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Blood ritual monarch blog from a montauk victim- what is your opinion?

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posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 06:08 AM
Hi fellow ATSers,

Yesterday i was searching the webs for a a completely different topic and stumbled over this blog called
Blood ritual monarch.

I got hooked and spent about four hours reading every post. It s really fascinationg stuff and well written with a cliffhanger at the end of each post.

In short it s the life story of a guy who had a very hard childhood, an alcoholic mother, abuse and lots of lost memories. Later on he discovers he has certain triggers (alcohol and special movies) and he blacks out.

Its kind of a pressure release for him, so he works his two jobs and on weekends he delibaretly blacks out.
The next morning he finds messages he wrote in his own blood. The word Montauk comes up very often, as well lucifer and other weird stuff.

You might know that Montauk is said to be the place of a black mind control program which works via remote technology. (after the blog also involving alien tech, time bending technology)

The blog writer later contacts a deprogrammer and finds that he is a victim of montauk programming.

All in all it s a very interesting blog, which covers it all from mind control to rituals, alien tech and sex magick.

I will not describe it any further, for spoilers. Read it yourself. And be warned, it contains some scenes which are not for the faint hearted, but it s less gruesome than let s say the witness accounts of the MK ultra project.

Here s the link to the first post: Bloodritualmonarch blog

I have not done much research in the montauk project, so i can t say what is true, what is plausable and what seems to be fantasy. Though my gut feeling tells me the guy is quite genuine. And either way its an intersting read.

What s your take on this?
You know any reliable sources on montauk and other things he describes?

Lets dive into the dark side! And as always, keep it civil. (well as civil as possible with topics llike these..)
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posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 06:16 AM
Montauk is thought to have deep underground warehouses, where the mind control/drug experiments took place. In fact there is a new documentary on the subject, SYFY channel I think. There should be a repeat today or very soon.

This a 'full story' version, it is not the current documentary.

This a documentary on Montaux and the Philadephia experiment, since they are said to be linked.

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posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 06:51 AM
Thanks smurfy, 4+ hours of material. That will keep me busy :-)

I ll be back. (dang where s the time bending tech, when you d need it?)

posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 08:24 AM
reply to post by svetlana84

I will also watch the video and let you know what I think if your interested in my opinion.

Without getting into a very long story...

I've actually met Preston Nichols, a few times...
For a very short time I attended a few LIUFON meetings which is where I originally met him and John Ford (whom I believe is still in prison for attempted murder).
You should google John Ford if you haven't heard about him. It's an interesting story.
He was the president of LIUFON and was featured on an episode of Sightings when something crashed in Brookhaven Park back in the '90's.
Later he was arrested for trying to put radium in someone's toothpaste or something. When I went to the meetings it was always Ford and Preston, always together. Preston is kinda goofy looking and Ford sounded like Elmer Fudd when he spoke. Needless to say I thought the meetings weren't helping me find what I was looking for so I stopped going. I think a year later I watched the news report about Ford getting arrested and thought someone wanted him to shut up about Brookhaven Park. Radium in the toothpaste just sounded silly to me but hey, I didn't really know the guy so who knows if he was that crazy.

Anyway my impression of Preston wasn't very much but I didn't know him well either, just met him a few times at the meetings and listened to his stories, which were a little out there, about the time bending and bringing down UFO's with particle beams and whatnot. I kinda got the feeling he was just trying to push his book(s).

However, when TWA flight 800 went down, I honestly remember thinking, "they took down a plane with one of those beams he talked about"... but who knows.
I will say this though...
I lived on Long Island for 14 years from age 12 till around I was 26. They were some of the strangest years of my life.

I've had everything from paranormal/abduction experiences to some strange guy approaching my friends, saying weird things to them and when my friends asked who he was, he would respond with, "I have many names", and then would say my name and a few of my friends names.
We always thought it might have been cops or something because we used to run around the streets but this apparently was in a town we never even hung out in so it was always kind of a mystery. I think we eneded up thinking it was just my friends fooling around.

It's a small Island but when I started to explore the UFO side of things, looking for my own answers to my experiences, I would literally run into people by accident that had to do with stuff I was reading about pertaining to UFO's.
I even got in trouble for drinking and driving at one time and had to do 3 years of probation with alcohol counseling. What did my alcohol counselor and I talk about for 3 years?
My paranormal/UFO experiences... We never really even talked about booze and honestly I began drinking after I had some of my experiences so maybe that's why she was so interested... but she never doubted me. Ever.
Many years later I decided to become an actor and actually ran into her on line for an audition for some film. When I asked her if she was still a counselor she said she had given it up about a year after she met me and wanted to follow her dreams... to become an actress... Weird right?

I also met Ellen Crystal, quite accidentally, she was an author who had written a book about the whole Pine Bush NY flap thing. We met on a film set one night.
We were both working as extras on the film "Walking and Talking". I was a little freaked out but we talked through out the evening and told her most of my story and I think I freaked her out because I was telling her a story about a UFO type but very realistic dream i had in the past which involved a certain comic book.
As we were walking and i was finishing the story, we stopped and looked down right at the very comic book that I described to her from my dream.
She just looked at me and said, "I hope you get home safe tonight."
I never saw her again after that night. She is now deceased. Cancer, I think. It truly freaked me out because a few years earlier I had dragged my then girlfriend to Pine Bush, NY and was actually looking for Ellen so I could talk to her about her book which had made an impression on me while I was searching for my own answers...
My entire teenage and early 20's were weird though and sometimes truly creepy.
Seems like everyone I met had some kind of sexual agenda. Kids my own age sure... but also their parents, landlords, some folks I worked with...
Also there was a lot of occult stuff out there. We had Ricky Casso out there... lots of weird stuff. People killing cats behind my elementary school etc.
I don't know what the deal is with Long Island but there is some creepy stuff going on out there and it seems the further towards Montauk the weirder it gets...
I'm glad I don't live there anymore.
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posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 08:56 AM
Mildyamuzed, thanks for your insights, really interesting to hear from someone who lived on the spot.

And true TWA 800 also was in the region. wow, i just feel some pieces of the puzzle coming together.

Maybe you can help me in locating the site? I just checked google maps the camp hero but couldnt find something that looks like a base. (there are some houses though that look like the billionaires boys club..)
And on the south of the westend of the island there is a road which depicts a perfect circle, nothing around or innit, so rather odd.
Or is it next to the airfield where the marina is?

And while living there: have there been people missing? Or was it more like the feeling of an abduction and people came back?
What was the general talk about it? Have people been talking, or was it more the subject no one talks about?

And after you left the island, did strange occurence continue or it stopped because of physical distance?

Thanks in advance.
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posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 09:36 AM
reply to post by svetlana84

It's Camp Hero you need to look for, it's at Montaux Point.

posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 10:08 AM
reply to post by svetlana84

There's a bunch of videos of the areas in and around Camp Hero.
It's had a bunch of people interested in the stories.

I lived in Islip/Bayshore area which is halfway to Montauk if your coming from the city and on the South Shore of the Island.
I think a lot of the stuff in regards to the mind control was supposedly done in the underground of the base.
Not sure if this is in the tower or the underground...

There is also Plum Island Research Facility off the Island as well as some crazy stories coming out of there too.
If you ask me... The whole Island is bad but I'm jaded.
My experiences were more abduction/paranormal. Beings (Shadow type), whispers, woken up at 4:15AM to sheet pulling type of stuff. Ufo sightings... not just me. Other people too. Lots of people but as with all this stuff people don't really like to talk about it too much.
There is a religious/occult element to it too. I have never really found any answers. My experiences have pretty much stopped not long after my 21st birthday but my nieces and nephews have experienced similar stuff around their teen years and they live in Vermont so I don't know what to think...
I see things sometimes in the sky that I can't explain but i don't really bring it up anymore to anyone.
I'm more amazed at the weird coincidences that occur in my life now... and even back then!
Everyone I have ever wanted to meet, celebrities, authors, even people I've imagined up... like women let's say... I end up meeting them like randomly. It's really strange. I can't even begin to explain how many people I've met by simply thinking about them.

posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 11:59 AM
As with everything on the internet, it can be quite difficult to sort out the facts from the fiction with this topic as it is surrendered in a lot of controversy. For me, monarch and its associated projects does supply some reason into the hows and whys 9/11 went down the way it did.

While I have not tested out the mind control techniques, the basic principles of disassociation, conditioning, drugs, hypnosis and range of other methods do appear as reasonable techniques for those wanting to practice these skills. While some of the stories are disturbing, it is nothing new as dominate and savage behavior has been part of human nature for a long time. There have been some indications of very long and deep generational use of some of these techniques, which have continued to grow and improved with technology.

As for getting in the specifics, is it Henry Kissinger and the Zionist, the paperclip Nazi's, ET's, or tripped out Satanist? Maybe some of them or all of them, as the information does become more prevalent either a greater social awareness will shut down these programs or the programs may continue to become more sinister and deceiving.

posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 12:36 PM
reply to post by svetlana84

I've read as far as the "eye implant " section of the blog and I have to say thus far...
I'm a bit disturbed by it all.
Mainly because of what I'm about to tell you and what I've already told you in my first posts.
So remember how I was saying I had odd things happen? The sheet pulling. Whispers. the 4:15 Am wake up. Some UFO sighting stuff when I was younger and my strange but continual random connections with people I happen to have on the mind for some time if not briefly...
For the last year or so I have been working on a screenplay because the acting career has kinda of sloped off and the industry has changed quite a bit. But I still feel I have to write this screenplay. It's been an obsession with me as of late and without getting into too much detail as to what it's about for obvious copyright reasons... I will say this much.
It has to do with demonic/alien-- possession/symbiosis
It's very much in a duality character style like Fight Club.
It is in fact very much like the movie "Magic" starring Anthony Hopkins.
And I've even gotten to the point of my research into writing this that I have honestly been considering dabbling into the occult so I know what I'm writing about... or at least reading as much as possible.
I'm not sure what to think anymore... this blog really just messed me up a bit.
BTW if you are interested in reading my account of what happened to me with the sheet pulling stuff, this is one of the very first threads I posted on ATS back in 2008. I could never remember the password and I think I deleted the email associated with the account so I couldn't ever log in anymore under that name...
One of my first Threads on ATS
Exciting and Freaky all at the same time!!! LOL
How crazy is this?!?!?

posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 01:02 PM
reply to post by kwakakev

Do you mean 9/11 theory that it was some sort of ritual?
I personally find that a bit hard to swallow if that's what your suggesting...
but I'm the last person to judge anything at this point.
I've come to kind of a generalization when it comes to Demons, Aliens, Angels etc...
I think it's all the same thing.
Maybe some sort of interdimensional intelligence that likes to influence us on some level and tends to "play", the Demon, Alien, Angel role in order for us to react a certain way.
Maybe we are just playthings?

posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 02:37 PM
reply to post by svetlana84

That is a pretty intense blog. It would make one helluva movie. I have to wonder why a movie has not been made on the subject of Montauk. The Philadelphia Experiment movie was pretty tame and did not do the whole episode justice.

posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 05:39 PM
reply to post by svetlana84

Hello Svetlana,

Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog. I started writing it to distract me from self-destructive behaviors and connect with others in the hope that I could share, learn, and heal / remember. You really ‘get’ what I’m saying and that is very satisfying as it’s hard to write about this type of subject matter in a way that others will understand.


Blood Ritual Monarch

posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 05:54 PM
reply to post by MildyAmuzed

I never expected this to be posted online so please forgive the dreadful (and sometimes inappropriate) narration. I plan on going back to Montauk next year and will do a more professional video.

posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 06:01 PM
reply to post by MildyAmuzed

Hi Mildly Amuzed,

I'm sorry the blog triggered / affected you. I've had quite a few people who have written to me with similar reactions to the subject matter. Hopefully you are ok now?

posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 07:46 PM
reply to post by BloodRitualMonarch

Yea totally ok.
I have to admit I was kind of trippin there for a while... still am sorta.
So I'm actually a couple of years older than you and was born on L.I. as well.
Lived in Patchogue till I was 4. Spent ages 5 through 11 in VT (also paranormal/ufo type stuff) and the moved back to Mastic when I was 12, eventually in Bayshore/Islip by the end...
Lots of paranormal type stuff in Patchogue too.
I assume you know these towns?
What hospital were you born in? If you don't mind me asking?

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posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 09:08 PM
reply to post by MildyAmuzed

Do you mean 9/11 theory that it was some sort of ritual?

I do not know about that part, some theories around that it was. I was more implying that the people involved with the execution and coverup of 9/11 have been subjects of mind control programs. The military is quite open with these techniques when making a solider, with break them down to build them up. As for what other aspects and techniques of mind control where used on the black operations involved with 9/11 is an area of speculation.

Considering the size, scale and success of 9/11, mind control of the operatives as well as the public are factors I have been considering to help understand and accept the reality we are in.

posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 10:38 PM
reply to post by MildyAmuzed


I'm glad you're feeling a bit better; it's no fun to feel ungrounded like that. I'm familiar with all of the towns you mentioned. I'm from Massachusetts and was born in Chelsea Naval Hospital.


posted on Aug, 11 2013 @ 02:38 AM
Thanks everybody fot your inputs. I am still going through the videos and texts posted. Real mindblowing stuff here.

And a special welcome to BloodRitualMonarch! It s great you joined the discussion. As i read your blog i had the feeling you are a fellow ATSer , but it did not cross my mind to search you.

It seems like MildyAmuzed wrote it - tihinking of someone and the person appears.

I will get back to you all, after taking in all the input.

Right now: it was interesting most of the trigger movies you described also had a strong impact on me, christine was one of my favourite movies in my youth (i read as well every Steven king book) donnie darko and scanner darkly even hafe been to much, i stopped to watch both since i realized its doin my head in. Fight club - great one. The fun thing about is, the first time i watched it was after an afterhour party at someones home. I fell asleep before the end. And did not get the twist til i watched it again half a year later.

Speaking of trigger movies : you know ' jacobs ladder' ? I guess this one definetly belongs to that list. Dark sttuff..

posted on Aug, 11 2013 @ 01:08 PM
reply to post by svetlana84

I spent almost a decade sequestered in my house with just movies and music. The triggering potential of those two mediums alone is incalculable. The personality change of the teenager in Christine followed the classic stages of possession very accurately. Also, falling asleep during a movie is very telling. When our bodies are asleep our minds are still awake and absorbing everything.

I started watching Jacob’s Ladder last night….uh; I still don’t completely get it…LOL.

posted on Aug, 11 2013 @ 03:22 PM
reply to post by BloodRitualMonarch

Your Blog is quite the read.
I'm up to the Cougar dates now.
Crazy as it sounds you actually look very familiar to me but that happens to me a lot as well.
As I was reading I felt that I have quite a few things in common... which is kind of strange but if any of this stuff has truth to it, it may make sense.
The simple break down of commonalities would be:

Disassociated feelings, as if I'm not here. Physically yes but mentally I go somewhere else. I sort of shutdown at times. Walk around in a haze of sorts, feel like someone else is at the wheel and i'm just watching from afar.
Always thought of myself as some sort of observer and I have often creeped out some people because I don't really participate in things but do enjoy being present and admiring.
I've always felt that i was being watched or monitored by "someone". Felt that way all my life.

I've actually noticed some people trying to use NLP on me at my food job. I'm a sales clerk in an Adult Shop. Convenient, right? So I'm surrounded by sex 90% of the time... I'm very good at making people feel comfortable talking to me about sex. Especially women.
I remember this woman I was helping and she kept talking to me and touching my arm and I kept thinking to myself, "she's trying NLP on me, delivering anchors..." she also for some reason gave me a data stick. I never used it and is somewhere in my room. i wonder if there is anything on it?

I get bored very easily of the mundane events of what most would call "normal day to day" stuff and often find myself reading/thinking about odd or paranormal type stories, magnetism, quantum physics, nerd type stuff.
I find the occult fascinating and maybe it's the taboo part that keeps me interested. I've also always been a bit of an Introvert and an Artist.

I used to growl when I was younger in my teen years. Can't remember when I started doing it but it stopped doing it in my 20's. The ladies seem to love it in my teen years and it made me feel good when I did it but as I got older I made myself stop because it freaked people out. lol Now I just do vocal mantras with medi/yoga. Still feels good!

Many blackouts also in my teens and early 20's but all were alcohol induced... I'm not a big drinker. Never really liked it nor do I do it anymore. It was an escape mechanism for me, to escape the ufo/paranormal stuff which back then scared the hell out of me but now that I'm older, wish it would happen again so I could study it.

I've always thought I was sexually abused as a child and feel that it was a female that did the abusing. I definitely started exploring sexuality at a very young age... I'd say around 8 or 9.
No real violent episodes or cutting of any sort but I have been told that I have the ability to make people very uncomfortable with just a look. The look is usually when I'm in that "I'm not here" state and has very little to do with the person I'm looking at unless they pissed me off somehow.

Sex... I don't want to violate any T&C's or get too graphic on this site, so let's just say that sex has always played an important role in my life... sometimes I think too important and it's strangely more about a necessity at times than it is about pleasure.
Sometimes I go months without it and much to my despair, I will even admit a year or 2 of celibacy... but when I'm active, it's almost to the point of binging, usually with no strings, just a need for it to be performed. As long as it's with a consensual partner and nobody is getting hurt then I guess that's healthy. Everyone needs to feel loved at some point, even if it is a meaningless physical type of Love. I desire more meaning but hey, gotta be happy with what you get at my age! lol

I'm not into pain w/sex. Not my thing. Usually kills it for me... I walk away.
When I'm performing though, it's rarely about me. It's always about pleasuring them.
So for all you ATS ladies out there... Take heed!! I'm a diamond in the rough.

Once I'm done, however, I am done. Very rarely is there cuddling or spooning. It's like a switch goes off, mission complete, and we both go our separate ways.
Masturbation must be performed daily otherwise I cannot sleep. Sometimes I skip a day or 2 just to keep it interesting. Definitely going to try the visualization/orgasm technique!! Especially with Lotto! LOL

The Tinkerbell programming is interesting because I don't look my age at all and I even smoke (trying to quit).
I still look mid-20's though and I laugh sometimes because I have friends who are 10 yrs younger that look like your typical 40 yr old and they get pissed at me.
I'm not sure what to think about any of this but I have trouble believing in coincidences and the fact that my writing project has so many similarities really makes me question where my ideas come from...
I will continue reading your blog though.
Thanks for listeni
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