?" Jade said, standing. "You can have the rest of the chicken duck... I have to go to school tomorrow, I need to get some sleep."

As she headed for the stairs, Judas kept his eyes on her, looking calm, warm...

"You will be leaving tomorrow?" He said. "Are you to return?"

"Of course, I live here." Jade said. "I'll be back around three in the afternoon... although its gonna be dark all day tomorrow... but you won't really be able to tell, you'll be in the basement all day. Stay quiet, and don't leave the basement no matter what, okay? There's a bathroom right there." She pointed to the doorless opening across the basement, leading to an old bathroom that she usually kept all to herself.

"Yes." Judas agreed, nodding.

"Goodnight.." Jade said to him, waving as she headed up the stairs. She could feel his deep, longing stare all the way, until she reached her room, closed the basement door, and flopped onto her bed... and yet, it seemed that if the Amandi could see through walls and floors, Judas would still be watching her, staring into her soul...

Jade must have stared at the ceiling for nearly an hour before she began to drift to sleep, the wild, strange events of the day rolling rapidly through her mind like a movie, the Amandi... friends... she'd have to face the principal after that fight in school, and yet again, listen to a damn lecture... the Amandi, Judas... lend my your light, wanderer... lost, wandering soul, longing for love, yet living in constant fear of it... Jade...? I am to live with the sounds...?


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posted on Aug, 15 2013 @ 11:50 PM
Daylight did not bleed into the home through the windows on this morning, as she'd subconsciously expected. It was now the days of night, and for the next two days, it would be dark, and the sun would be far away from Plyuto.

At first, she thought it may have been some kind of animal... with warm, soft, smooth skin, lying against her... no, it was not an animal...

Jade's eyes eased open, and her heart jolted.

Judas's head was lying snug on her collarbone, his lanky arms and legs extended around her body, clinging to her. He held her close, in a tight embrace, lost in a slumber...

When did he crawl in bed with her...?

Jade lie there, her mind racing, wondering what she ought to do.

It was about ten minutes before she decided to wake him up.

She placed a hand on the base of his back, giving him a slight shake.

"Hey." Jade whispered, hoping her grandfather wasn't awake. He had the ultrasonic hearing abilities of a bat. "Judas... what're you doing in here?"

Judas opened his eyes. It was much easier to awaken him than she'd anticipated.

He glanced up, gazing into her, their faces less than an inch from one another. And although Jade seemed quite taken and nervous with their sudden closeness, Judas didn't seem to mind at all.

"I am sorry." He said. "I was cold."


"The basement made me very cold..." Judas told her, becoming slightly uneasy, hoping that he had not upset her. "I am sorry..."

Jade thought about this. How could she have been so stupid...? The basement was always freezing, and she never even gave him a blanket...

"You are warm..." Judas added, placing his face against her skin again. Jade's heart pounded.

Jade was quiet for a moment. She didn't want to force him away... she was his only source of heat in the middle of this freezing night, or day, or whenever it was... the days of night were often the coldest, just as well...

Hesitant, Jade slid her arm around his wirey body, hoping to trap in a bit more heat, then covered them both with her blanket with her free hand. This was extremely strange... and yet, here was this sweet, innocent, helpless creature, seeking her for warmth and comfort... how could she turn him away?

"How long has it been...?" Jade asked him, careful to keep her tone almost silent. "How long have I been sleeping...? Do you know...?"

Judas took a moment.

"Some hours." He said. "It has been some hours. I am not sure how many."

"Okay... hey, listen... if you want to come in my room, I don't mind... but you've gotta lock my door if you wanna be in here. My grand dad could just walk in any time." Jade said quietly.

"Yes..." Judas agreed.

From this angle, with Judas's head resting on her chest, she could not see his face... but she imagined that his eyes were beginning to close again. He sounded very tired.

Rightfully so, she knew... after what he'd been through. She could hardly imagine living as a slave for so long, then having all your loved ones die right in front of you... her arm coiled around him the slightest bit tighter, and she almost felt like an Amandi herself, because now, it almost seemed as though his pain was seeping into her, filling her...

Jade wondered what would go through her grandfather's mind if he happened to see them like this... the thought of it made her stomach twist into a knot. Then, she began to wonder exactly how Crimson would react to a human harboring an Amandi... exactly how big of a crime was it? Eh, whatever... its not like anyone knows...

The two of them lie under the covers for a while... minutes passed, then more minutes... Jade had never been so close to someone before. It could have been another hour, they were lying there... and they both began to drift back to--


It felt like Jade's heart tried to shoot out of her chest like a bullet.

"Jade? Its time for school." Came her grandfather's voice.

Jade scrambled out of bed, and she must've reached the door in record-breaking time, because she managed to block it with her body the second her grandfather turned the handle. He was only able to open it by about an inch...

"Let me open the door," He suggested.

"No... I'm getting dressed." Jade replied wittily.

Her grandfather paused.

"You woke yourself up this morning?" He said through the crack in the door.

"Yeah... what? So?" Jade said.

"What's the occasion?" He asked. "You've never woken yourself up before in your life."

Jade sighed.

"I just couldn't sleep that well, alright?" She told him, growing a little annoyed.

"Alright... I made breakfast. And tea." Her grandfather said, then, she felt his hand release the handle, and heard him trot slowly down the hallway. She pushed the door closed, then locked the deadbolt.


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posted on Aug, 16 2013 @ 09:41 AM
reply to post by XxNightAngelusxX

Everytime I read your material I keep getting totally astounded by the clarity of the moments you are creating. I cannot wait to see how this one concludes!

posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 12:53 AM

Originally posted by TrueBrit
reply to post by XxNightAngelusxX

Everytime I read your material I keep getting totally astounded by the clarity of the moments you are creating. I cannot wait to see how this one concludes!

Thanks a lot friend! I can't explain how happy I am that I finally have some readers...

Sorry to all who've been keeping up, its taking a while to finish. I have limited internet access (usually I can only use it at night), and now I'm trying to get a new job and preparing for a protest at the same time.

I WILL finish this story asap, I promise!

EDIT; MODS! WRITERS! I wanted to add, just by some miracle I manage to get mentioned in this contest, I do not want writers status. I like applauses okay, but my main goal is to have as many readers as possible. I don't have the time OR a stable enough internet flow to maintain writers status as of now, so please just enjoy the story.

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posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 09:18 AM
reply to post by XxNightAngelusxX

EDIT; MODS! WRITERS! I wanted to add, just by some miracle I manage to get mentioned in this contest, I do not want writers status. I like applauses okay, but my main goal is to have as many readers as possible. I don't have the time OR a stable enough internet flow to maintain writers status as of now, so please just enjoy the story.

Well your name should get mentioned….you’re a very good writer!

You’ve got my vote!! Nice work, friend!

posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 09:33 AM

Originally posted by seabag
reply to post by XxNightAngelusxX

EDIT; MODS! WRITERS! I wanted to add, just by some miracle I manage to get mentioned in this contest, I do not want writers status. I like applauses okay, but my main goal is to have as many readers as possible. I don't have the time OR a stable enough internet flow to maintain writers status as of now, so please just enjoy the story.

Well your name should get mentioned….you’re a very good writer!

You’ve got my vote!! Nice work, friend!

Thank you Seabag! I love you guys so much. You're all read confidence boosters.

I'm half an hour late for my protest now... might need to get a move on. I'll post more story later tonight. Peace out, wish me luck, and thanks again

posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 12:12 PM
reply to post by XxNightAngelusxX

You should get writer status for that. It does not matter about your dodgy internet connection. YOU CAN WRITE.
..And as you know i think your artwork is top class. (Did you draw your avatar btw just wondering). Totally great story and good luck.

posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 12:38 PM
reply to post by XxNightAngelusxX

Hey, just FYI, writer status doesnt make you a virtual slave to the short story forum. I only have writer status, because I like to write poems occasionally and the very occasional short tale. I havent actually made use of my writer status for a few months, because I have been busy with work, busy with life. Its not an obligation

I would say, if you get it, accept it with grace. You totally fit the bill !

posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 08:07 PM

Originally posted by TheDoctor46
reply to post by XxNightAngelusxX

You should get writer status for that. It does not matter about your dodgy internet connection. YOU CAN WRITE.
..And as you know i think your artwork is top class. (Did you draw your avatar btw just wondering). Totally great story and good luck.

You're so nice.
But I don't exactly know how to write collaboratively. Plus I've heard tell that you have to participate in writing/debating/researching if you have one of the three statuses.

And yep, I drew my avatar. She's basically me, only with black hair... and an anime character.

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